30 June 2008

My weekend... Saturday 28th until Monday 30th


I didn't do anything on Saturday night, I was so bored. A few of my friends went out into town however I couldn't be bothered. Gabrielle came round for a while, however had to be up early in the morning and so she went to bed at 11. After that I just sat up alone with the dog. At about 12 I went up to bed and watched American Pie and then watched Glastonbury whilst talking on the phone before going to bed at about 3. 

When I got up in the morning Gabrielle had left for her spa appointment but had text me saying "Bugger Kyle... Julie (dad's p.a) just phoned and told me it's mum and dads wedding anniversary!" I'll be finished in about 2 hours so I'll come back round. I too had a missed call from Julie. She knows what we're like so she keeps us in line haha. With Gabrielle being due back home in 2 hours I quickly got up and went for a run with Maddox. When I returned home I went to the gym in the hotel and then went and showered and changed. She was wearing her 2B free tracksuit and I was wearing my Rock & Republic one, we were slumming it. However we didn't look like a pair of scruffs... She was carrying a YSL bag and was in a Links of london bracelet and I was wearing my Jacobs &co watch, plus we were in my porsche 4x4, with my beast of a dog.

 After browsing Bond street where we asked some of the shop assistants whom we're friendly with if they'd noticed anything our parents had been looking at (they hadn't.. they bought the majority of things they looked for) we went to Harrods. We browsed the home department and considered various things but decided no. Then we went to The Chelsea Gardener in south Kensington. It was here where we found their present. We got them a tree. I know it sounds stupid but it was really nice, it's called a Japanese Cloud tree. You may think that being wealthy we're not spending much on our parents for their anniversary when we buy them a tree but it cost us in excess of £1000... For a tree! We made some arrangements with the garden centre and arranged for it to be delievered to their house immediately. 

Gabrielle and I went in the car to their house when we realised we didn't have a card or anything to give them there and then. I looked in the boot. I had a small recolection of seeing a bottle of wine in there the other day. When I opened it and rummaged through the holdalls, shoe boxes, riding boots, clothes I found a bottle of Vodka... My parents, drinkers of fine wines and champagne would think I was giving them acid if they drank this! Me and Gabrielle figured out a little plan. We walked up to the house and unlocked the door, as soon as we did so Julie came from out of the study and handed us a card which she'd had made, we wrote it quickly and sealed the envelope and went into the lounge where they were both sat surrounded by boxes of chocolates and wine bottles. Gabrielle walked into the reception room and grabbed a bottle of wine from the cupboard whilst I gave them the card, I know it's awful but we had no other choice haha. They didn't realise and were made up we'd got them that wine because "(they) love that one! And it's dated!" I felt bad. After about 10 minutes the plant arrived. The door bell went and my mother went and answered it. Me and Gabrielle both said Happy Anniversary as she ooh'd and ahh'd over the tree... I'd have been devastated if someone bought me that, just so you know, however she loved it! It was wheeled through to the garden and placed as suggested, not in direct sunlight. This was another thing for their gardener to sheer so it was perfectly shaped. My Father untied the bow around it and hugged us both, as did my mother. All previous feelings of guilt were now diminished. 

I had dinner reservations with my friends however I had to phone and rearrange the evening for today with my friends because I felt awful staying for a while and then leaving when they were looking forward to having a nice meal together.  I cancelled my meal with my friends and went home to get changed to go to J. Sheekey where my parents had a table booked. Whilst I was in the midst of running between floors looking for clothes my father phoned and asked if I was ready, I said don't be absurd, of course not, he replied "I didn't think so I'll have your sister come and pick you up me and your mum are leaving now so they don't give our table away." I wore my Cavalli suit which is a metallic grey with a grey shirt, black skinny silk tie from Gucci and some patent Salvator Ferragamo shoes. I finished the outfit off with my Cartier watch. As I just finished getting ready my sister turned up with a face on her. Despite her beginning getting ready an hour and a half before I she still claimed she wasn't ready. She was wearing a gorgeous new purple Armani Collezioni dress with black floral print on, she was wearing it with a pair of Valentino heels which were in the style of booties, however they didn't lace up they just had a ribbon and then some bangles and a BE & D black bag. I asked what was wrong and she said we're stopping off at Claire's... It was her makeup. It looked perfectly fine. Claire worked in Harrods as a makeup artist on various counters and became friendly with my sister due to her going for hers doing every-time she went out, she does her makeup for her all the time on the condition she can borrow some of my sisters old clothes when she gets asked to go out with a rich man from Harrods... She's a makeup artist; she can't afford Fendi dresses and shoes and she wouldn't want to look a mess for some millionaire who she served at the till. Completely understandable. 

My sister drove incredibly fast to Claires apartment where she pulled up on the curb and phoned her. Claire came out wearing a Gucci bumbag, I got out of the car while she sat in the passenger seat and did Gabrielles makeup. Gabrielle didn't request what she wanted, Claire merely looked at her outfit and asked where we were going then pulled various brushes and compacts out of her bum bag and applied them to my sisters face. After about 10 minutes Claire got out of the car and I got in when my sister said "that looks gorgeous as always, absolute life saver Claire. Have a look in the boot for a pair of shoes to wear for Friday night if you want (wink)" Claire did a little scream of excitement and browsed through the boot before pulling out a pair of shoes I'd never seen before and my sister shouted "take them if you want" said her goodbyes and we left. Her makeup which previously looked fine now looked immaculate and she looked about £300 more expensive. 

She drove at my sort of speed (fast) to J. Sheekey where my parents were waiting. She almost killed us 3 times driving in her heels, she wasn't the best driver at the best of times, this just added to the near death experience I often endured. We ditched the Ferrari with the valet and went in. My parents were stood waiting waiting for us. I love seeing them dressed up, it's clear where we get our fashion sense from. My father was wearing a suit which he told me was Stefano Ricci and my mother was wearing a Roksanda Ilincic dress which had a ruffled purple thing around the middle (she and my sister had obviously colour co-ordinated) with an oversized Jimmy Choo clutch, a vintage Erickson Beamon ring and Alexander McQueen shoes. As we walked to the table I asked my mother whether the 6 inch heels she was wearing were killing her, she replied with a sarcastic comment saying "Well Kyle darling, they're not made with comfort as the number one priority and my foot is currently at a ninety degree angle so I'll allow you to draw your own conclusion" haha. We had a lovely meal, which I was informed was also for my birthday seeing as they hardly saw me on it. I had Crab pate to start and Beluga with Blinis & Sour Cream for my main (Caviar basically.) It was delicious!

When we were leaving my sister asked my parents if they had any spare shoes in their car, they looked at her confused and said "no Gabrielle why would we?"... Her feet were hurting her and she didn't like driving in heels.. in other words, Kyle will you drive my car. I said yes before she asked and when the cars were returned by the valet Gabrielle got in the back of the Bentley with my parents and I got in the Ferrari and drove to my parents. I love her car anyway. I beat my parents to their house and parked the car then I went inside. When I opened the door Maddox, Bambi and Pretitia (Mum's Shiba Inu) came running. I had decided I'd stay here tonight. I went up to the bedroom I used to live in and was still very much my room. I took off my suit and hung it in the walk-in wardrobe where there was things I didn't know I had. I put on my grey Diesel tracksuit bottoms and a grey Gucci T-shirt and went back downstairs to the lounge. When my parents and Gabrielle came home they too all changed into more comfortable attire and joined me in the lounge. At about midnight I went to bed as did everyone else. 

When I woke up this morning my mother and father were already up and made me some lunch. Then I asked my mum if she'd take me home shortly which she agreed to and so I went upstairs and grabbed my suit which I shoved in a holdall which was in my wardrobe and went and got in her Porsche Boxter (which I no longer borrowed due to the fact I have my own) before the dog came running behind me and I got in the Mercedes SL to prevent the dog getting squashed on the miniscule back seat. I always sit in the back of my parents Bentley and Mercedes so it looks like I'm getting chauffeured, they're both black with blacked out windows haha. 

When I got home I wen to the gym and I took the dog for a run. When I returned it was about 3 o'clock so I phoned Elliot and I jumped in the Jaguar and went round. We just talked for a while and then went and had sex =) When we'd finished I phoned Ellie and Kayleigh to see where dinner reservations were, they were at The Ivy for 7! It was 5 now! I didn't have time to go home so I decided I'd make do with Elliots clothes. I showered and did my hair and then went searching through his wardrobe. I found a grey Armani Collezioni shirt which I wore with a black neckercheif thing from Prada, Dolce & Gabbana pants and Prada laceups. He wore mainly the same but all Dior except a Hermes tie. We went in Elliots practically unused BMW M6 and put the roof down as we went to The Ivy where the car was handed over and we went in. In there we met up with Ellie and Kayleigh who were wearing a Donna Karen and Vera Wang dresses. We sat down at the table and discussed a holiday over dinner. 

Kelly couldn't come because she was going away with her parents again this time to the french riviera, Gabrielle wasn't coming because she might be going away with her boyfriend to Paris, Lee was still in Marbella and Chloe wanted to spend some time with her parents because she hasn't seen them for months. They're the only people who I tend to go on holiday with really. Elliot asked if his other friend Harry (Haz) could come, I said no, good sex but annoying. He didn't mind. I had my hermes agenda with me, Ellie had hers and Elliot and Kayleigh just looked on their blackberry's. I was free more or less all this month, as were the others except we couldn't leave until Wednesday because it was our friend Julia's birthday tomorrow night in a club and we'd all been invited, it was surely going to be a good one. She's a model so there will be plenty of eye candy there, including the man whom I slept with the other night when I went out for a meal with her and Felicity plus me and all my friends would be there making a scene so it was going to be undeniably fun! 

We decided on Italy. I suggested going to my parents house which has been in the family for years in Perugia, Umbria but it's a huge vineyard that's not really near the sea, or anywhere for that matter (a helicopter's ride into Rome) it has a pool and things but that's a bit too secluded. Finally, after considering Capri, Milan and Rome we decided on Portofino. I used to go there when I was younger. It's a little village in the Italian Riviera which is gorgeous. It's not got clubs and things so it's a nice place to just go and relax, however there are tourists and things due to their huge harbor for yachts. We discussed staying in a hotel there for a few nights but having the yacht too for a place to have parties and go out to sea on etc. We discussed who's to take and seeing as Elliot's (which he shared with his parents) was already in Italy we chose his. I still don't know where mine is.. Someone will. 

I talked the three of them into taking a normal plane as opposed to a jet due to them being less scary for me and they agreed. Ellie phoned her mother who said she'd have someone organize flights and I phoned Julie (my father's p.a) to have her organize accommodation. We toasted the trip with glasses of wine and finished dinner before going home. I'm staying at Elliot's tonight and then tomorrow we'll go shopping with Kelly and Gabrielle for outfits for the party.  There's going to be millions of models there so I've got to look drop dead gorgeous.. I won't even have to try!

Speak soon,

Much love.

29 June 2008

My week

Sorry I've not been on, I've been down in Surrey for a while with my friends. On Wednesday I was at Ellie's with Elliot and Kayleigh sat round talking, when my friend Chloe from Surrey phoned and asked what I was doing and whether I wanted to go down and stay with her for the night. I mentioned that I was with Elliot Ellie and Kayleigh and she said they too could come . We all went home and packed our bags, then I went with Ellie and the dog in my Cayenne and he went with Kayleigh in his Range Rover. 

When we arrived at her home which sits in acres of gated land we went and took our bags upstairs. We all had a room each, due to her house being 8 bedrooms and her parents being away anyway. She has a cinema, pool, gym, sauna, games room, inside and outside hot tubs, plus a helicopter in her front garden (which she has a license for).. Need I say more? 

That afternoon she had her chef whisk us up a lovely lunch and we all just sat around and relaxed while we filled her in on all the latest gossip from London. After tea we somewhat bored, so, me being the influence that I am, I suggest we threw a little party! Chloe phoned a couple of her friends from within the area and they came down along with a couple of others. I phoned my sister who was staying at her boyfriend Jake's house in Surrey, they came too. I think he was somewhat reluctant to come as on our last encounter I gave him a black eye haha. 

Soon, Chloe's huge drive way was filled with a range of 4x4's and sports cars... Whilst everyone was arriving we all went and changed. Regardless of the fact we weren't going out I still wanted to look nice. There were guests rounds, not to mention the potential men! I wore a white Armani shirt with a skinny black tie from Dolce & Gabbana with a red cardigan from Vivienne Westwood and some black pants. Ellie was in a Black Cavalli blouse, white jeans and some YSL heels. Kayleigh was in an Alberta Ferretti dress with some Jimmy Choo's and Chloe was wearing a Narciso Rodriguez dress and some Celine heels. When my darling sister arrived she was wearing a white Johnathan Saunders dress which was white with black and green in the folds on one side, with a pair of Dior gladiator heels and a black hermes Birkin bag, she managed to look rather overdressed as usual and claimed "It was just something I threw on" haha.  

The surreyers are the same as my friends and I however they aren't quite the party animals we are, nor do they share the same vast amount of people in their phone books... They live in the country. The likes of Chloe and her friends have just as much money as me and Kayleigh etc do, only they spend their days sat around their homes are riding their horses around their acres of land and walking their dogs; whereas we on the other hand spend ours in spas and on bond street. Chloe often comes into London, sometimes she'll travel via helicopter or alternatively she'll drive and come and meet up with us. Her father owns an airline and her mother has a secret job; she used to lie to us and say she was a banker and then once she slipped up when she was drunk and said she doesn't know and she's not aloud to either... Intriguing. She doesn't have to work but I think she likes her job. 

The party was amazing. It has been quite some time since I've been to a house party due to the fact everyone hires clubs nowadays. The way this minor event had turned out it was practically the same as a nightclub, attractive clientele, we could have the music as loud as we wanted because her neighbors were about 3 miles away... 

Once everyone was drunk it turned into the usual brothel that parties usually did. Gabrielle had gone upstairs with Jake, Elliot was asking me too, Ellie was nowhere to be seen and nor was Kayleigh. Once everyone started leaving at about 3 I decided to stop keeping Elliot waiting and we went up to bed. 

When we got up in the morning Chloe made us some breakfast which we all ate whilst talking about last night. Looking back it was so fun.. I wish I could have parties like that but I live in a terraced town house which is in a hotel... I don't think it'd go down too well. We began chatting and were wondering what to do with ourselves today when Elliot made the suggestion of having a race on some of the land in our cars. All the girls immediately dismissed the idea however I jumped at it. After showering I put on a pair of Rock and Republic jeans with a white T-shirt and my diesel leather jacket and went and got in my car as did Elliot. This is the first time I've ever used this car for it's purpose, off road, in all the time I've had it. I put on a fast song on my ipod and then "floored" it haha. I went zooming off ahead of elliot and then got in-front of him and mud went all over his car haha. I had resurrected my inner child =). When I went to turn the back wheels went flying and then he went past me whilst covering the side of my car with mud. I was having so much fun! I had him on loudspeaker in the car whilst we raced haha. I caught up with him again, I was in a Porsche and he was in a Range Rover but he was a better driver than me and always managed to get past me on corners.. Bastard! We were racing and then I got another call through from Chloe which I answered and she said "hey bitch" and then the side of my car was covered in mud as she went flying past me in her Audi Q7. I couldn't see a thing out of my window because it was just covered in mud. I was going to put my window down to clean it but knowing Elliot he'd come and get mud in my car and all over me so I didn't. We continued racing for about half and hour and then went back to the drive. All of them were filthy! Theirs were black but mine was metallic grey so it looked worse. She said she'd have someone clean them for us. 

When we got back inside Ellie and Kayleigh were in the hot tub with a cup of green tea so I decided to go and have a quick work out in the gym as did Elliot then we went and joined the ladies in the pool. Chloe's parents were coming back this evening, however they said we could stay for however long we wanted but they'd been away for a while and probably wanted to catch up with Chloe. We said we'd leave this evening. We all went and sat in her cinema and watched the sex and the city film... God knows how she gets hold of these things. About half way through the film Chloe's house keeper let the dogs in and Maddox came charging through the house and pounced on the couch thing we were all sat on. He was muddy, wet and he stunk! Then Chloe's Husky came charging in who was originally white and black and was now all black. I pushed Maddox off and was dumb founded as to what to do with him while he sat with his paws on the suede couch. I walked out of the room and shouted him and took him upstairs to the room I was staying in. I was going to have to shower him... I never do this I usually take him places to get it done! I made him sit down and then turned the shower on and I stood against the other wall so I didn't get soaked. Then I used a full bottle of my Federic Fekkai shampoo and conditioner on him and rinsed him off. Then I turned off the shower and imitated shaking so he did it haha. Then I used the hairdryer and dried him off. He smelt gorgeous! When I went back downstairs with him he Chloe was in the gym washing her dog. 

I sat back down and resumed watching the film with the dog asleep on my legs and Ellie asleep with her head on my chest. I finally fell to sleep after sobbing at the fim and awoke about an hour later when we had tea. Chloe's cook had made us some fajitas which were lovely! After finishing these we all went upstairs and gathered our things together. We went back downstairs with our bags and sat in the lounge with a cup of tea before heading back to London. We decided to leave it until late to hopefully miss the traffic. Upon finishing our tea Chloe's mum and dad walked in. Looking gorgeous as she always did Chloe's mum fussed all of us. I hadn't seen her since my 20th birthday when she came to my party. She always looked gorgeous, this evening she was wearing a Fendi dress I had seen just days earlier in Harrods, with a pair of Alexander McQueen heels and a Chloe bag. Her father also looked undeniably wealthy... Perfect for just stepping off the private jet and getting chauffeured home to their acres of land just outside of London. 

We didn't stay for long and left Chloe alone to catch up with her parents. I grabbed the dog and he sat on the back seat and slept whilst Ellie slept in the front seat and I drove home. Elliot and Kayleigh were having a chat in the car whilst I sat in silence, bored. I took Ellie back to my house that evening and she slept in the spare bedroom. It didn't take me long to get to sleep because I was exhausted, however I was awoke in the night by Ellie coming and getting in bed with me haha. She was probably scared being on the third floor on her own. 

I woke up in the morning to Ellie bringing room service into bed and putting on The Hills. We had a nice chat in bed and talked about the awful weather and talked about whether or not we should go away. I think we might do, we're unsure as to where yet though. After breakfast I left her in bed while I went for a run and took the dog with me. When I returned she'd gone home. I had no plans for today, I was intending on spending some time with my mum... I might treat her to her hair doing. 

Talk soon, 
Much love.

22 June 2008

Yesterday (clubbing in London) and Today... 22nd June

Hey guys!

Following our conversation yesterday Elliot came round and, need I say it, the ineviatable happened and we had sex. How I missed him. After the pleasurable mind blowing intercourse I showered and got ready to go shopping. Elliot was dressed down in a pair of Rock & Republic jeans with a Dolce & Gabbana pea coat with a gucci white tshirt and a scarf from a random boutique in Marbella. So I decided on a pair of Largerfeld skinny (ish) jeans along with my Vivienne Westwood pirate boots, Brown and Gold D&G belt, a plain white t-shirt and my diesel leather jacket. 

We went in Elliots Range Rover down to bond street armed with the credit cards ;) When we got there we went into a range of shops. Elliot was buying an awful lot more than I, however I was still having fun. When we were there we bumped into Kayleigh who was shopping with her mum - hillarious! She works for Conde Nast and bless her, she can barely move her face it's so pumped with fillers and collagen. Kayleigh didn't suprise me, she was in Dior with a shop assistant in toe carring various shoes and bags for her mother to purchase for her. I on the other hand, had only bought a tie and a pair of shoes. When we went in to Dolce & Gabbana I browsed the shop floor for something to wear for this evening. I found 3 suits which I liked so I tried them all on and decided on the one. It's a shiny black one which I adored and purchased with a tie clip. Then I went into Armani and bought a new shirt and then we went to Links of London for a new pair of cuffs. 

Shopping completed, we went to le caprice for some lunch with Kayleigh where we all caught up. At about 5 Elliot dropped me back off at home and I went in to get all my stuff ready.. Kayleigh invited me to get ready at her house - translation, she's bought hundreds of outfits and can't pick which one to wear. I grabbed some shoes from my wardrobe, my Bulgari watch and the shopping I had just bought and threw them in the Jag and drove round to her house in Collingham Gardens, South Kensington. Upon my arrival she greeted me and took me upstairs into her room which averages on the same size as a normal 3 bedroomed house. It's enormous. She has a huge 4 poster bed in there, a plazma screen, a couple of chaise longues and chests of drawers and then her walkin wardrobe which leads through to her bathroom. Her bathroom boasts a huge hot tub bath, big enough for about 3 people, a steam room, shower and a sink unit, she has heated marbel flooring in there. Her house is truely amazing! 

After much debate between Chloe, Zac Posen, Donna Karen, Fendi, Cavalli and McQueen, Kayleigh decided to wear an Oscar De La Renta black dress. Then whilst she was doing her makeup I got dressed. I was stuck between wearing Armani Shoes or Prada. I chose Prada. Then she commenced with her dilemma of shoes. She couldn't decide between Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Laboutin or Burberry. She chose Burberry shoes in the end and upon that decision a Chloe Clutch. When she was finally ready her father, who works in business and the stock market, gave us a lift to Fifty (club) in his bentley. We showed our membership cards, which we pay £750 per year to possess, as we walked in and met up with the others! 

Being friends with my friend Kelly Moss opens a lot of doors. Her father is a renowned club owner who owns places such as Maddox, Aura, Chinawhite, Mo*Vida and Icieni... These are a few of the most exclusive clubs in London. Many of them members only. So when a new exclusive club opens in London, such as fifty, we have the connections to get ourselves invited by their owners. Another one of my favourites is The British Luxury Club, located on Bond Street in behind a normal looking door is another of Londons exclusive clubs. The bar is topped with Swarovski crystals... Need I say more?

Whilst in fifty we did the usual. Danced, drank and had fun. I was on champagne cocktails, worth every penny. I kissed a couple of men in the club but they were going out with one another and neither one knew the other had kissed me haha.At about 12 we got bored of fifty and phoned chauffeurs to come and collect us and take us to Maddox. I think this has got to be one of my favourite clubs in London. The bouncers on the doors know us, being friends with the daughter of the owner, and so we just walk straight in. I asked Ray, one of the bouncers, if he'd let any potential one night stands in, to my luck he said yes ;)

We got in and resumed the clubbing all the while gazing around the room for people to take home. I had my eye on a man who was looking at me and looked like a stock market man. Very attractive! Then I went to the bar where they all make their moves. The members only clubs aren't always as good as the exclusive clubs. In the exclusive ones which don't charge a members fee the bouncers usually only let good looking people in. That way, everyone who's in there is good looking. Whereas, in Maddox, there's some repulsive people who thnk they can have you because their rich. Wrong. When I went to the bar a small, scroney man came over who had acne. He asked if I'd like a drink, I said "Yes but if you think it's going to get you anywhere with me then you're wrong." He tutted and said "Do you know who I am" I hate it when people do this. I said "No, which surely says a lot. And even if I did know who you were, that would not make me disregard your bad looks. So I suggest you walk on back over to your group of friends and leave me so a real man can come along; because if you knew who I was, you'd know I was best friends with the daughter of the owner of this club and your membership could be cancelled within a second." Power =). Then the real man did come, the gorgeous stock market man came over and said "having a little problem there?" I replied "Nothing I can't handle.. and I can take a lot" And looked down to his crotch area - I was drunk. 

After much chatting, dancing and drinking with John I went back to his house in Bedford Gardens, Kensington. His parents still lived there but he said they were there about 2 weeks of the year as the rest of the time they were on an estate in Italy. Anyway we did the usual and then went to bed. When I woke up this morning I felt horrible! Not bad enough to stop me having sex though haha. Once we'd done that he made us breakfast and I just lounged around. At about 1 I phoned my sister and she came and picked me up and dropped me back off at home. She came in for a drink and I told her all about the night and she was sorry she didn't come. She was with the man who I gave a black eye.. accidently! 

I went out for lunch today with Kelly and Elliot to The Wallace to exchange stories on who they took home. After a lovely lunch and gossip I went home to chill for a while. I had a little sleep and then went to the gym before coming home and taking Maddox out. Now I'm just sat here, I think I might ring someone and get them to come round because I'm bored. 

I shall speak to you all tomorrow. 

Much love. 

21 June 2008

Yesterday and today... 21st June

I had quite a good day yesterday =D After speaking to you on thursday night I watched Saw with my friend Jack and scared myself because of the clown.. The rest of the film wasn't even scary but that clown was horrible, I was having horrific visions of it all night. After watching the second one we went to bed. When we got up this morning we had intercourse before getting dressed and going for brunch and shopping. I wore my D&G high top trainers with some Largerfeld jeans, a low V neck brown t-shirt with a Louis Vuitton scarf and some sunglasses (of course) and then I wore my rolex and links of london ring too. 

We went for lunch in The Dining Room at about 1 and then went straight to the shops. We went in Harvey nichols first where I got a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses and some Dolce & Gabbana ones. Then I went upstairs to the mens floor and got a couple of McQueen tops a pair of D&G jeans, some gucci trainers, a prada t-shirt and loads of new underwear. Then I went back down to the womens section to see if there was anything for my sister. As I was walking around I dropped the majority of my boxes of underwear when a lovely teenage girl came and piled them all back up for me in my hands. She was so sweet! Then she asked me which tracksuit I preffered; a brown Juicy Couture one or a peach. I said the brown. Then she complimented me on what I was wearing and everything she was so nice! When I went to the till to pay she was there again in front of me with her brown tracksuit and her matching bag. As the cashier was scanning her items they were talking when she told him it was her birthday today and she was out spending some of her birthday money here, then the total came up on the screen she realised she didn't have enough money, she was £30 short. I felt so sorry for her so I just took the money out of my wallet and gave it to her. She refused at first and said she'd just come back another time but I could tell she really wanted it, and well, what's £30 to me? When she finally took it her face lit up and she really appreciated it. I felt so happy then haha. I'm such a good samaritan =D 

After Harvey's we went for a look round in Selfridges and I got another Alexander McQueen scarf and 3 new colognes. Then I bought a jumper thing in Burberry and some stuff in Diesel and Vivienne Westwood too =) 
At about 3 I set off home. I put my foot down the majority of the way and had my sat nav on to alert me of the speed cameras haha. There was quite a lot of traffic but that was inevitable really. I arrived home at about 8 and by that time I was shattered! 

I went straight round to my mum and dads house to get maddox and I asked if my sister wanted to come round and stay over. She agreed. So whilst she went and packed her bag I took the things out of my car (only 2 seats and we had 2 lots of bags and 2 dogs) and put them into my dads Mercedes CL and left my car there. When she was finally ready we went back to my house and just lazed in the lounge. We got some ice cream and some sorbet and ordered a load of room service and went up to bed after watching the television to watch the notebook and cry... as we do, everytime! 

Just after watching the film I got a phone call from Elliot. He, Kelly and Kayleigh were drunk and leaving Marbella. Ellie had left the other day to go and meet her parents in Paris and Lee had stayed with other friends. They were in Malaga airport just going to get their jet and they'd be home soon. He said everyone was looking at them in the airport, Kelly being the main reason. I can imagine what she would have been doing. She'd have been on the phone at the top of her voice and shouting out her conversation along the lines of "Oh my god what a bitch!" or singing or something stupid like that and then when people stare at her she says "Granted I have breathtaking looks but try and be discreet when staring at them" haha. l could hear them all laughing with one another. Then Kayleigh came on the phone and I couldn't get any sense out of her she was talking so much rubbish... she was saying how she missed me and between every word she was saying "ow" I asked her what was wrong and she replied "well I'm wearing those Dior heels I bought and I'm currently experiencing excruciating pain" then she paused and bellowed, I'm presuming to Kelly and Eliiot "I need a break.. excuse me would you mind moving over for me.. Thankyou" and then she sat down. She was making all weird noises as she massaged her feet and told me about what had been happening. Then she told me about this man who she'd just slept with and described it as "mindblowing" and said I'd die. The person next to her must have been giving her funny looks as she said "How do you think you got here?! I'm just practicing" haha. She finally put her shoes back on and moaned as she walked through the terminal to her jet and then said "See you tomorrow babe, ciao!" 

I hung up with all previous emotion from the notebook diminished so at least some good came from that chore of a phone call. 

When I got up this morning me and Gabrielle took the dogs out for a walk and Maddox walked with Bambi as they played in the park and chased off any dogs that came near her haha. Then when we got home I went and had a shower, as did Gabrielle and then I drove her home in my dads car and swapped it for mine and went to the gym. I'm just back at home now and Elliot's coming round in a bit, not had his sex for a while and I miss it haha. Then I think we'll go out shopping to find new clothes incase we go out tonight. I don't know whether to now it's come to it. I'll have to decide. 

I shall speak to you all later, or if not then tomorrow. 
Much love.

19 June 2008

Yesterday and Today.. 19th June

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't post yestday, I was busy (...well my kind of busy.) I got up at about 9 ish and took Maddox out for a run in my tracksuit and sunglasses haha and then when I came home I ditched the dog at my parents house and went to my gym, The Chelsea Club. I stayed there for a couple of hours and then showered and came home again. On the way home my sister phoned, she asked if I'd go back to my parents house and pick up her dog and go and get it a new bag whilst she went out with her friends. I reluctantly agreed. So masculine. I was driving around in my Audi with a Pomeranian called Bambi sat on my front seat in a bag =\ haha. I quickly went back home to change my tracksuit for another one and went to the hairdressers. I go to Richard Ward which is just off Salone Street in London. I love going! It's so relaxing. I took the dog in with me and as they always did, they took it from me and took it for a nice long walk haha. Meanwhile I sat and got my hair done by the man himself, Richard Ward, and ate home made buscuits whilst I had overpriced hair dye applied to my head. Then Bambi came back and I gave the lovely girl £5 for taking her off my hands for an hour haha. After my relaxing head massage and massaging chair I got my hair cut. Once I'd finished I bought myself some prodcuts and paid the bill which was always expensive... This time, £160 (not including products... I know!) Then I took bambi to bond street to be spoiled. We went into Louis Vuitton as requested. All the shop assistants were fussing over her and she loved it haha.. The bitch took the lime light from me! I put her in the Baxter Sac first and one of the shop assistants modelled it for me haha. It looked gorgeous so I chose that one and then I saw this collar! I was only supposed to get the bag but I couldn't resist. It's Louis Vuitton with a little leather bow on it's so cute! So I got that too =) Then I took her home in her new collar and left her with my parents while I went for my waxing done at the bliss salon where my regular appointment is. Whilst there I experienced the opposite as to what I had in the hairdressers whilst my hairs were ripped from my body. It wasn't that bad really. I'm not even that hairy, I just get it done to make sure I stay that way! When I was smoothed over like a baby's bum I got a facial so I could relax after the previous pain. I got the triple oxygen one as I always did. It involves a cleanse, fruit acid exfoliation, an oxygen mask, an enzyme thing (don't know what that is) and then some Oxygen spray thing. It's so nice. It feels like my skins been on holiday and it glows now! I highly reccomend it to eveyone in the London area, make your appointments now =) By the time I got home it was about half past 5 and I just messed around for a while on here and read a magazine. At about 6 the doorbell went and it was my friend Felicity. She was in a dress which I knew to be Vivienne Westwood because my sister has it (the mcquillans are trend setters haha.) She just walked right in and said (in her extremely posh english accent as we all do) "I can't stay because my car is currently on the pavement but I'm going out for a meal tonight to Claridges with a few friends and I wanted to know if you'd like to join us" my immediate thoughts were no when she added "there's going to be men there, one of whom is your type and single." I changed my mind. I agreed to attend the little gathering however I still had to get ready and her Bmw was sat on the curb. I told her to go home and I'd come and pick her up when I was ready. Minor trauma... I had nothing to wear! I hadn't been shopping to get anything new and I hate wearing clothes I've already worn to go out in. I don't mind as much with jeans and things but not for going out! So I rummaged through all 5 wardrobes and through some suitcases... Eventually I found a Dolce & Gabbana bag in my wardrobe which contained some Silver pants a black shirt which had both never been worn. They were only bought a few weeks ago too =) I was satisfied. Then I was searching for shoes.. I decided on a pair of Gucci patent leather side lace ups which went perfectly. Following this I went searching for a tie... I chose to wear a black silk one from Hermes and then the other extras... I wore my Cartier watch with my Jon Hardy ring to add a bit of bling haha. Then I got my Burberry mac out and I was complete =D I rang the concierge and told him to bring me my Audi and within minutes it was there and I was setting off to Felicitys. When I got to her house in Mayfair she had changed her outfit completely, to one my sister did not own. She was now wearing a Versace white dress which had a black pattern on it with some Black tights a Chloe clutch and a pair of Dior patent leather lace up booties. When we got there I handed over the car and went in; the others were already at the table. A lot of models all know each other, and just to my luck, some of the ones signed by top agencies had congregated for this gathering. I knew a few of them. There was a model and playboy signed by models 1 there: Loic.. Slept with him before, very good. Lucas, signed by storm - kills me that he's straight. Emeli, also signed by models 1 - gorgeous... Slept with her a while back because she was stunning and we were drunk. Both of us remembered how good it was as we greeted each other with a kiss on either cheek and a "Hello again ;)" Julia - Felicity's friend who's father was a CEO in order to provide the collagen for her pout. Amy, signed by FM.. disliked each other but slyly, I slept with her ex (swung both ways) and then she slept with a man who I'd slept with the same week and text me saying "I'm so sorry I didn't know you'd been with him this week" she knew full well, but I didn't care, I text her back saying "Amy don't you know me by now, I only have one night stands, I didn't even get his number. Why would I be bothered; help yourself!" she was devastated it didn't get to me. Then there was the one who I'd never met Rodrigo (Rod) Nogueira... model signed by Cape. Gay and gorgeous. I had intentions of sleeping with him. They all looked nice and as I looked around I noticed several outfits which had been wore by my friends whilst in Marbella. As, for the men I owned a few of the items they were wearing. We were all having a lovely meal and I was shooting false smiles at Amy accross the table, as was she. I went outside to use the phone after the main course and then went to the toilet. When I got in there Rod was in there. I stood at the sink and washed my hands whilst staring at his behind in the mirror. He was so fit! Then out of no where he said "You want this don't you" and looked over his shoulder at me. I replied "I don't want it you imbecile... I'm getting it" smiled and walked out ;) When we returned to the table he was smiling and winking at me accross the table. At around 11 we called it a night and all decided to go home. When I went to get my coat he came and said: "so where do you live then" I told him and then said "I'm taking Felicity home first and then I'll be there." Then I got in the car and drove off! =D After dropping Felicity off I got home and he was sat outside in his car (Black Porsche Boxter), so I rang the concierge and he had people come and park them both for us. Then I invited him in. We didn't really waste much time and went straight upstairs. When we'd finished it was late so just went to sleep, we both had to get up early too, I was going to Manchester and he was booked in at a spa. I woke up to him just walking out the shower... I love waking up like that ;) I said morning as did he and then dropped his towel... So gorgeous! After a little bit of oral play with one another I phoned for room service and we sat in the dining room and ate it. I found out how he funded his Porsche on models wage... His mother is a PR guru and his father is a top lawyer for business firms... Another one sponging off the parents! Almost everyone who was out last night doesn't live of their modeling money alone.. They too are reliant on parents. At about 9 he left, making my Rock & Republic tracksuit look very nice (he promised to return it, I really wasn't that bothered), to go for waxing and started getting ready. I wanted to leave for Manchester as soon as possible so I was rushing. My friend Jack has an apartment there and I hadn't seen him for a while so I was going to stay with him for the night. I was wearing my Karl Largerfeld jeans with D&G high top trainers, a D&G brown belt with gold logo, a grey Dolce & Gabbanna V neck jumper, with a white Gucci shirt under, gold Gucci aviator sunglasses, and a gold Gucci bracelet. I packed my 3 holdalls and threw them in the boot of my Porsche, got the dog in the car and drove round to my parents. I phoned the house and the housekeeper, Julia, came and opened the door and shouted Maddox.. I opened the door for him and he just went running in. Such a good dog =) Then I set the sat nav and went to Manchester. I could've flown but I detest it so I drove, I had Fight Club on in the car so I was ok haha. I got here at about 5 ish and parked my car and went up to his apartment in the city centre Hilton. We've been having a good catch up and renditions of our old performances we often used to do (if you know what I mean) however, now he was mainly into his women. We went for a meal to this place called Alberts Shed before, it was nice! We're just sat in his apartment now having a chat and I think we're going to watch a film soon. I love catching up with old friends! I met him when he used to live in London but now he's moved away because he didn't like it... A bit peculiar I know. I'm just lounging around now in my Dolce & Gabbana tracksuit and drinking a cup of tea =) Jack's gone to meet one of his friends in the Lobby to have a little chat so I'm just on here occupying my self haha. Talk soon, Much love!

17 June 2008

Today... 17th June

I made a rather large mistake last night... I was exhausted still from Marbella and was having an absolutely awful nights sleep.. I was woken several times by that boy who my sister mutually likes walking around the house, I was like what are you doing child?! When I went to get a drink at about 3 I was walking through my house in my underwear (the kitchen's on the ground floor and my room is on the fourth =]) and I walked into the kitchen and got a drink and went to walk back upstairs. Then Jake (the boy) came from round the corner and screamed (not a scream.. what a man does.. shout?) I was half asleep and he petrified me and I just span round and punched him in the face... I thought he was a robber! 

When I finally realized that it was him I started laughing but I don't know why.. Do you ever have that thing when you don't know how to react so you just laugh? I think it was that. He was clearly in pain and was cupping his eye, poor thing! So I sat him down and went into the freezer to get him something to put on his eye but, seeing as I don't know how to cook, there wasn't anything in there except ice cream and sorbet.. so I just gave him a tub of Ben & Jerrys to put on it. I couldn't think of anything else. Then I phoned reception and asked if they had anything so they brought me a bucket of ice what you put champagne in, so wrapped some in a flannel haha. 

Then after about 5 minutes Gabrielle came down and said "what're you doing Jake you've been ages" when she saw me, her gay brother stood in his boxers, holding a flannel of ice on her (sort of) boyfriends eye telling him I'm sorry. I explained the situation and she laughed aswel haha. I felt so awful but I just went up to bed as did he... after many pain killers. 

When I got up in the morning I rang for breakfast for all three of us and they came down. When Jake walked in his eye was bright pink, and turning blue, and quite badly swollen. It looked so sore! My first reaction was "oh shit!" and he replied "I know, bastard" I just laughed. I felt so horrible it was untrue. I gave him permission to go out with my sister if he wanted to and he said he doesn't know whether to if he has to deal with that every time he steps out of line haha. Keep them on their toes, that's the way I like it! 

Anyway after that little ordeal Gabrielle went home for a swim and Jake went with her. I gave him a pair of my new sunglasses before he left to hide his eye for the time being. I said I might be going to see my horse in a bit and if she wanted to come then she could. We both have horses.. they're sisters, 2 jet black, shiny thoroughbreds. Then when they left I went for a run with the dog for an hour then came back and got a shower. Then it was time to find an outfit... I got my black jodhpurs from Harrods and a plain white shirt from Gucci. I put on my Gucci knee high boots and a Alexander Mcqueen scarf again with my Chanel watch. Then I got decided which car to use.. for those of you who ask umpteen times, I have: A new Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet in White (hardtop convertible), A Porsche Cayenne 4x4 Turbo S (what ever that means) in Grey/Silver, an Audi R8 in Black and a Jaguar XKR also in Black. Today I chose the Cayenne. 

As I battled through the traffic of London to Heartfordshire where I keep Bella (the horse) I was watching St. Trinians on the Tv in the car haha. I love that film! I love driving, once I'd left london and got onto some of the little country roads of the way to the stables I put my foot down as I always do and pushed the Porsche to it's full potential haha =) 

When I arrived at the stables I grabbed my sunglasses and looked in the boot for something to put all my things in... The boot is filled with crap! I have clothes in there and everything, when I was rummaging through I found a hermes agenda, a pair of womens Jimmy Choos, still in the box, and a Dunhill holdall with sunglasses and a watch in.. I don't know why they were in there but, I found my Gucci bum bag and put it on to keep my phone in =) 

I went and got Bella and she was in stable next to Joli (french accent.. not Joel-eh as someone once said) and they both knew it was me. I got on and I walked her to the field. Dressed in my skin tight Jodhpurs, Gucci knee high boots, black wrap around sunglasses and a white unbuttoned shirt... you're dying aren't you haha ;) Then we went for a run and some jumps around the field. It was so fun! At about 3 my sister phoned to say she was here and if I'd come and meet her. I said yes and galloped back over to the carpark to find my sister and Jake. She too was dressed adequately... not. Wearing much the same Jodhpurs as mine except cream with black Burberry boots, a white blouse, a gucci neck scarf and sunglasses. She explained how she went round to my house to get something for Jake to wear I was like 'oh, ok then haha' I wouldn't have known if she didn't say.. He was wearing my brown Jodhpurs with a creamy shirt I didn't even know I had and the sunglasses I gave him earlier... When he took them off I realised why he hadn't done before... It had turned black! Woops! 

Jake borrowed a random horse and we all went riding together.. I got to know him a bit better, he lives in Surrey but his house is up for sale (I looked it up to see what he's like: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-14850755.rsp?tr_t=buy&pa_n=1&mediamode=pictures&curr_media_n=2&from_showcase=false not bad, the ones my family owns are far better! =P) and he's at university studying fashion PR, same as my sister. 

We stayed for quite a while, I of course was the best! But we all already knew that =) And then I threw my boots in the boot and replaced them for my Gucci trainers and drove home, my sister followed in her Ferrari, both of us inevitabley had the sat nav on as we got lost every time, it's amazing in my car though as there's a little television which you can watch dvd's on and has sat nav on and a camera so you can see behind the car and all this other stuff haha. It's so fun, it's voice activated too ;) 

When I got home I went and had a nice long bath and then went round to my parents house for tea =) I only got in about 20 minutes ago and I'm just sat in the drawing room on here reading through ok magazine waiting for my friend Felicity to come round and save me from my boredom, haha. She's a model but I've not seen her for ages! My car has been valet'd by the concierge and he said he'd get it cleaned for me by tomorrow due to it being covered in mud amoungst various other things haha. 

Anyway, I'll speak to you tomorrow. 
Much love!

16 June 2008

First full day back in London... 16th June

Hey guys, I've had a busy day today (ish) in comparison to just sunbathing all day like the rest of my friends will be doing whilst still in Marbella =( I spoke to Elliot today to catch up on all the gossip and Kelly got into a little squabble with a girl at the beach... She kissed her boyfriend (unknowingly) and she came over. They were arguing and everything and the other girl threw a glass of water on her before she walked off so Kelly whacked her over the head with her Fendi bag haha. She then turned around to walk bag and Kelly just looked angry and then the man split it up and the girl walked off. At that point Kelly took her Burberry heels off and hit him across the head saying "you too can bugger off.. Arsehole!" She then just put her shoe back on and walked over the her bed again haha. I wish I'd have been there I bet it was so funny! Kelly isn't bothered at all! And yes.. they all wear heels to the beach =) After my little gossip catch up my room service arrived and I went and collected it and ate it whilst reading Gq. When I'd finished that I went and put some clothes on and just went to the gym in the hotel, I couldn't be bothered going to the Chelsea club. When I came back I grabbed Maddox and went for an hours run and then came home and had a shower. Then I tackled the luggage... Nightmare... I started with the first one which contained my skiing stuff, the ones which followed were about 9 Louis vuitton trunks, 4 Gucci holdalls and cases, 2 Fendi holdalls which I forgot I'd bought and actually quite like and then over various ones. I sorted through each and every one where I inevitably found clothes I forgot I had bought or had bought again since. There were a few things which I threw in the bin because of wine stains etc and the rest went off to the dry cleaners. I moved all the cases into my wardrobe with the other hundreds of items of luggage. After I'd done all that I had nothing to do and I was bored. I rang my friend William and asked what he was doing, we agreed to meet up later on. So in the meantime I decided to go shopping. I went and looked in my wardrobes, not so straightforward. I was running back and forth through all 5 of them in search of an outfit and then looked for shoes which are all in boxes and have a picture of what they are haha. I finally decided on these white Dolce & Gabbana jeans with a low V neck black top (also Dolce) with a pair of military boots and my diesel leather jacket. Then I had to find the accessories. I went through my 6 watch draws looking for the right one and then through my 16 (ish) draws looking for sunglasses and then I got my Alexander McQueen skull scarf too. I decided on Gucci sunglasses (oversized rectangular) and black Gucci watch with my John Hardy sapphire ring. I looked rather nice actually, I was going for a military sort of look haha. So I went and got in the Porsche and went to Bond street to browse the shops. I bought a new pair of Gucci laceups, a new wash bag from louis vuitton, a new tracksuit from Diesel and the new Louis Vuitton Albatros bag. All in all, a pretty productive day =). Once I'd crammed everything in I battled the traffic to Nobu where I was meeting William. Once again the pedestrians of London stared in in hope of me being a celebrity, some realized it wasn't, however others thought it was. Can't blame them. A huge Louis vuitton bag in the passenger seat along with a gucci one, with me sat there in a porsche on my blackberry... I love it! I had a lovely lunch with William and we had a good catch up and reminisced over old times... when we got back to his house that is. In his bedroom ;) It was about 5 o'clock when I finally got home and I put my new things in the wardrobe and then my sister came round and we ordered food from the restaurant in the hotel and sat and chatted. She's staying over tonight with this boy who she fancies, he's ok though, he brought me a bottle of tequila when he came round. I think he's trying to get me buttered up seeing as I'm the older brother of the girl she fancies =P haha. He's staying over though with her, I have 4 spare bedrooms so I don't mind haha. I left some condoms out purposely... I'm not being an Uncle at 21, it'd make me feel old! I don't think she ever would if I'm honest though! I'm going to go to sleep in a minute because I'm exhausted still from Marbella so I'll speak to you all tomorrow. Much love.

15 June 2008

Back in London.. 15th June

Hey guys, 
Following my post last night me and Gabrielle got picked up at about 3 ish to leave for the airport. Together we had 5 pieces of luggage + carry ons. I had 2 Prada suitcases and my Louis Vuitton holdall, which comprised of tracksuits and my laptop, whereas Gabrielle had a gucci case and 2 louis vuitton's. We did, inevitably, get charged a fee at the airport but I expect that. I had already sent off 5 cases/trunks in the post! 

I was so bored in the airport! Because it was the middle of the night all the shops were shut so me and Gabrielle just sat in the first class lounge and watched a dvd on my laptop until we were called. I ofcourse, was going to the toilet every 2 minutes due to nerves and I hate getting out of my seat whilst on the plane so I try to reduce the chances of needing the toilet. When we were finally called onto the plane we boarded and I sat there petrified for the entire duration of the flight. There weren't any good looking people in first class unfortunately, just a few business men. I didn't sleep a wink on the plane, nor did I loosen my grip around the armrest or my seatbealt which was preventing me from breathing properly. 

I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I feel every time we land haha. Anyway we did and went into Heathrow to collect our bags. As ours came round the conveyor belt everyone was staring and pointing at them saying 'isn't that a nice bag' I was like, hands of bitch! haha =) When we collected them we went outside where we were greeted by my fathers P.A. she took us over to where the cars which would be taking our luggage were parked and they loaded the luggage in and then she handed over the keys to my sisters Ferrari which we'd be going home in. 

When we arrived home, we unlocked the door and walked in. My father, being unaware that we were returning home, shouted morning Jackie (maid) and we walked into the reception room to father whom looked rather shocked to see us. He was extrememly happy though! Then my dog Maddox came charging in and pounced on me which notified my mother that I was home haha. 

We gave him our presents of the Chanel fishing set and Armani luggage which he loved and then we all sat and talked. I knew it was my fathers day and I didn't want to be a bugger because it was all about him but... I wanted my car! It hadn't been off my mind, so I asked.. My Dad just laughed and said I was wondering how long it would take you to ask; go and look outside. I opened the front door and it was there! It's gorgeous! It's an all white Porsche Carrera with Black interior and all the gadgets =D I love it! 

I was so confused though, because he didn't know I was coming home and it wasn't outside when we got home so I asked. He had emailed his p.a and said Kyle's here bring the car and she emailed back and said I know it's already on it's way... They're so sneaky! 

So without much further ado, I crammed my cases into my car and put maddox in with me and drove home. It's dead fast! People were staring at me as I drove down the road haha =D Sitting there in my sunglasses and bling watch haha. 

When I got in the house it was packed with fedex boxes =\ I still hadn't unpacked from Capri and skiing and Beverly Hills yet and now there was more from Marbella! There must have been about 20-30 boxes all just piled in the reception room! I shall unpack those later. The first thing I did was went upstairs and got a shower and a change of clothes. I just put on my diesel tracksuit and went back round to my Mum and Dads. I took Maddox back with me so we could go for a run =D Which we did. 

I stayed at my mum and dads for the majority of the day. I went for a run around the park and for a swim in their pool and just relaxed really. Jake (the chef) came round and made us a lovely stake and we had some wine and caught up with one another. I saw my dad for a day on my birthday and before that it'd been months, I spent a month with my mum away though in L.A. 

I went home at about 7 to get ready for bed, I didn't go to sleep last night so I'm shattered. I got home and got into bed and watched the hills for a while and now I've just got Wimbledon on in bed. My car is safe in the garage and I still haven't even attempted to unpack my luggage... 

There must be about 15 trunks and 10 suitcases all boxed up, I don't even know what's in them or what I bought whilst I was away. The only things I notice are missing are watches and things. It's not such a straight forward process though unpacking. What I tend to do is unpack the cases and sort them out, clothes with stains on go in the bin usually (some exceptions) everything else gets collected by the dry cleaner and accessories go in their designated places. When the dry cleaning is returned all going out clothes are put back into the suitcases and left in my wardrobe, some stuff though, like jeans and things, sometimes they're hung back up... for the time being. I shall challenge that mission tomorrow. 

Maddox was happy to see me earlier, we went for a lovely run around the park where he protected me as normal, running by side and scowling at anyone who came near me until told otherwise =) ... Guard dog trained if you hadn't already guessed (Rottweiler.) 

I don't really have any plans for tomorrow, I think I'm going to unpack some of those boxes and then I may go down to a spa and get a massage and a facial, I need to relax =) 

I'm going to have to go to bed now because I'm extremely tired. 
Much love.

Leaving Marbella... 15th June

Hey guys, 
Thursday night when I last spoke to you I was ready to go out and waiting for my friends... It was such a good night! When they were finally ready we took the cars down to Nikki Beach, the nightclub! It was so fun there! We were dressed inappropriately.. The girls were all in heels and they were constantly complaining that they were sinking into the sand but they managed! I didn't really drink much to be honest, I wanted a sober night for a change, I still had loads of fun. By the time 12 o'clock came round we were all dancing around singing to all the music and catching some of the hotties eyes ;) 

I had my eye on this man who looked like a model, definately gay - he had trendy blue black hair a gorgeous tan and he was wearing a low cut V neck top. He was looking at us all while we were dancing and when I went to get another drink he made his little move haha. I asked him what he was drinking and bought him a cocktail. We got chatting and he told me he was a model who worked free lance. He was wealthy too, his parents owned some business in Marbella chartering Yachts... That's where he was staying. 

He was a really nice man, he was 22 and his name was Andrew. We stayed and chatted for a while and I got him drunk, not intentionally, I was buying drinks and he wanted cocktails so I bought them him but they hit him pretty quick. Woops. By half past 1 he was whispering things in my ear and groping me.. I wasn't complaining though haha. When I looked around Elliot was doing the same to someone else as what Andrew was doing to me haha. He too was drunk and had found himself a companion for the evening! As had everyone else for that matter. I always get protective of Gabrielle, I'm scared she's going going to get mugged or something but the man she was pulling seemed ok - I checked him out! 

I went back to Andrew's yacht at about 2 o'clock and we had a lovely talk, before having excellent sex! When we woke up in the morning we went for some breakfast on the beach and then we said our goodbyes and I went back to the yacht. When I got there there were 3 men and a woman there who I recognised from last night and then there was another who I didn't know. I didn't even bother to ask. 

Gabrielle lost her phone last night on the beach and didn't realise 'til this morning, she's annoyed but we do it all the time. We were talking together and we decided that we'd fly home tonight in order to see our Dad tomorrow on fathers day. We aren't going to tell him though and just turn up =D Like the excellent children that we are! I phoned his P.A this morning and told her about it. I managed to talk Gabrielle into taking a normal plane, it's a lot less traumatic for me =) And so we have 2 seats booked tonight at 6am. 

We've arranged for my sisters car to be at the airport so we can drive home and Julie (p.a) has also arranged for our luggage to be collected and delievered to my house and my parents. She's been and purchased a new blackberry today aswel... I don't know what we'd do without her! 

I've got my father a Chanel fishing set and Gabrielles got him the Armani Collezioni luggage set (Briefcase etc..) We're just sat on the yacht waiting for a car to come and collect us and another one to come and collect the luggage. I went to the post office place this morning and arranged for 3 trunks to be delievered to my house on special delivery by tomorrow aswel as did Gabrielle haha... Nightmare! 

I'm wearing a white shirt with a grey cardigan and some plain black pants, Gabrielle's wearing a white Dior skirt which looks like roll out icing haha with a black Marc Jacobs blouse, Fendi heels and a Prada bag... Got to look the part for traveling. I've got my holdall with me too which has got her 2B free tracksuit in and my Diesel one just incase we get uncomfortable aswel as my laptop and charger haha. 

I'm petrified about this flight already! And I hope to god they don't moan about luggage! We always just have to pay the excess which is a bit of a bummer but, it's our own fault for taking so much stuff really. 

I'll let you know how everything goes, 
Much Love.

Today... 12th June

Hello there gentlemen! 
Last night was great fun! Following from when I left you, Kelly succeeded in her task of getting the hot italian from the boat next to us on ours, he came, and with him his hot friend! My heart skipped a beat when I thought there was a chance they were a couple.. however they weren't and within half an hour his tongue was down Kelly's throat. No suprises there. Kayleigh meanwhile had taken a liking to his friend and was pursuing much the same activites as Kelly. 

While they were doing what they do best the rest of us were out on deck listening to the blaring music and drinking wine. We had some good chats for the beginning part of the evening, however as the early hours approached us they weren't as coherent, solely due to the fact we'd been drinking all day =) 

When I was a bit drunk I took to the front of the boat with my mouth of a friend Kelly... she was shouting all sorts off there like: "what has she got on her feet!" "Oh look Kyle there's some gays get them on" - they weren't and they turned to reveal very angry faces, she just laughed it off. Eventually though, there were some highly attractive gays passing the boat who were evidently club crawling. I shouted something along the lines of "The party's better on here gentlemen!" So on they came... This was completely out of character, I never invite people in off the street, I think it was down to Kelly's bad influence. 

There was 3 who came on, I can't remember their names for the life of me but they were from Newcastle and I couldn't understand a word they said. They were quite loud and obnoxious if I'm honest but they were fun... then at least! After dancing for a while me and one of them went into my room and well, we didn't have sex, we just did other things along those lines. 

When we'd finished I went back downstairs whilst he got dressed. Elliot and another of them were getting somewhat intimate. They stayed for a little while longer and dropped hints to try and stay the night but I didn't want them too, I asked where he was staying and he mentioned some hotel I'd never heard of before so, I made the assumption he wasn't wealthy. 

They left at about 3 and we all went to bed. When I woke up this morning I went to my bedside table and reached for my Bulgari watch I had on last night... It wasn't there. I knew straight away where it'd gone. I took it off last night when me and that man were doing stuff because it got in the way and I left it there, and then I thought it'd be fine whilst he got dressed in my room... Bastard! I am so annoyed... it's not just the fact that I've had a £3,000 watch stolen, it's the fact they came on here and acted all nice and stole from me, it's outrageous how a person can do such a thing. I phoned my mums lawyer this morning and my dads P.A and they're dealing with the matter to see whether I should just get it off insurance or whether it'd be easy to buy a new one. 

I checked the rest of my watch draw but I haven't noticed anything else has gone.. It's a good job he didn't look in there! Anyway... so after a chaotic morning we all headed down to Nikki beach again but this time we decided we'd arrive in style... we sailed the yacht out and then I came in on a Jet Ski as did some of the others! I love making an entrance ;) When I walked onto the beach one of the waiters came running up to me and said "excuse me this is a private beach you can't just walk on here" then I just flashed him my black V.i.p membership card and walked on by. I know how to handle these kinds of situations, a lifetime's practice! 

We stayed there and had some drinks all day, I was on ice tea and water.. I've been drinking far too much! We discussed when we were going home, we considered Sunday seeing as it's fathers day and we've been away for over 3 weeks now but it's not final. I want to see my Porsche too! It's not been off my mind all holiday! Gabrielle (sister) said it's gorgeous and she'll be borrowing it from time to time but I'm a bit reluctant. She gets clamped about twice a month and she's been towed quite a lot lately too; plus, due to her sheer resemblance of a celebrity, she gets pulled over all the time! 

When we got back to the yacht we started getting ready... They're taking forever!! It's 10 o'clock now and they're still not ready, they said it's because of the salt water ruining their hair. 

I'm wearing Roberto Cavalli metallic grey pants teamed with a White Dolce & Gabbana shirt and a skinny black tie also from Dolce & Gabbana, my shoes are Armani. I'm wearing it with my Chanel watch which has red stones in so we colour coordinate. Gabrielle's ready and she's wearing a grey Burberry Prorsum ruffle dress, with a pair of grey Laboutin heels (red underneath) with a red Valentino clutch... See coordination, red in my watch! Her long blonde hair is in a bobble and curled and hanging over her left shoulder.. She looks gorgeous! The rest of them are wearing Derek Lam, Alexander McQueen amoungst other various names. 

They should be ready some time soon so I shall be going in a while. 

I'll keep you posted, 
Much love.

Loving Marbella... 12th June

It's amazing here! It's so much better in comparison to that pathetic excuse of a holiday in The Bahamas - sheer boredom! Sorry I've not been on I've been back into the swing of things haha. 

When we arrived here we went to my friends house and had some food.. we made plans to go out for a nice meal but... We hadn't brought all the right clothes, they were currently on the yacht making their way accross the atlantic - a bit unobtainable! So, us being us, nothing stopped us and we hit the shops! I bought plenty of things I had no intention of buying and eventually found something I could wear for a night out! After a few hours and many, many euros we headed back to the house to start getting ready. We had all bought a range so we had a choice of what to wear. It seemed to take us ages to get ready for some reason; I think it's because we couldn't borrow each others things and we had to try stick with what we had. So finally we headed to Olivia Valere for a meal. Everyone's gorgeous in there it's amazing... The only way to get in is wealth or stunning looks, a bit mean really but it works out well for me... all my type ;) 

There was plenty of eye candy in there, within the space of 5 minutes I had scoped out about 6 men who were potential shags for the evening and I realized everyone else had done much the same! After a gorgeous meal we went to the bar and sat, it was here where everyone made there moves. One of the guys I had obviously been looking at approached me and bought me a cocktail, I couldn't be bothered though... so I said let's cut the small talk and come back to mine. He agreed and we did so, I like it better this way. I'll never see him again now =D He was wearing grey pants and a grey low cut cardi which revealed gorgeous pecs! ... He was amazing! They always are over here, I don't know why! 

Throughout my intercourse session with James the rest of the pac were flowing through the house with their pulls and soon the house was filled with the banging of head boards and well.... Moving swiftly on, when I woke up in the morning I was greeted by the handsome man lying by my side.. It was clear I most certainly wasn't drunk last night, absolutely gorgeous haha. Still not as good as me though ;) He stayed quite long and chatted with me and my friends and their sexual partners for the majority of the morning before returning to his yacht in the Marina. 

For the rest of the day me and my friends went to Ocean Club where we bought a huge round bed for the day to lounge and drink wine. Whilst in there we mingled with the likes of Callum Best, who may I say was looking rather gorgeous.. as were we! It's amazing in there it's like a club but in the day and everyone sits around the pool and drinks whilst sitting on their beds. Later on in the evening it turns into a club but we don't tend to go there, there are far better places! At about 5 we went to the shops to find yet another outfit for tonight and then I went to the hairdressers with my sister and Ellie to get their extensions tightened or what ever they had done. 

Getting ready to go out was quite fun surprisingly, usually it's a trauma because we're all rushed and stressed about what to wear but seeing as we'd been drinking for the majority of the day this normality was non-existent! At about 8 or 9 we rang cars and went to cafe del mar once at his time to the clubbing! We all looked gorgeous in our colour coordinated outfits (a must - we cannot clash!) and breezed through the line into the club which never failed to amaze! 

We all did the usual thing: bought expensive cocktails, got them bought, danced bla bla bla. However poor little sis Gabrielle was not happy at all, we were all getting drinks for her however she was not, I personally believe it was because she'd been stood chatting with me and the people who were buying me drinks so they thought me and her were an item and the others were just friends - not the case. Being the younger sibling of me we share much of the same qualities, love getting drunk, don't mind (quite like) having all eyes on us, and don't like it when we don't get what we want (men.) So she took to the table top... It was so funny, everyone just looked at her and she said "Who's here for the sex!?" and everyone shouted and then she said "Where's all the men in here" they then raised the glasses and yelled and she went "Well it's your job to make the first move if you want any of this sex... so what are you waiting for, come and get some! After that we can take it from there, right ladies!" and then everyone screamed and the party continued. The swarm of guys just came flooding to her side and cocktails were being thrust in her face.. I was so prud of her! 

The usual thing happened in that we all took someone home, this time it was a barman from a different club for me who's night off it was.. rather nice, he left early morning though to go to work.. And then it was today! The weather was gorgeous so we all went to Nikki Beach - a members only beach club which charges an annual fee. It's lovely here though, you have your own waiter and beds etc it's fabulous! However, there were some repulsive people there today, there was a bunch of fat 40 year olds staring at us all day long who, when they walked past, smelt awful! I once read a book on Coco Chanel whilst staying in The Ritz in Paris as a youth, she said "a person cannot expect to have a future if they leave the house wearing no perfume" ... This ought to be broadcasted! I do not pay £1500 per year to be a member of this club so that I can have smelly people walk past me all day long hoping to pull either me or one of my friends; it's outrageous! 

They left after a while to go and pester some other people when I got a phone call, it was the "captain" of the yacht to say that they'd be arriving within the next hour. So without further ado we went back to the house and collected together our various things. I came here 3 days ago with one case, I am leaving with a case and 12 shopping bags... Someone's going to be making a trip to Fed-ex before leaving! I always have this problem, when I finally do go home I walk into my study to find boxes and boxes piled on-top of one another, these are all the things I have no choice but to post home due to baggage restrictions - they only let you go over and pay up to a certain amount! Swines! When we arrived in the Marina it was filled with various sizes of yachts, some were blaring music whilst the residents partied on deck and others were out at sea. Ours had parked up right on the front, visible to everyone... all eyes on us! We got back on board and went and left our new luggage in our rooms and decided we wanted to take ours out. So while "Captain" drove us a short way out Kelly began to blare the music from the sound system and members of the crew were preparing Jet Skiis, The Bar and some food. It was so fun! We all just sat out on deck or in the hot tub looking out at the beach and all the other yachts, there were a few which had joined us out here and they too were on their jet skiis etc. 

Tonight we're having our own little party on the boat and we've already acquired some hotties to join us and Kayleigh has her eye on our next door neighbor if you like, an italian 30 year old who's got a constant flow of women... he's gorgeous! I am guessing he'll be round soon! 

I shall keep you posted on my little trip, 
Email me, 
Much Love. 

P.S. Sorry if I've not answered your email yet, I logged on just now to do this and I have 70, I'll get round to you eventually!!

Last night's events and todays decision... 9th June

Hi again guys! 
The weather here's great and it's been fun but we're bored now! Yesterday day time we took the yacht out again and had a mini party haha, everyone on cruise excursions were looking it was so funny haha... We had our music on full blast in the hot tub and sunbathing it was really funny, having some good chats too! Then at about 5 the girls and I headed to the hairdressers.. mine felt disgusting (salt water) before coming home and getting ready. We were going to the Casino.. It was so good! We all got done up, I was wearing cavalli pants and shirt and the sis was wearing Zac Posen and the others were also wearing a range of designers. 

We looked nice, when we walked in together people were looking at us it was so good! I love it when that happens! We all went and bought some chips and played a few games.. my friend Kelly was being thick and lost a grand on some card game - she didn't even know what you were supposed to do =/ I was playing black jack I think it was I can't remember with this man, wealthy might I add, aswel as gay! He was rather good looking but quite a bit older than I. I was flirting accross the table as was he and in the end he let me win haha. Then without further ado he whisked me off upstairs to his suite ;) I didn't stay over, we just did the usual and I left, just the way I like it! When I returned all my friends were still playing games in the Casino however the majority were stood around Lee who was gambling, making him look like some sort of loaded man who has 7 women on the go at once haha... Pretty much sums him up though! 

It didn't take us long to get bored of that though, brats being brats didn't like not getting their own way and loosing on games haha... so we went back to the house and had an early night at 1. When we got up this morning we were all discussing what we should do tonight when we realised.. there is nothing. We had seen all the shops, been to the clubs, been to the casino.. that's all there is to do. We decided we couldn't put up with just sitting in all night again and doing it tomorrow also so came to the conclusion to move on. This of course caused a dilemma, we had keys to other properties in The Caribbean but we knew they'd all be the same as this, remote and boring! It was getting unbareable it's like being in The Priory (rehab.) 

Seeing as it's my birthday I got the casting vote and I said we should leave The Caribbean entirely and go to Marbella, with the yacht! However, none of us are willing to risk our lives crossing The Atlantic. So I said I'd ring my fathers P.A and make some arrangements which I just have. 

Tomorrow a helicopter will come and collect us from the house and take us to Miami airport where she is going to arrange a jet (more flying - great!) which we will take to Spain. In the meantime, the Yacht will leave here today with our luggage (besides some which we will take with us for the first couple of days) and arrive in Marbella in a couple of days where we will get back on it. When we arrive in Marbella we will stay in my friend Ellie's Mansion which she owns over there, this is more than enough to house all of us. 

Don't get me wrong I love this place however it's more the place that you'd come with just one person prehaps if you wanted to escape the world and just relax for a week or so, but, this is my 21st and I have no intentions of sitting around all day bored out of my mind, I need nightlife and shops to keep me busy! There's loads of fit rich men in the marina too in Marbella haha. So next time I speak to you I'll probably be in Marbella, wish me luck with that abysmal flight! 

Speak soon, 
Much love. 

In the Bahamas... 7th June

I'm having such an amazing time here it's untrue! After a day of relaxation on Thursday night we all had our party like we said haha, we started drinking really early though due to boredom and because we were all dehydrated we were all drunk by 7 o'clock, it was atrocious! As drinks were being conjured (by our bar tender) and drunk by us, we started to get into our normal party mood. Once we were drunk and the bang & olfsen stero was being played to it's highest potential and we were dancing to ours, I had the marvelous idea of going out on the Jet Skiis. 

Me being me, I did; and after everyone being subjected to my bad influence Lee and Elliot joined me on them, it was so fun. I was drunk, on a jet ski, holding a glass of champagne, which might I add was serving no purpose what so ever, it was merely collecting water which was flying everywhere. After I got bored of that me and Elliot went back on the boat for a while and dryed off together (that's what everyone thought anyway, however after the first 40 minutes may have guessed.) 

When we returned we found Kelly performing a something you'd expect to see at a gentleman's club on Lee's lap - repulsive is the only word to describe it, however to our luck they retreated to the boat to continue with... anyway; meanwhile we were all doing the usual, consuming the alcohol and dancing I loved it haha. When it was dark Elliot ran outside and dived into the pool, others inevitably followed (after changing of course.) We were all sat in there and Gabrielle got out to go to the toilet, when she returned she was dancing to a slow song which was currently being played. She was previously a dancer for the Royal Ballet, so as you can imagine she's rather good! She was doing all sorts of ballet moves at the pool-side and she lunged right along the edge, landed perfectly then slipped and flew backwards into the pool... I could see it coming and it was hilarious! I love it when people fall over it's the funniest thing and this was no exception! We stayed in the pool for quite a while listening to music and talking before going to bed at about 3. 

On Thursday we awoke to a delicious breakfast provided by the cook and once we'd ate that decided to go shopping. There weren't many shops but they were ok, we found a Gucci and Versace amoungst others. However, when we went in Gucci I already had everything I liked and in Versace I only bought something for my house haha... how sad! When we got back we took the boat out, we didn't go far but it was fun! My inner child came to the surface and once more everyone was subjected to my bad influence as we jumped off the boat and went Jet Skiing again haha. At about 4 the girls left to go to the hairdressers as we'd agreed to go out tonight. There's a hotel on Paradise island called the Atlantis (where the shops are) which has a club, we were intending on going there for another one of our mad nights! 

We were all ready by about 8 and took cars to the hotel... It wasn't the best club, considering we'd just spent a week in the likes of Mynt, Aura was no competition but there was music, men and alcohol so it was fine! Me and Elliot both did our plan and once again the men came... I went home with Brad that night ;) Brad was a 21 year old man staying in one of the suites in the hotel, he was from Alderly Edge in England, however when he was 16 he moved to California with his parents. It was so weird though because when I was 16 I spent my summer at our house in Malibu, as did he! He had dark long hair (styled), an earring (he pulled it off!) and a gorgous tan which made his muscles look even better! 

At about 3 we got the car back to the house, he was impressed. He loved the house and also loved the little ship parked outside haha. When we got back to the house it dawned on me that my parents could, if they wanted see what we were doing. The security, lights, phone, doors were all controlled by a computer which was accessible by my parents back home in England. There were also security cameras located around the exterior of the house so they could potentially see the transformation of Sand Castle from a villa to a brothel on their computer screens. Oh well. Enough of the bore, I didn't care, me and Brad went upstairs and well, we were everywhere that night! Up the walls you name it! It was amazing! 

I woke up fairly early this morning and went out onto the deck of the yacht to make some phone calls and catch a tan. I was however, graced by the gorgeous presence of Kelly's gorgeous man! He was 24 from Hawaii and was so fit! I was dying... To my luck though, Brad came out with his well packed lunchbox (if you know what I mean) and Kelly called her man in for, well, need I say? Brad left before midday and I sat in my underwear and sunglasses on the deck loving the weather... I think I'm just going to chill today and do much the same as I have already, nothing. 

I'm currently still sat here in nothing but my underwear and sunglasses ;)... Awakening anybody? Haha. 

Email me and don't forget to comment! 
Much love.

Last Night and Today... 5th June

We were all in a diar state of shock last night and all sat in the lounge for the majority of the night. The man who called himself the captain (he was the driver) asked where we wished to go. We decided to go to the Bahamas and take it from there, that was when my sister Gabrielle went and got the keys to our house in Nassau!! Once again the feeling of excitement came over me! I hadn't been there for years! It's a huge 7 bedroomed Villa with a private beach, pool and also boasts a harbour to park yachts. It's a short drive (or sail) accross to Paradise Island also. She said she'd figured we'd want to go there if we were in The Bahamas and so she told my fathers P.A and she phoned the housekeepers and told them we may be arriving. 

Without further ado the "Captain" as he liked to call him self set off towards Nassau!! We were sat drinking more or less all night and I made up for lost time with Gabrielle. I saw her for about 6 hours in total on my birthday and before that it's been months! She was telling me how she always feels awful in Uni due to her classmates scraping for money and drives a Ferrari there everyday and goes home to Wycombe square in Kenzington every night... Ouch! She hates it still though, she's like me, hates being told what to do! 

Whilst the glasses were filling and emptying we all decided to go and sit out in the hot tub... Easier said than done! Those imbeciles of chauffeurs placed all of our luggage in one great heap in the foyer; all of us had more or less the same suitcases. Slight problem. I personally had 6 pieces of luggage and others had more, can you imagine? We spent what felt like ages trying to decide, it was hardest with the girls because they all brought more or less the same shoes etc so it meant opening every single case and seeing what was in there and then deciding who's it was and taking it up stairs to the bedrooms. When we'd finally solved the dilemma the yacht came to a halt. I was stood baffled and the driver came and said that we'd arrived! I thought we were going to be sailing all night and only arrive in the morning! I looked out of the window and there it was... Sand Castle, the Mcquillan family villa! Haha. We'd parked in our little dock thing and the promenade ran right up to the gated house! The house looked extremely well kept considering we hadn't been in years. The last time I came was when I was 13, I don't know whether my parents have been since but I think they rent it out when we're not here.. I'm not sure! 

We all alighted from the boat and walked up to the gate where Gabrielle typed in the code and unlocked the door. It looked amazing. The garden was perfectly sheared, the pool lights were on as were the patio and the house looked just as it did last time I came however the interior was a lot more modern. Gabrielle opened the door and grabbed the portable computer screen which is used to control the house.. She turned on the lights to reveal the huge open plan ground floor from which you could see the white sandy beach! It was amazing! I must say this has got to be the best birthday ever! We decided seeing as it was more exciting, to stay on the yacht for the night. So we all went back onboarding... Taking the control pannel with us to control the lights, phone and security in the house. 

Nothing too eventful happened really all night, we were all too tired from the night before and decided to make it an early one for us all.. However, before we went to bed we all came up with the marvelous plan to ring our parents (or parents P.A's in some cases) and get the keys for any properties they owned in the Caribbean. This way we could sail from place to place and have a party in each house! They all gave the address of Sand Castle and asked for the keys to be sent here asap. Plan! After several phone calls and much discussion and giddiness we all went to bed. I shared with Elliot that night for obvious reasons ;) And once we'd done the usual I couldn't sleep! I was lay there with a smile on my face feeling like a complete idiot haha. I was overwhelmed though haha. 

I'm still really tired! I didn't wake until late and then we all went into the house where we had breakfast made by the crew from the boat... Now I'm sat around the pool sunbathing in my Dolce & Gabbana shorts and sunglasses writing this. It's 90 something degrees today so it's not bad, could be better though haha. It confuses me how I get internet on the yacht I couldn't work it out but I don't care to be honest as long as it works! I understand how it works in the house though haha. 

I think we're going to have a little party tonight in the house... We intend on playing our loud music and having a dance and drinks... The housekeeper tells me she can get me a bartender to whisk up some Cosmopolitans and things haha... fun times! 

I shall keep you posted! 
Much love.