27 July 2008

The past week.. 27th July


Sorry I've not been writing much, I've been busy... doing nothing. Since we last spoke I have been repeating the same days over and over, with the exception that some nights I've stayed in as opposed to going to Carlos' yacht for a party. 

The parties have been much the same, however, there is new men on the market... Thankfully... Or so I thought. After sleeping with Paulo a couple more times he introduced me to a couple of his friends who'd come from Milan. They were both as good looking as one another and had been an item recently. On the first night we met I went back to Rafaelle's (Cannot spell it) hotel room for a near suicide evening. He was only 2 years older than I, despite his complete lack of personality. I went back to his suite anticipating a night of amazing sex and when I got there, much to my dismay, I experienced quite the opposite. We walked in and I expected him to lead me straight to the bedroom, like what happens in the majority of cases, not this one... He took me into the living room and said "What would you like: Red or White?" I knew it was going be crap from that moment onwards. I despise doing that; sitting and playing happy couples, getting to know each other... I'm there for the sex, I'm not looking for a relationship; people don't even get my number so this information which they bore me with is completely pointless. 

Pointless wasn't the word to describe Raf's conversations... We sat and he talked to me about the economy, stock market, politics and various other subjects post those however I seemed to be sleeping with my eyes open by that point. I sat gazing into space, thinking about what Elliot would be doing with the other man... It was torture. I gave the occasional grunt, "mm" and "Oh really" and when he asked what I thought I just said "I agree with you :)." Whilst he was telling me something about a recession I text Elliot saying: Hope you're having a nice night, I'm bored to tears here with my 50 year old in a 20 year old's sexual body. He text me back more or less immediately saying: "Jesus Christ Kyle, bored is not the word! I know about the past 6 presidents and how they helped and ruined the country. Shall we ditch these losers and go and have our own fun?!" I felt as though the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders, I stood up and got my leather jacket and he said "Are you leaving" I said yes and he said "Why? We're having a deep conversation" I sighed and said "Raf, you may aswell go and tell it to your blender, I haven't the slightest clue what you were talking about and I mean this in the nicest possible way, I couldn't care less." He got defensive and said "How dare you" I really didn't have time for this, I wanted sex about 3 hours ago and he had failed to satisfy me, so as you can imagine, my fuse was short. I told him "I was so bored it was almost comical. Now, I'm leaving to have the night which I initially intended on having which will involve at least some sexual activity, quite the opposite to this endurance. Good Night." 

Once I'd left I practically ran through the hotel to meet up with Elliot and we went to his yacht. When we went on board the crew were nowhere to be seen and it was a complete mess. Elliot thought that it'd been robbed however I knew what it was straight away... I went upstairs and went into the master bedroom and Kelly was in there with a male whom I recognized from the parties. I showed the explanation of the mess to Elliot and we left more or less immediately.. She was gripping the bed linen and twitching, cannot disturb an orgasm like that haha. Me and Elliot went downstairs to have intercourse and a couple of hours later we went and sat in the Lounge; shortly afterwards Kelly came down and sat with us as did her man... mistake. She looked at him and he looked back and she started waving her arms and saying "Noooo!" I guessed he didn't speak English, she then started pointing at the door and saying "Ciao" whilst smiling at him as though he was some sort of remedial. Eventually, after much hand action from Kelly he left and once he'd done so she turned to us and said "complete and utter let down!" Elliot and I filled her in on our night of sheer thrill and she decided hers wasn't so bad after all. It seems he knew how to use his tongue and fingers but when it came to his penis "well it was like a fraction of a pencil... Absolutely diabolical!" after her queries of whether it was definitely in or not were confirmed she told him to go back under the covers. At least she got some sex, Elliot and I didn't even see a naked body except for each others. It seems she'd come on to the boat with her legs around his torso and the crew didn't know what to do so she gave them some money and told them to go out, they did so and said "The condoms are in the top draw Miss Moss" haha. 

The day times have been much the same: catching up on lost sleep, exchanging sex stories and sunbathing... Nothing too exhilarating. We're all certainly a bit bored now and need a change of scenery, we talked about Milan, however it's inland so we'll be even more bored there. So we've decided to go to Capri... It's not all smiles and cheers though, it means taking a plane! I was going to get driven, however it would take in excess of 6 hours and less than 1 hour via jet so I decided I'd just get drunk and sleep for the duration. The others then want a helicopter from Naples airport to take them to Capri. I draw the line at suffering a jet journey. Whilst we all phoned p.a's to organize a jet, helicopter and other various things, I phoned Jackie, my parent's assistant to have her organize me a chauffeur from the airport to take me to the marina where the yacht will be waiting for me to take me over to Capri. Success. Now whilst everything is organized for me all I have to worry about is the flight, and worry one shall! 

We're going to go to the party tonight to get ourselves highly intoxicated seeing as we're leaving tomorrow... I want mind blowing farewell sex from Paulo haha. I simply adore sleeping with him! 

I must go and finish getting ready now, the hairdresser has just finished tightening Kelly's extensions so she's going to trim my hair. I shall speak to you when I'm on Capri. 

Much love, 


17 July 2008

The past week... 17th July


On Thursday we all got up at about 11 and decided to we'd spend the day on the yacht. I got up and showered and then packed my Gucci beach bag to take with me. We all walked to the marina and walked past various yachts on the way to ours, one of which was Carlos'. Everyone who we'd slept with, got drunk with and partied with congregated here. The four of us, Elliot, Kayeligh, Ellie and myself are somewhat distinguishable amoungst the many Italians. The girls with hair down their backs, one being platinum, whilst me and Elliot had 6ft broad frames - the majority of Italians failed to reach 5ft 6. Once we came within 100 yards of the yacht people were waving... It was safe to say plans of a quiet day alone were no longer apparent - marvelous!

We walked up to the yacht with no doubt in our minds of being stopped, which we did. They asked if we were going onto their boat when we said "no actually, ours is just around the corner we're going there." They looked disappointed when the two men whom Ellie and Kayleigh had took home with them the other night came out - shirtless. They were gorgeous! They walked over and kissed the girls whilst me and Elliot walked ahead. We boarded Elliot's yacht and put on some music. Shortly afterwards Ellie, Kayeleigh and their 2 men came on. We sunbathed for a few hours and we all went up stairs at various points throughout the day (Elliot and I together.) I'd forgotten how good that bed was! Things to hold onto ;) By the time we'd done we'd all sexually satisfied ourselves it was time to back to the Marina, we did so and made our way back to the hotel. The Italian men parted ways with us and they asked if we'd be seeing them later, we said probably - they were the only who provided a sense of party in the whole bay. We went back to the hotel and changed for tea; I wore my Dolce & Gabbana distressed jeans with a Dolce & Gabbana bronze, metallic v neck sweater which had black cuffs and neck with a black neck scarf and my Military boots. Elliot wore white pants with a navy cardigan and white shirt all from Louis Vuittton; Kayleigh wore a Pucci dress with some Monalo's and a Miu Miu bag; Ellie wore a Thread Social dress with a brown Fendi spy and some brown Laboutin platforms.

We went out for a gorgeous meal however finished quite early and so made our way to Carlos' yacht where the party happens. On the way I got a phone call from my sister Gabrielle, she was drunk. She told me that she loved me and that she was out in Aura in London. I asked how the house was and she said fine and informed me that she'd only had 2 parties which I thought was ok, considering she's a socialite/student. After her slurring her love to me a few more times I said goodnight and hung up. Then we arrived at the yacht. We boarded and got the usual greeting of a drink thrust in our faces and joined in with the party. I sat down and immediately got  chatted up by Rob meanwhile Elliot was talking to Paulo. Kayleigh came up to me after an hour to tell me that she was going back to our hotel and It'd be wise to go elsewhere tonight. I said ok and resumed getting chatted up haha. 

At about 2 I decided I was ready to go for an early night. Me and Rob went back to Elliot's yacht where I stayed. When I woke in the morning I ran back to the hotel and packed my Gucci beach bag before running back to the yacht and sunbathing. I text Elliot telling him that's where I was and shortly afterwards he arrived. He filled me in on his night with Paulo and described it as mind blowing and amazing... Mine was too, however Paulo was drop dead gorgeous and Rob was just gorgeous. I fell to sleep at about 1 o'clock and didn't wake up until 5 when we went back to the hotel. We didn't do anything that evening as we were all tired so we just put on our tracksuits and ordered a meal to our rooms. We watched a couple of films and then went to bed at about Midnight.

On Friday we all woke up fairly early and I went over to Elliots room for a bit of fun haha. Then we went down to the pool and told the girls that we were going out on the yacht and they said they'd come with us. We avoided Carlos' yacht on the way to ours and as soon as we boarded took the boat out. After an hour of sunbathing me and Elliot were bored. Elliot asked one of the members of his crew to enquire about hiring a speed boat for us so we could go water skiing. He did so and called 15 minutes later to say that he could have one sent out to us immediately. We said yes and it came more or less straight away! It parked up just a few feet from the yacht so me and Elliot dived off and swam on board. We had an amazing time on the water skiis and wakeboard being the children which we often are for hours. Meanwhile Kayleigh and Ellie sat on board the yacht sunbathing talking about their sex last night haha. Me and Elliot went back on board at about half past 4 and we went back to the Marina about an hour later. We decided we'd go out for tea this evening and then just go back to the suites, we needed a break from the italians for a while. 

We got dressed down into jeans and went for a gorgeous seafood meal in Portofino and then went back to the hotel to sit on Elliot's balcony. We sat, chatted and bitched whilst we enjoyed the view of the bay. Whilst we were sat there having a nice chat Kelly rang - the loud one. She was drunk. She phoned to tell us all how she loved us and missed us. Whilst on the phone she sang a song to me which we tend to sing to one another when we're both drunk and then got upset when I didn't humor her haha. She was such hard work. I attempted asking her where she was on several occasions and each time she said St. Tropez and then started talking about something else... I knew this, however wanted to ensure she wasn't roaming the streets of St. Tropez alone. When I finally extracted this information from her she told me she was getting drunk with her mother and father, whom could hold a lot more alcohol than she and so were completely sober. I heard as she went walking in from her villa terrace and down the marble stairs in her, no doubt, killer heels. I heard her parents talking in the background as she walked past them, her mother asked what was wrong and she said "I'm just on the phone to Kyle, Elliot, Ellie and Kayleigh and I miss them" her mother being the lovable bimbo that she is said "Well darling you know that if you want to go you can. Just tell your father or myself and we'll have you a jet prepared, you could be there by tomorrow! Neither of us mind if you wish to leave to be with you're friends." Kelly paused and then, sounding completely sober said "pardon mother?" her mother repeated what she'd just said and Kelly replied "Well in that case make the call now... Love you!" haha. A huge grin came across my face and the others knew why... Kelly was coming! She is so much fun! She said she was going to shower and pack her bags and she'd phone either one of us in a little while. 

We all decided to go to bed on that note as due to the fact that Kelly was coming we wouldn't be sleeping for a while... A bigger party animal than me. However, before we went to bed we all informed our parents p.a's (those of us who had them) that Kelly was coming... Why? Well you don't honestly think Kelly's mum is going to be the one on the phone to the jet company organising a plane or finding out from us what hotel we're in and booking it do you? Her P.A would phone our's and find all this information out and do the necessary bookings and organise chauffers and things. Bad, I know, but it's how we do it! 

Ellie slept in my bed that night because she was cold and at 3 o'clock in the morning our blackberries went off simultaneously as Kelly sent us both the same message saying "jUst onmy way to the airport nown(last n was supposed to be a comma) my jet leaves at half 4see you soon" judging from her sheer lack of competence in typing a text message I could tell she was still rather drunk. I went straight back to sleep before recieving another message at 4.40 saying "jst making may way to the runway for tAkeoffx" I went back to sleep again. I recieved another message at 6.20 informing me that she'd landed safely and had become more sober now, once again, I went back to sleep. 

I slept for another 2 hours and a half before recieving another message saying "5 minutes away darling x" I got up, brushed my teeth and put on my Dolce & Gabbana tracksuit and made my way to the lobby. When I entered the reception area there stood was Kelly. From the back I saw her stood in a grey skirt I knew to be Oscar de la renta whom also designed the blouse she was wearing. She had it on with some black python Alexander McQueen shoes and a black hermes bag.. It goes without saying that she was wearing oversized sunglasses too. Her long blonde hair (half it wasn't hers bearing in mind) was quiffed and fell down her back. I walked into the lobby and said "Kelly Moss... How the devil are you?!" She turned around and ran up to me saying "Kyle darling!" and gave me a kiss on either cheek. We proceeded to the reception desk where she handed over her passport "Thank god I'm here Kyle. I almost died from a severe case of boredom in St. Tropez, that's why I was drunk last night, to attempt to make it more bareable. I thought they wanted me to stay which I felt obliged to do after everything the do for me, however when my mother said it was fine for me to leave I inevitably jumped at the offer without hesitation. I'm guessing the two of them want some alone time without the risk of their darling Kelly hearing the headboard bang against the wall all night. Speaking of which I am in a desperate need for sex!" The receptionist stared at her in shock, she looked at him smiled and said "not from you!" he wasn't insinuating that and I think she knew that too "so once this man has quickened his pace a little and got me checked in, we'll go up to my room, have sex and then go and see the others at the pool side." I replied "Perhaps later Kelly, I'm a little tired at the moment due to a lack of sleep, the reason for that being stood before me now" she looked at me like I was an idiot and said "Kyle I have just endured hours of traveling... We are having sex darling" and squeezed my bum, I couldn't help but laugh. The receptionist asked Kelly for her card which she would be charging things to. She placed her Hermes Birkin bag on the desk and began removing the contents of it. "Hold these for me darling" she said as she handed me her burberry velour tracksuit, upon which she piled Vogue, Elle, Allure and Bazaar, then she took out her blackberry, a box of condoms, her hermes agenda, a few €100 notes screwed into a ball and then finally her parents black american express card. She then scooped all the things which she'd just removed back into her bag and then put in the magazines and the tracksuit on top. The man handed her back her card which she threw in and then we headed for the lift. 

Whilst we were walking down the coridoor we saw Paulo approaching she said "Oh my gosh, look at this man. My need for sex just trippled." I said "Oh yes he's rather nice isn't he! I might just add that he's gay and also that Elliot and I have already slept with him." I smiled and once again she stared at me like I was stupid "Kyle you know that's never stopped me before. I've been told by gays on countless occasions that I'm enough to give them erections, plus you don't seem to have any erectile disfunctions whilst sleeping with me do you?" This was very true! And she is correct, she has done this before. I have taken men home with me and she's also stayed at my house with another man and by the time I come downstairs after showering she's gone to sleep with the man I took home whilst hers has gone home. Paulo approached us and I introduced him to Kelly and he told us that he was going to the gym for a few hours to kickbox... I could see it coming: Kelly interrupted and said "I like big boys who can pound for a few hours. I hope we see some more of each other Paulo." she looked him up and down, then he looked her up and down and replied "Hmm just maybe Kelly." We left and she said "No problem.. I'm in there already Kyle." I replied "Kelly Moss you are actually a bitch" she said "Oh do shut up Kyle, now come along, it's time for sex!" That was in the first fifteen minutes of her arrival... Meet Kelly Moss. 

After having sex I showered and went down to the pool. When I got down there Kelly was already there talking to the Ellie, Kayleigh and Elliot whilst sat in her bikini and heels. I sat on the bed next to them and joined in the conversation. We talked all afternoon about pretty much everything. At about 5 we went back up to the rooms and Kelly insisted that we went to Carlos' yacht that evening so she could see where the party was. We all agreed and then went to get ready. We dined in the hotel and then went to the party. I was wearing a black low v neck t shirt with Karl Largerfeld jeans, Dolce & Gabbana high top trainers, Jacobs & co watch and my Jon Hardy ring. Elliot was wearing some Seven jeans with a white Dolce & Gabbana jumper with some silver Gucci trainers and a cartier watch. Ellie was wearing a Stella McCartney grey A line sweater with an Orange dress underneith it with some Jimmy Choos. Kayleigh wore another Stella McCartney sweater which had ruffle bands on the sleaves, she wore it with a gold Henry Dunay ring, an 18kt gold Gucci necklace and a black enamel and 18kt gold bracelet with some Alexander McQueen shoes. Kelly wore a one sholder Roberto Cavalli dress with some Dior heels and a Jimmy Choo clutch. 

We walked onto the yacht and Kelly spoke to them like she'd known them all her whole life. She was getting chatted up endlessly and didn't waste much time with the ones who didn't interest her "No thank you... Not a chance darling" were just a few of the comments made for their rejection. Once she'd had a few drinks she turned her interests to Paulo. She walked over and had a casual conversation before getting down to what she really wanted to say "Well Paulo let's not beat out the bush here... I wouldn't quite mind having sex with you this evening and I'm fully aware that you're a homosexual, however, I often have sex with Elliot, who I believe you have already slept with and also Kyle, who, by the way, is the male version of me: gorgeous and knows it, amazing in bed, confident... Both Kyle and Elliot state that I am good and therefore quite enjoy sleeping with me, now wouldn't you just like to verify that for yourself?" Paulo looked dumbfounded for a moment before saying "Er, certainly Kelly" she said "Marvelous! Well I'm not ready to leave yet but I shall inform you when I am." I wish I hadn't listened now... Bitch! haha. 

Surely enough, that evening Kelly took Paulo home with her, Elliot with Rob, and Kayleigh and Ellie with the same men as the other night. I went alone.. I was exhausted! I went to the gym as soon as I woke up on Sunday and had a work out for a few hours before going outside to the pool... Wrong decision. It was cloudy! Terrific! I went back up to the room and sat in the sitting room and phoned my parents. I chatted with them for a while about random things and then they told me how they hadn't really seen Gabrielle since I left as she's been at my house all this time and just nipping back for clothes. They told me that their tree which Gabrielle and I spent over a thousand pounds on for their anniversary was keeping well (really wanted to know that) and that it was getting sheared at the moment... I told them how that would improve my sleeping now I knew. Then as I the conversation was coming to an end my mother told me that sale for the house in Beverly Hills had gone through and it was now theirs. Not only that but they were flying out some time next week to see an interior designer. 

I text Kelly and Elliot to tell them to text me when they were up so we could decide what to do because the weather isn't fit to sunbathe. I had no reply from Kelly, however Elliot text me back saying he was just going to the gym and he'd text me when he returned. I sat in the sitting room on my own for the next hour phoning people to keep myself occupied, then Elliot came up... We had our own ways to pass the time ;) Once we'd finished I phoned Kayleigh, Ellie and Kelly, she didn't answer. Ellie and Kayleigh said that we should just go out for lunch and go shopping. 

I got changed and put on some Marc Jacobs shorts with some Gucci flip flops and a low v neck tshirt... Although it was cloudy it was still warm. By the time I was dressed and ready I went to Kelly's room. I knocked on the door and she came and answered it dressed in skinny jeans, a cavalli top and some heels, she was in the middle of putting her hair up. I went in and asked if she'd been asleep all this time when she said "Don't be so absurd Kyle. If you had a highly attractive man in your hotel room with you all morning, what would you be doing." No more needed to be said. 

We all went shopping and had a look around the shops. Kelly ordered a new Hermes birkin handbag and when the lady told her about the waiting list she simply said "Sorry darling, call the London store and tell them that Kelly Moss has just ordered a new Birkin. I cannot remember the gentlemans name but he will reduce that waiting time significantly. I suggest you do so right away. Thank you!" We browsed the store for a little while whilst the assistant attempted to phone phone the London store. Kelly looked over and she was still scrambling through the computer looking for the number. Kelly took out her blackberry and dialed 118118 and said "Hermes store, London please. Yes put me through." She then handed the phone over to the woman behind the till. I bought myself a planner refill as I'd began getting invites for parties next year already and I had to start writing them down. The shop assistant called "Miss Moss" and told her how the man from the London store wished to speak to her. She took the phone and said "Hello darling!... Yes I'm just shopping in Portofino with Kyle, Elliot, Ellie and Kayleigh. I would have waited until I got back to London so you could have the comission however, I'm in a case of desperation and I want it for the day I get back. Between us and our parents we do send a fair amount your way though." She talked for a little while longer and then hung up. She told me that Gabrielle had been in today with my mum to get some towels and blankets for the Beverly Hills house. Marco/Marcus, I can't remember his name, knew us and we often asked for him when shopping in Hermes so he could take the sale. He knew all of our parents too and they did the same. It has it's great advantages! 

We went for lunch and then shopped for the rest of the day. I got a few pairs of jeans and a bag in Dolce & Gabbana and some jeans and some shirts in Armani. The rest bought a lot too, however I cannot remember most of it. We got back to the hotel and I went to the gym for an hour with Elliot while the girls went to the spa and then we got ready for tea. We ate out in a Pizzeria in Portofino and then went to the bar in the hotel afterwards. We sat and had a chat about random things and then went to bed at about midnight. 

When I woke up on Monday the weather was much the same as Sunday - cloudy, so I put my tracksuit on and went to the gym. When I got in there Paulo was on the tredmill. I went over and said hello and he stopped running to chat to me. He asked how I was and why we didn't go to the yacht last night, I explained how we were all tired and were in no need to search for sex and we'd all been satisfied that day... Which lead us on to what we both really wanted to talk about - Kelly. I wanted to see what he thought of her. He said "Speaking of which, you're friend Kelly is a rare character!" I agreed and laughed "I thought she was egotistical at first, however everything she said was true! I can see why your circle of friends bond so well Kyle. You, Elliot and Kelly are off the scale when it comes to sex." I laughed and said "Why thank you, I like to think so too. We certainly know how to satisfy one another. We pick up each others techniques haha." We talked for a little while longer and then I went to work out. I could feel his eyes burning me as I did so... I was hoping that would happen haha. Once I'd finished I went back up to the room where Kelly and Kayleigh were, I needn't ask where Elliot and Ellie were. We sat and chatted for a while and then when Ellie and Elliot came we discussed what to do. We decided to just laze on the yacht all day and watch some films. So I put on my Diesel tracksuit with my gucci trainers, Elliot his Rock & Republic and the girls their Burberry, Juicy Couture and 2B Free tracksuits. We phoned the concierge and asked for some Dvds and when we went down to the lobby he showed us a selection. Ellie threw them in her Ysl bag and we walked to the yacht. 

We lay down on the couches and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's first, followed by Boat Trip, St. Trinians and Alfie. When we'd watched these and heard Kelly say "I am contemplating killing myself I'm so bored" a few times we had Elliot's crew make us some dinner. We had a bit of caviar to start and then taglieteli in a rich wine sauce for our main, it was delicious! When we'd eaten we went back to the hotel passing Carlos' yacht on the way. He asked if we were coming on and we said "Yes, we'll be round in half an hour or so.. We're just going to get dressed." Carlos said "Don't be rediculous, you may aswel just come on now." I looked at the others and I don't they could be particulary be bothered going and getting dressed anway so we just went on. We'd look better than some people on there if we were wearing bin bags and they were in couture gowns, so we'd be fine. Me and Kayleigh sat with the member of crew who made the drinks and asked him if he could make us some Cosmopolitans which he did... One after another. Soon all 5 of us were tipsy and having great fun! In the middle of the party the music stopped and the room fell silent when I heard "Well I do apologise however the abysmal music - no, not music, noise, which you opt to listen to is shocking. I'll show you some real party tunes haha" as soon as she'd finished speaking Don't Hold back (the song on my profile) was on, she'd trebbled the volume and started dancing haha. 

At about 12 Carlos decided to have the yacht taken out - why? I don't know, there's nothing we could do half a mile from the marina that we could do at the marina; only people were restricted to leave and had to stay on the yacht when really they wanted to be elsewhere having sex.. Torture! Elliot and I went to one of the bedrooms for some oral sex whilst Kelly danced in the midst of a crowd of men and Ellie and Kayleigh got chatted up by 2 different strapping males. Kelly was more like me, she wanted all the attention and from as many men as possible ;). 

Me and Elliot were walked in on 5 times whilst having oral sex, twice by Kelly, with different men each time. It goes without saying that she didn't just walk in and walk straightback out... The first time she came in and went "Oh sorry, oh it's you. Woo go Kyle, oh my word, we both suck penis the same way and exceptionally well! Look at this hot piece of meat I've got here" she pulled her man in. He was a typical italian, dark hair, dark tan and good looking. She talked about him like he was a new toy "He's got a body like both of yours look" she pulled up his top "not as broad though, one of his only flaws. I like having to spread my arms when I'm holding on to you two. Oh and I've felt the package, it passes. Do you want to feel?" She groped him and I looked at her "Kelly darling I don't think a straight man -" Elliot interrupted me "Erm excuse me you two..." I'd almost forgotten, I was sat with his penis in my hands whilst having a conversation. We both laughed and she left in search of somewhere to have sex.

An hour or so later she walked back in, by now it was my turn. She said "Ugh, you two are still going. That man who I just showed you failed to satisfy me, only lasted about 40 minutes. I have another though look" she pulled him in. This one was nicer. "He is flawless!" She said and he started speaking in Italian. She looked back at us and said "Oh, apart from that. It doesn't speak English so I don't have a clue what he's saying to me. That is irrelevant though, I don't care what he says as long as he knows how to do me." She laughed and then paused for a moment and said "Oh my gosh, I just got off the phone and guess who Models 1 Emeli is going out with" I asked who and she said "Lucas who's with Storm!" I said "Oh my word! That is one of the best couples ever! I've wanted to shag him for ages, he's so good looking. I've tried it though and he certainly doesn't swing both ways. Emeli is amazing in bed though, I slept with her a while back after a benefit, do you remember?" She remembered and then I asked "Who told you that?" she replied casually by saying "Oh just a little bird I fucked from Prada. He just phoned me to see if I'd like to go for a drink when we got back to London and filled me in on some gossip. Felicity told him when she went in to get a new Nappa." Elliot joined in the conversation and said "Felicity is always the source of my gossip from the modeling world.. I love it!" After a bit more of a chat Elliot resumed and Kelly left. 

By the time me and Elliot had finished the yacht was making it's short distance back so the sex fest which seemed to be happening in every room on his yacht could be stopped. Carlos brought it upon himself! When the boat finally docked Me, Elliot and Kelly left alone whilst Kayleigh and Ellie brought their men with them. Me and Kelly decided to swap rooms so that me and Elliot could go to sleep and Ellie and Kayleigh were only listening to one another. 

When we got up on Tuesday it was raining... Sheer depression! By the time we'd woken up it was 1 o'clock anyway. Me, Elliot and Kelly went to the gym while Kayleigh and Ellie said goodbye to the men which they'd taken home. 

In the gym was one of the very few times I saw Kelly in flats and she took them off at every possible opportunity and left them on the floor, she claimed they didn't do much for her image. By the time we'd finished it was about half past 2 and once we'd showered and changed it was 3. We all sat in Kelly's room and watched Maid in Manhattan while Ellie and Kayleigh had a little sleep; Ellie on my chest and Kayleigh on Elliot's.. Comfort!

None of us had any energy what so ever and were all exhausted so we ordered food to the room and ate it whilst watching American Pie. When that'd finished and it was dark outside we decided to watch a scary film. I insisted the curtains were shut and the lights were turned off as we all sat down to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I'd never seen it before but I didn't think it was too scary, everybody screaming was what made me jump the most! Me Ellie and Kelly were on one couch, me in the the middle, and Kayleigh and Elliot were on the other one. It was so funny - well some parts. We were all screaming and jumping and shouting "RUN!" at the television haha, Ellie had a pillow infront of her face and gripped my arm. Kelly on the other hand was sat watching it like it was a comedy. She was making us jump when the film was getting tense by screaming or going to the toilet and then returning by screaming as she threw the door open. I'd laugh whilst the others screamed in horror and shouted "Shit Kelly!" haha. In the middle of the film the phone rang (everyone jumped out of their skin) and I answered it. It was reception phoning to check we were ok, one of the room service men had heard a lot of screaming coming from the room. I assured them that we were and hung up. 

Ellie slept in bed with me that night because she was scared and had her arms wrapped around me all night. When we got up on Wednesday the weather was sunny again so at about 9 when I woke up me and Elliot went for a game of Tennis on the courts and then went to the pool. When we got to the poolside, Ellie, Kayleigh and Kelly were there in their costumes and heels soaking up the sun. We joined them. Whilst sunbathing I got a phone call from Gabrielle who told me that she wants to go to Beverly Hills with me at the end of August or beginning of Septemper and spend some time in my parents new house and then go to New York from there to search for her an apartment. I agreed and then we had a gossip and a chat. More or less as soon as I hung up my mother phoned to tell me she was leaving for Beverly Hills in 2 days with my dad. She bored me by telling me all about her interior designer who was going round and some of the furniture she'd picked. I asked to speak to my father however he was away working. 

We went up to the room at about 4 because it went cloudy and I ordered a hot chocolate up to the room before I started getting ready. We decided to have a meal out and so all got changed. I wore a John Varvartos cashmere jumper with a white shirt and some lightly distressed Dolce & Gabbana jeans. Elliot wore a grey cashmere V neck with a Burberry polo and some diesel jeans. Kelly wore some J brand jeans, a Stella McCartney blouse, a chloe bag and some Laboutins. Kayleigh wore Karl Largerfeld jeans, blouse and scarf with some Laboutins and Ellie wore Sass & Bride jeans with a Mulberry t-shirt and a chloe bag. I went to bed with Kelly that night and Elliot went with Kayleigh, Ellie was too tired so she just went to bed alone. 

Today we did the same thing only tonight it will be different outfits and restaurant. I don't think we're going to go to Carlos', we're all far too tired. 

I'll speak to you all soon,

Much love.

9 July 2008

I love Italians... 9th July


After speaking to you the other night, our suspicions were confirmed of the people in the room next door when the cliche of the headboard began banging on the wall. It was so annoying! I ended up going and getting in bed with Ellie at about 2. I awoke in the morning with Ellie sprawled all over me, arms wrapped around my torso and her leg over the top of mine.. As you can imagine I was extremely comfortable. When she finally woke up she said "Oh sorry Kyle haha" I said "Don't worry about it, it happens all the time. I'm so gorgeous people just can't keep their hands off me haha" I immediately got up and went to Tennis with Elliot followed by the gym. When we got to the pool the girls were there in their designer swimming costumes, oversized sunglasses, and their 6 inch stilettos were at the foot of the bed. Me and Elliot sat down along side and I resumed my daily people watching activity, getting the occasional commentary from Kayleigh as she spotted a boob job or a pair of shoes which she owned etc - as if I hadn't already noticed. 

At about 2 whilst my watchful eye scanned the poolside Elliot's phone rang... It was the driver of his yacht phoning to say his yacht had arrived here in Portofino and was available when ever we wanted. He said they should be expecting us and hung up. When he got off the phone he filled us in on the conversation he'd just had - we all decided we wanted to go that very second. We immediately got up, put our shoes on and headed to the harbor. It took us ages to find exactly where it was as the majority of the yachts looked identical, however, we found it eventually and went onboard. Me and Kayleigh asked for a drink and then went out onto the deck to sunbathe. Ellie went to put on some music from her ipod and Elliot went to say hello to his crew. 

We sunbathed for about another hour and talked as there weren't many people to watch. After about an hour we told the captain we'd go out for a bit, which we did. We didn't go far however we went far enough so that we could jump off... Me and Elliot were doing it as we always did (being the children that we are.) After a short while of childish behaviour me and Elliot got back on the boat to dive off again when Ellie stood up without saying a word, removed her Laboutin shoes, placed her sunglasses on the bed, walked to the edge of the boat cleared her throat and just dived off.. It was completely out of character and unexpected... Normally she wouldn't want to risk ruining her £200 highlights, however this clearly wasn't the case. After about another hour of me and Elliot behaving like Children, pushing each other off the boat, doing back flips etc. We decided to go back to the harbor and go and get ready in the hotel. We did so and we were ready for around half past 7. 

I was wearing a pair of Karl Largerfeld jeans with a midnight blue shirt and a purple jumper - clashing is trendy I've been told. Elliot was wearing some cropped tailored pants with a brown Gucci shirt, gold rolex and some Gucci flip flops. Ellie was wearing a pucci maxi dress and Kayleigh was wearing a Roberto Cavalli see through dress which slightly resembled a caftan - she made it work by wearing it with gold Jimmy Choo's a Versace bag and a waist belt. We went out to Da U Mario where we had a gorgeous seafood meal. I couldn't be bothered drinking so I was on water - the others had some rose. 

We left the restaurant at about 11 and went for a walk past the harbor on the way back. As we passed the yachts and things we got payed particular attention to by a party of males and females who were on board a yacht a little larger than our 70 ft one. They called us on and we reluctantly declined at first and carried on walking, then we heard our names being called and so turned back around. It was Paulo,  the man from the hotel who was gorgeous. Then we gladly went onboard. When we got on I was handed a cocktail which tasted what I imagined bleach to taste like.. It was repulsive. I put it down in the kitchen and just left it there - I had no intention of drinking it. I had my eyes on Paulo all night looking for any gay signals he may be giving off, Ellie and Kayleigh were doing the same however hoping for the oppposite outcome to I. After a while I was distracted by another man. His name was Rob(erto) - he wasn't as good looking as Paulo however he'd do. He had deep blue eyes, a dark tan and a toned body. He was also well dressed. He was chatting me up so I knew immediately he was gay.. This wasn't his yacht, it was the person who initially shouted us on and we ignored. He was chatting up Ellie. I found out that Rob lives in Milan in an apartment however comes to Portofino to get away from the city as it isn't very far and it's peaceful. He spoke very good english for a man who'd only ever been to London twice. At about 3/4 a.m we started making a move, Ellie stayed on the yacht with the person who owned it, Kayleigh walked back to the hotel with me and Rob whilst he translated for her catch as he didn't speak a word of English... She informed me that she realised he wanted sex through sign language, such a way to behave in front of a lady when you've just met her - it didn't seem to have put her off though. Elliot had already been and told me that he was leaving with someone a while ago and I had no idea where he'd gone. 

My word I love these Italians - they're so good! We moved from room to room all night haha. He had a gorgeous chizzled torso and muscley legs! It was good! When I woke up this morning he wasn't here and he'd left a misspelt note telling me he'd gone back to the yacht and I could catch him there if I wanted him. Shortly afterwards Ellie came in. She said that he'd just returned to the yacht boasting to her (as she was the only one there interested in men) about the man he'd just had sex with who was probably the best sex he'd had, had a gorgeous muscly body and was wealthy with a great personality... She humoured him before saying "Oh yes I sleep with him on a regular bascis, he is good isn't he. Your friend on the other hand was not impressive. You're not missing out on much by him being straight Rob. Ciao." We had the usual sex fill in as we always did after a night out and she told me he was big however made it seem as though it had just been glued on as he didn't know how to use it. She had high expectations too. 

We had showers and then went down to the pool where Kayleigh came to an hour later. She had just had sex again with the man she'd taken back - she too was amazed like me which made Ellie sulk even more. She had a note with her which he'd written down as he couldn't speak English and they had no way of communicating. She called over a waiter and asked him to translate it haha. It said "Thank you for last night and this morning, it was amazing. The sex was incredible and I'd love it if we could redo that mind blowing experince again some time soon. I'll probably be on the yacht if you fancy a bit of fun." Kayleigh didn't even blush as the waiter read her the rude message and instead just said thank you and I'll have a water. As none of us had heard from Elliot I phoned him, it rang for a while and then he picked up and said "10 minutes" and hung up... he was having sex. Atleast I knew he was still alive. After about 15 minutes whilst I was sunbathing he phoned me back. He said that he was at a villa somewhere and he was getting dropped off by the man now. 

We sunbathed for about an hour before he came. He'd already been up to the room and showered and changed and came to fill us in. He too was very impressed. Ellie was now suicidal. We all shared stories together and laughed about Ellie's bad experience. We went back to the rooms at about 7 because we all fell to sleep on the sunbeds, we must have looked like idiots... We were the only ones round the pool and the waiters were tidying up and we were all still lay there with our sunglasses on looking as though we were sunbathing in the sunset - not asleep.. I don't know which was worse. 

We walked back into the hotel and crossed paths with Paulo and his friend on our way into the lift. He told us that the same man would be having a party again on his yacht and he did most nights and we were more than welcome to attend. We said we would and we'd see him later on. He's gorgeous! We decided to dine in the hotel room as we couldn't be bothered going out. I took us ages to find outfits and we were drinking wine whilst doing so, however I decided on a dior black and white check sweater with some Dolce & Gabbana jeans, my new Gucci wrap around leather belt (which I didn't put through the holes) some Fendi ankle boots and my Jon Hardy ring and bracelet. Elliot wore a grey V neck Dolce & Gabbana sweater which showed off his gorgeous pecks with some Armani jeans and pointed prada shoes and a Cartier. Ellie wore a Thurla cream dress with some Celine shoes and a Marc Jacobs bag and Kayleigh wore an Oscar de la renta floral print dress with some Jimmy Choo's and some cuff's. 

We left the hotel at about half past 9 and went to the yacht. When we approached it they began calling our names again and we walked on. I was thrust a drink of champagne and I sat down in the living room with Rob. Ellie was avoiding Carlos (the person who's yacht it was) even though he kept on approaching her attempting to flirt haha. We were all drinking and it didn't take long until we were all drunk. The majority of the people on the yacht were by this time so it was fine. I was still sat with Rob and he was saying how we should do last night again sometime and I suggested tonight (unless I found someone else that was.) I was distracted from my conversation by Ellie screaming "What?!" I turned and she was stood facing Carlos who looked extremely shocked. I walked over so I could hear the full conversation but I didn't make it look obvious. He said "My friend told me you didn't enjoy last night, I've never heard this before and I think you were just being spiteful." Sh exhaled and said "Carlos, the reason why you've never heard it before is because of the fact you have a yacht and probably a nice car and a few properties. The girls you slept with probably don't have these and so tell you what you want to hear in the hope of getting into your lavish lifestyle. Well guess what... I live that lifestyle too Carlos and therefore I have nobody to suck up to because I'd say my life was better than yours and quite frankly, I'd be devastated if I slept with people and they told me I was good in bed when I wasn't, just so they could get sent a nice gift and be re-invited round to my multi-million pound accommodation. I'm not looking for these, I'd buy them myself if I wanted them, so I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear and I will tell you the truth. You were absolutely abysmal in bed and you'd think that penis of yours was a foreign object because you certainly did not have a clue on how to use it." She stood there in-front of a dumbfounded Carlos with the sweetest of smiles and batted her eyelids and turned to walk away, almost everyone was listening by this point when he said "Well what makes you think you're so good" She looked at him as if he was stupid and said "Carlos I know I'm good." Definitely my best friend! I was stood there grinning and so I went over to Ellie, she seemed as though nothing had happened and was just talking the steady flow of crap she always did when she was drunk. A few girls walked past and said things to her like "Well done, I agree" haha, she's like a spokesperson for them all it seems. I left Ellie and as soon as I did about 3 other men took my place and began chatting her up, they were obviously impressed by her power speech and wanted to see for themselves if she really was good. For the record.. She is. 

Towards the end of the evening Paulo came over and said "Hi Kyle, I heard you slept with my good friend Roberto last night" I verified it "I had no idea you were that way inclined.He spoke highly of you" I replied "Well looks can be deceiving Paulo, which way are you inclined?" He said "Depends who's available, if there's good looking men" he looked me up and down "then I go home with them, if there's good looking women then I go with them" I replied "Oh I see. I'm a little more fussy than that, they have to be incredibly good looking in order to get into my bedroom" I looked him up and down haha "you I see are a greedy one, you'll take either of the two sexes" ... He was Bisexual! I tried to hide my joy. He said "And I'm guessing your friend Elliot is gay also" I verified that too "Oh, I imagine you two have amazing sex then" once again I verified it "Maybe one time you could add another into that equation." I revealed my dashing smile and said "Perhaps we could Paulo, they'd have to be equally as good though. We couldn't have someone who's not up to par." I smiled and walked away... I didn't want to seem hungry! I went over and told Elliot and he immediately bashed the mans hand away who was currently feeling him up and stood up smiling to me. I told him to pretend he didn't know, but from that moment he was no longer interested in any other man on that yacht. Nor was I. 

At around 3 Carlos started telling people to leave as he had another girl to not match expectations for. So me and Elliot left with the girls and the two men they were taking home. Me and Elliot were just talking when Paulo came up behind us.. he was drunk. He had one arm around either of our shoulders and both Elliot and I were mesmerized by him... He reminds me of the italian man off Sex and The City (the film) but younger with light blue eyes - a.k.a gorgeous!  I wasn't to steady on my feet either and nor was Elliot however we were more stable than him. We walked back to the hotel supporting one another and took the lift upstairs. I wanted to go to bed with him tonight, sometimes when people are drunk it puts me off them but not him.. He just seemed better! As we approached our floor where Ellie and Kayleigh would be alighting he said "So I'm assuming we're going to have sex this evening.. my room?" Me and Elliot looked at one another and then back to him and nodded in agreement. Kayleigh and Ellie didn't even say bye as they were too engrossed in their italians. As we went from our floor to his, I looked at him slumped against the side of the lift and he just looked so attractive... In his black armani pants with a grey shirt and skinny black tie it was hard to keep my hands off him. So hard I couldn't. He walked over to me and began kissing me on my neck haha. He'd turned me on within a second and I realized I had him. From what I could feel he was living up to my expectations. 

When we got into his suite I learnt we had rather a lot in common.. His Louis Vuitton luggage was spread throughout the accommodation and there was the odd fed ex letter which comes with the packages. I didn't care about that though - there were 2 horny, gorgeous men in a bedroom with me. I sat on the bed and Paulo removed his clothes, as did Elliot. Paulo's torso was defined, Elliots was broad and defined, then they removed their pants Paulo revealed tight fitting Armani boxers which showed his bulge and muscled legs, Elliot was wearing white Dolce & Gabbana short boxers which too showed off his bulge and muscled legs they turned to each other and the night began! ....I won't go into detail as this seems to be turning into a pornography description, however, it was amazing! The sun was coming up by the time we'd finished! When we got up this afternoon we had some more fun and then me and Elliot went back to our rooms to shower, Paulo was going out for the day. We said we'd have to do this again sometime soon as it's too much of a good opportunity to miss out on. 

We just went to the pool all day today and relaxed.. We all fell to sleep again until 6 o'clock and then went up to our rooms. We showered and changed and went to a restaurant called Magazin for our tea. None of us were drink as we'd excelled ourselves last night and have just got back to the hotel now. All of us need to catch up on our sleep.

I'll keep you posted,

Much love.

6 July 2008

In Italy... 6th July

Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven't wrote for a while... I survived the flight! I went to bed at about 11 on Thursday night and had about 4 hours sleep before waking up at 2 to get ready. I was so tired! I had a shower and changed into my outfit which I would be wearing for the first part of the trip. We all did the same, we got dressed into jeans and looked nice before changing either on or just before boarding the plane into tracksuits so we're comfortable and then changing back just before landing. I never did this. I always changed before getting on and changed back when we'd landed. I refused to leave my seat unless it was completely necessary, and sat almost suffocated by the tight seat-belt. I put on my Dolce & Gabbana jeans, white T-shirt, Khaki cardigan and Gucci boots and took my hand luggage into the hall way and then carried my four cases down also. 

I phoned the concierge and he went and retrieved my Porsche Cayenne and I also requested 2 coffee's to take out with me. They both arrived at the same time and I went and put the coffee in the car and helped the concierge carry the cases into the car - minor problem. The boot was filled with the crap which it always was and there was only room for 2 cases. The other 2 went on the back seats. I phoned Gabrielle and told her I was on my way round, she grunted in agreement and I drove round. I phoned her again when I was outside and she came out dressed in her peach velour tracksuit, a white vest, Marc Jacobs bag and huge white Dior sunglasses. She got in the car and rested her head against the window, I looked at her and said "Sunglasses at 3 o'clock in the morning?" She replied with "Yes. 3 o'clock in the morning being the time when some bars and clubs start shutting and I may see people as we pass through London... If I wasn't wearing these they'd see me without makeup on, which Kyle, doesn't bode well for my sex or social life." I just laughed and said "Gabrielle darling, I don't know if you've realized but we're in my car which has blacked out windows and regardless of those, I'm hardly one to drive at the speed so people get a chance to see in." She just said "Oh yes" and removed them. 

As I drove to Heathrow I made her drink her coffee so that she was fully awake in time for driving home. I wasn't going to have her crash my car. She complained at first before realizing she wasn't doing anything and if she didn't sleep tonight she could just sleep all day tomorrow. She even mentioned asking her friends to go round to my house after town so she wasn't lying in bed wide-awake alone. She did that on purpose, what was I supposed to say?! Which lead me on to my pep talk I always gave her. It consisted of me telling her: I don't mind parties but just make sure nobody goes into my wardrobes or drawers, don't take my cars places leave them there (she's done that before, I returned from a trip and my cars were in various locations across London and hers was where mine were supposed to be) If you do have parties make sure nothing's broken and don't let random people  in who might steal. I knew she wouldn't I was just making sure. She does have parties though, the hotel has phoned me before and said "Sorry to disturb mr. Mcquillan but you are aware there is a party going on in your house aren't you" I always have to reassure them and then phone my sister and tell her to turn the music down - the hotel would never say things like that to me because I'm such a good customer :).

After my little lecture she filled me in on some gossip and then we were at terminal 5. I phoned Elliot and he was in the check in bit. I got my cases out, kissed Gabrielle goodbye and she got in the car and attempted to drive off. Within seconds she'd stalled, before starting the engine again and driving off - it wouldn't surprise me if she was doing her makeup and just pushing the accelorator.. she's an awful driver!

I took my four cases inside where I met up with Elliot, he was on his own on the phone surrounded by bags. I added mine to the pile and emailed my fathers p.a to have her check the bags were at the hotel when she woke up as we'd be on the plane. Kayleigh then arrived in her chauffeured car and behind her came Ellie's. Elliot was wearing a pair of Rock & republic jeans with a white t-shirt and a scarf from Gucci. Ellie was wearing a grey Rodnik coat over a black dress with Gucci heels and her Jimmy Choo Mona bag. Kayleigh was wearing a midnight blue trench with a dress, both by burberry, tights and oscar de la renta boots. Their Chauffeurs brought in their cases and added them to the pile where ours were and left. There were a lot of people in the airport whom were staring at us - this always happened. It's because we're so obviously wealthy and as we walk through the terminal with our cases you see people discreetly tapping their companions and pointing at our Louis Vuitton cases, or, us. There were a few people traveling out on the Milan flight this morning and so we queued in the first class line. As we pushed our trollies into the line behind another 2 couples we heard a man from a group of males in the economy line say "Oh surprise surprise, they're queuing" all four of us stopped our conversation and turned to look at the man who'd just said it. Elliot said "And why wouldn't we be?" he replied "Well you're a bunch of snobs who think you're better than every one else just because you've got your louise veeton bags and designer clothes -" Ellie, being the daughter of two lawyers interrupted him and by now the majority of passengers were looking and listening "Well I don't know if you recall, however you just said surprise surprise they're queueing... if your judgement of us thinking we're better than everyone was correct then we'd do what we could quite simply do and have a checkout opened to check us in. Now have we done that or are we queueing?" He started to say something else and when she said "No. I asked if we are queueing or not" He replied with "yes" and she said "Well in that case sir you're blatantly wrong and your preconception of us is clearly false so I suggest that for future reference you don't make idiotic comments such as before because I don't know what you were hoping to achieve by that one but the only outcome has been you being made look like a fool in front of all of these people... by a bunch of snobs. Have a nice flight" And we walked towards the check in desk. I had a huge grin on my face through the duration of the check in haha. 

When we got to security I was stopped as usual and had to remove my shoes and got my bag searched through. Kayleigh had to be searched too. As soon as we got in there my nerves kicked in and I went straight to the toilet. When I came out I went and met Elliot, Ellie and Kayleigh in Gucci where Elliot had bought some trainers and then we went into David Clulow and all of us bought a pair of sunglasses. Then Prada where Ellie bought a handbag and then we went to the caviar restaurant to have a couple of appetizers because we all despised the plane food and then I went to the toilet and we all went up to the lounge. They all sat and read magazines and things however I sat in the champagne bar... It had just passed 6 am and I was drinking alcohol! Disgraceful, I know, but I had to. I went to the toilet another 3 times (once to change also) before leaving the lounge to go to the gate. I was petrified by this point. We walked through the terminal and went to the lounge, as we walked up they called all first class travelers and so we walked straight to the line. As we passed our fellow passengers I could see some nudging one another and smirking as they remembered our heated discussion with the man earlier. 

I sat next to Elliot in the aisle seat across from Ellie. I sat shaking for 20 minutes while the rest of the passengers boarded the plane. Once we started taxiing to the run way I clutched the arm rest, tightened my seat belt until I could barely breathe and sat with my eyes shut taking deep breaths. As we came to a halt before taking off a few tears trickled down my cheek and Elliot placed his top of my white knuckled one and we took off. Once airborne that was a third of the worst over - the other 2 being turbulence (if it occurred) and landing. After half an hour when Elliot, Ellie and Kayleigh had all changed I put my eye mask on and went to sleep. I woke up with my head on Elliot's shoulder and half an hour of the flight remaining. Ellie and Kayleigh were asleep on one another covered with a Hermes Blanket and Elliot was listening to his Ipod and reading Vogue homme. I sat and woke up for 5 minutes and asked for a drink of water... Then I was bored. I made Elliot turn off his Ipod and talk to me, he did so and we talked for about the party the other night. I started teasing him about him nearly going home with 2 people whom I'd already done so with and he punched me on the arm. It killed. I shouted "Ouch!" and punched him back putting an end to the squabble. We talked a little more and then I listened to some calming music on my Ipod all the while strapped into the seat. I was dying for the toilet by this point but I held it in so I didn't have to leave my seat. I gripped the seat once more as we came into land and I sat petrified for the duration of the descent. Elliot was sat singing to me which was somewhat annoying and glared at him and told him it wasn't the time. He shut up. Once we'd landed I took a sigh of relief and woke Ellie and Kayleigh up. They both immediately took their mirrors out of their bags, Kayleigh claimed she looked like Dracula and Ellie just said oh my gosh I look awful.. The both put on their sunglasses and put their hair up. We left the plane first however I used the toilet first and changed in there because I knew the plane ones were clean - god knows what they'd be like in the airport. 

Then we all went to retrieve out luggage from the treadmill as Ellie called it. We stood and waited for what seemed like ages before any bags came through; when they finally did they didn't come out together so we were stood waiting. As the bags came around people were looking at them and pointing at the Louis Vuitton sets and watching who got them. When we'd got all the bags we went outside where there were 2 4x4's waiting to take our luggage. We handed it over and then went back inside the airport to meet the member of staff whom would take us to our helicopter. I sat in the helicopter, once again, petrified, all the way to the heliport which was about 20 minutes to the hotel. When we stepped out of the helicopter the heat hit us.. It was like a furnace! We got in the car which had come to collect us and it drove us to the hotel. When we got there there were people from the hotel going to the pool to bathe. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! When we checked in the lady told us that Mr. McQuillan and Miss Enchevee's (Ellie) posted cases were in one room and the other two lots were in another room as arranged. This had not been arranged as a group. Ellie had arranged it so that they both had a man in their room with them so nobody came in in the night and also if someone tried to do something when they took them back to the room. Due to us taking a helicopter here and the suitcases going in the car, they hadn't arrived yet. And I doubt they'd be here for a little while. All I had with me was accessories, new shoes and things and going out clothes. So I had a shower and then put my underwear back on and went and sat on the terrace in the hope of catching a tan... shortly afterwards Ellie came out in her costume which was gorgeous. After sitting for a half an hour I said "I'll be back in a while, I'm just going up to see Elliot" when she replied "Aww no, that's not fair!" I replied "what's not fair" and she said "You and Elliot sleeping together, I need sex too but it's not like me and Kayleigh can do it" I just said "Aww, I'm so good eveyone wants me. Your turn next time!" and I put on my dressing gown and went to Elliot's room. Kayleigh went to my room as she didn't want to listen to us whilst she sunbathed. By the time we'd finished we got a call from the concierge to say the cases had arrived and they were on their way up. When they got here the bellboy left them all in Elliots room and we had to go through the normal procedure of deciphering who's was who's by opening every one. I, luckily had brought a couple which I knew the others would not, they all brought the usual Gucci and Louis ones. I had Prada also. 

I took the bags up to my room, put on some swimming shorts, grabbed some Tom Ford sunglasses and went down to the pool. It was gorgeous! It was so peaceful... Until Ellie came. She was clearly bored and was chatting away about stuff I quite frankly did care about.. I gave her the occasional "mm" and nod just to keep her happy. After about 10 minutes of sunbathing I fell to sleep. When I woke up Elliot and Kayleigh were here also, we discussed what we would do tonight and decided to stay in because we're all tired and need to catch up on sleep. There isn't really much to do here anyway. We went back up to the rooms at about 5 and changed for the La Terrazza restaurant. We had a lovely meal with some wine as we sat on the terrace and looked out over the picturesque bay. 

We went to bed at around 11 because we were all exhausted from the days traveling. As we were going up in the lift Ellie said "Elliot can I go to bed with you tonight" and Kayleigh said "Arww you bitch I wanted to!" so I joined in and said "Arww no I wanted to go to bed with Elliot!" He stood there grinning and I approached him, groped his bum and said "so who do you want Elliot?" Then before he could answer the lift stopped pinged and the doors opened. I immediately took my hands off Elliot's behind and turned to face the front of the lift when a gorgeous man entered with a woman, the woman looked at us strangely which was quite understandable - we were all stood in one corner of the lift huddled around Elliot smiling so angelically and the man looked me up and down and smiled.. he was gorgeous! When they left we all turned around back to Elliot and I slid my hands down his pants and said "who?" He looked at Ellie who was biting her lip and then Kayleigh who was licking her teeth provocatively. I just started laughing. He said "You Kyle" I replied "We knew that anyway didn't we girls.. I'm only joking you two can have him, I've already had my daily dose of this bulge" and groped his large package haha. The lift doors opened on our floor and I left I said "I'm going to bed, will anyone be joining me? I'll have either one of you, preferably Ell but I can have him in the morning." Kayleigh came running after me down the corridor and Ellie went with Elliot. Sex with my girl friends is a regular thing - they always want to have sex with us when they've not pulled anyone because we're good and it's just casual, amazing sex. I would prefer to do it with Elliot or another man but I'm a good friend so I satisfy them haha. 

When I woke up yesterday morning I phoned Elliot and he came round - we didn't have sex, just other stuff. And then we went to the pool to sunbathe. We didn't really do anything all day except lounge around. We went to the pool bar at around 1 for a bit of lunch, Ellie and Kayleigh were in their heels and caftans and me and Elliot were in shorts and a t-shirt, then, once we'd eaten, we resumed sunbathing. I people watched the majority of the day, I had my eye on that man from the lift who was looking exceptionally gorgeous in a pair of Dolce & Gabbana trunks, he was with that lady again who he was with in the lift but I hadn't seen them kissing yet.. I hoped he was gay! We went up to get ready at about half past 5 today and I showered etc. We decided we'd go and see what the bar was like after tea tonight, so we went to the same restaurant as it was delicious and then went to the Piano bar and drank some cocktails. I was wearing a shirt and pants, as was Elliot and the girls were wearing more or less identical white dresses however looked completely different due to the choice of shoes and accessories. We were drinking some champagne cocktails and then got offered a free round of Sambuca shots from the bar man which pushed us past tipsy. 

All four of us were sat there for a while when the man from the pool came and sat on the table next to us. We all looked at each other and smiled. Ellie asked if they'd like to join us which they did so. His name was Paulo, his parents were from Milan as was he however he lived in England for the majority of his childhood in the Cotswolds and then moved to Paris where he lives now - he's still picking up the language. The girl he was with was his best friend who was a parisian, upon finding this out I had a full conversation with her in French, even though she could speak English I just wanted to show off to the fit man haha. She was very modest however it seemed as though she was like a princess or an heir or something.. She attended the Crillon ball every year which is full of princes and that was where she met her husband (married at 25, could you imagine only ever sleeping with one person from that age!) and she said she has always lived in France however travelled around due to owning chateau's and stately homes and things. I asked why she wasn't here with her husband and she said it was because he was away with family. Intriguing. 

When I got up this morning I didn't remember whether we'd found out if he was straight or not, nor could anyone else. I don't think we asked him, I would have remembered haha. We got up as usual and went down to the pool. I felt disgusting after last nights drinking so I went for a facial which was done outside and it was lovely. I felt refreshed afterwards and returned to the poolside where Ellie, Kayleigh and Elliot were. We sunbathed until about 1 when we all decided we were bored and to go out shopping. I went upstairs to put on some shorts which weren't dripping wet. I put on my black Dolce & Gabbana ruffled combat shorts and a grey vest with my white Prada flip flops and went and met the others in the foyer. Ellie and Kayleigh still managed to look like super models in their kaftans, swimming costumes, sunglasses and heels.. Elliot just always looked gorgeous!

We went to Hermes where Ellie bought a few scarves to tie in her hair, Dolce & Gabbana where the shorts I was wearing were - always on trend haha, Kayleigh bought a white flower print puff ball dress and some shoes. We also went into Gucci where Kayleigh bought herself a Hyseria bag and I got myself some white flip flops and a wrap studded belt and Ellie got some more scarves for her hair. Then we went to Louis Vuitton where Kayleigh got the Mahiana XL bag and a leather wrap bracelet and Elliot got the Damier Lune sport bag. They would now be considered important customers for the duration of the stay after purchasing those items - not cheap!

We went back to the hotel at about half past 4 and me and Elliot went upstairs before getting ready a couple of hours later. We got dressed and went down to the foyer and decided to eat out. We were dressed down in jeans as we decided to go to The Pizzeria da Nicola - made the most gorgeous pizzas! We had a delicious meal and enjoyed some wine until past midnight when we walked home. Ellie and Kayleigh moaned all the way home as their shoes weren't made for cobbled streets and so I reluctantly gave Kayleigh a piggy back to the hotel, Elliot gave Ellie one. And now me and Ellie are just sat in our room on the terrace talking about random crap and trying to work out if the people next door are having sex or not haha. 

I'll write soon, 

Much love!

2 July 2008

Preparation for Italy... 2nd July

Hey guys,

This morning I woke up at Elliot's and had breakfast before going with him to collect my dog and drop him round at my parents on the way to the gym where we went for a workout. After all the hard work, I had a shower and then dropped Elliot off at home so he could change to go shopping. The weather was fairly nice so I put on some Marc Jacobs white tailored shorts, a Dolce & Gabbana black tank top with a grey scarf and white pumps, also by Dolce; then I wore some YSL white aviators and my Chanel watch. I got in my Porsche 911 (matches my outfit haha) and went and got Elliot, he got in the car and was wearing some Abercrombie & Fitch shorts which were white and blue with a white vest, white Prada flip flops and some dark blue Valentino sunglasses. 

We went to Harrods where we met up with Ellie and searched for outfits for the party tonight whilst also buying things for Italy. I got 2 pairs of sunglasses, some shorts, a few t-shirts, some cosmetics, a Louis Vuitton Soana bag, various footwear and an outfit for tonight. I will be wearing Dolce & Gabbana pants which are black and shiny and fit me perfect, with a white Armani Collezioni shirt which I had unbuttoned, a short skinny scarf thing which wraps around my neck once and then hangs loose at either side from fashion week, a cartier watch, Jon Hardy ring and Prada patent leather shoes. At around half 7 when I was finally ready my mother came and got me in the Bentley and I got in the back and sat in there, hidden by the blacked out windows was my sister... I thought she couldn't make it! She looked gorgeous in a Marchesa ruffled lace dress which she wore with a Burberry Cuff, Christian Laboutin platformed heels with a black Jimmy Choo clutch. Her friend was also in the car. She was from my sisters university - very pretty, however not used to this lifestyle. She was extremely giddy and happy to be attending this party with us. She was wearing a dress which my sister had worn a while back. It was a navy blue Stella McCartney long sleeved dress however it was shaped like a poncho if you know what I mean. She had it on with a pair of opaque tights, metallic Marc Jacobs clutch and some Jimmy Choo lace up heels. It suited her much better than the usual high street things I saw her in. Her face was lit up with Joy and she claimed she felt "like a celeb" and that it was "the most money (she'd) ever come into contact with, £550 shoes a £450 dress plus getting driven in a Bentley" She was over the moon! 

I am guessing my sister had prepped her friend Georgia prior to the evening as as soon as we entered the model filled club, all previous signs of excitement and thrill disappeared and she blended right in. Gabrielle and I went and gave Julia her present of Prada booties which were my sisters... I was supposed to buy her a present today but I forgot like I do everything and so we had a look in Gabrielles wardrobe and found those unworn shoes which we knew she'd like and so just put them in a Prada bag and gave them to her as a present haha. Gabrielle now wants me to buy her the shoes again tomorrow. 

We got straight into the party mood and my friends and I had all congregated in one of the seating areas, Kelly was being her usual party mood and looked gorgeous in a Dolce & Gabbana dress. I was drinking champagne cocktails which were going straight to my head and the other hardcore drinkers were having shots. By the time I was just past tipsy, the majority of my friends were drunk. We were all dancing on the dance floor as we always did, drawing attention to ourselves in the process. The club was filled with gorgeous people, Rod whom I went home with after Clardiges the other night was there and chatting me up, however I bought him a drink and went back to the dance floor where the other hot men were... I'd already had him, I wanted new meat! There was a man there called Loic too whom was also at Claridges the other night, I've slept with him before too and although he was good, the same rule applied. 

While I waited at the bar I noticed a gorgeous man whom was being chatted up by another.. He was gay! I watched him until he notcied and then did that dashing smile of mine and got my drink, before I knew it he was handing over £25 to pay for it for me.  I said "why thank you" and he said "don't mention it. I'm Andrew" I did a quick scan of his outfit and appearence, he passed, so I replied "Nice to meet you Andrew, I'm Kyle. Would you like to come and dance?" I lead him over to where my group of friends were gathered, it seemed I was the last person to acquire sleeping partner for the night. Kelly was dancing with her arm around one mans shoulder whilst another groped her from behind, neither seemed bothered of the others presence. Gabrielle had got Jake on the list and he was dancing with her, I hated people touching my sister though. Kayleigh was sat down with a model whispering into his ear whilst nearly spilling her wine all over him. Ellie was also sat down however she was talking and laughing with a man with the most gorgeous piercing blue eyes! Elliot was with Loic, he was unaware I'd already done him when he winked and smiled at me... I took out my blackberry and text him saying "Going for Kyle's cast off's now are we.. I know I have good taste but get your own haha" The smile soon went from his face as he looked at me and mouthed bitch. He text me back saying: "There was a man named Rod who I was talking to before.. That's not the one you told me about is it" I looked at him and laughed, he knew it was a yes. He sent another saying "This isn't fair, you've been out more than me lately! Plan B" and I watched as he said excuse me to Loic and headed to the bar. Loic turned around and went over to his friends and started dancing with another man, meanwhile Elliot had intentions of doing much the same, only with a man whom I had not already done so with. 

We partied until the early hours and me and Andrew had a lovely dance and chat. As we were leaving at about half past 3 I said to him "mine or yours?" when simultaneously a chauffeured Mercedes pulled up, the same car as my Mum and Dad have, and I said yours then. As I got in the car Gabrielle came running up and knocked on the window. I put it down and she said "Kyle can we stay at yours, you know I hate taking boys back when Mum and Dad are in" sick thoughts of Jake and my sister filled my head and a part of me wanted them to go their separate ways so they didn't go home together and do stuff. I said "why? They never bothered when it was me." she replied with "Well that was different... You can look after yourself you're a man, I'm their little princess haha, they worry about me." I put myself in her position and the thoughts of having a reduced sex life made me agree. I didn't have  to give her my keys because she brought hers with her, she probably knew all along that she'd be going back to mine. 

Whilst in the car Andrew explained that he lives in Sandbanks and had flow down for this party. He was staying in London's Metropolitan hotel. I loved it in there, it's modern and trendy. When the car which I now knew was from the hotel which gave me an indication that he was staying in a good room as the concierge usually offers them. He was staying in the Park Suite which looked out over Hyde Park.. I'd stayed there before with a man, I can't remember who though. 

Seeing as I was going away that evening we got straight down to business and then went to sleep. I can verify for you now that he was good! I woke up early this morning because I was dehydrated from the alcohol and couldn't get back to sleep so I showered. When I got out the shower I walked around the bedroom in my towel and I was bored so I purposely made some noise haha. He woke up and said "That's a sight I wouldn't mind waking up to every morning" - I won't repeat the rest of the conversation, but, to cut a long story short, we had sex again. Surprise surprise. When we'd finished I phoned Gabrielle and she came and picked me up. I said my goodbyes to Andrew and went and met my sister at the front of the hotel. She was in her Mercedes SL which I hadn't seen her in for ages.. She claimed it matched her outfit better. She dropped me off at home where I went to the gym which was in the hotel and went back to my room. 

Ellie phoned me and asked if I'd nip to the shops with her to get some last minute things for Italy which we would be leaving for this evening. I agreed and she came and picked me up in her Jaguar, the same as mine only dark blue. We went to Diesel where she bought 3 pairs of jeans, then she got some Gucci Booties, Some Gucci Babouska studded heels, some Fendi peep toes for the evenings (she'd be taking others from home of course!) and then some White strappy Laboutins, Red Dolce & Gabbana strappy heels, Some Jimmy Choo's, some Monalo's and some Prada ones for round the pool. Then she bought an Oscar De la renta, a Christian Lacroix and 2 Matthew Williamson dresses for during the day if we go shopping. I got: The shoes I had to replace for my sister, a Bamford cardigan, a Dolce & Gabbana sweater, a new Gucci duffel (from the winter collection - just in) about 12 pairs of shorts from Abercrombie, some 7 ones, some Ralph Lauren ones, 2 pairs of diesel swimming ones, 3 pairs of Dolce & Gabbana swimming ones and then 2 pairs of Karl Largerfeld jeans, 2 pairs of Gucci flip flops, a pair of Dior laceups and some Rick Owens and YSL high top trainers. When we'd done we went home. The boot was bursting with bags and I had them on my knee and around my feet and the back seat was filled. I was scared again though because we had the roof down and there was thousands of pounds worth of stuff on the seats. 

As soon as I arrived home I put the new things I'd bought into a Louis Vuitton trunk and put it to one side where the concierge would collect it and Fed-ex it to the hotel. The I began to pack. I got another trunk out and in here I threw my accessories, I put in about 40 pairs of sunglasses, 20 belts, 13 hats plus loads of jewelry and watches - they were all still in their boxes though so they weren't just loose, plus I put in my Vertu phone because there's no doubt I'll break or loose mine, then I put in a couple of bags: my gucci duffles and tote for the beach, my new Louis vuitton one and some messengers amongst others, This trunk went in the post pile also. Then I packed my Prada case which contained Jeans. Then my Louis Vuitton case which had shorts in. Then a 'wheeley' Louis Vuitton case which had T shirts and my laptop in the middle. Following this it was my Gucci 'wheeley' case which contained Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada toiletry cases filled with cosmetics.. I took a lot because I didn't know how long I'd be gone for. Then I packed 2 other trunks which had suits, shirts, pants and shoes in (going out clothes basically) - they were being posted also. 

I called the concierge and phoned him to come and collect the 4 trunks which needed posting and said he'd do it right away. He knew the drill, they were to be labeled with fragile and posted first class. Then I left my 4 other cases in the drawing room. I phoned Ellie and she was having 5 posted and taking 4 with her. That made me feel better. I packed my new Gucci duffel which I bought today, in here I put my wallet, some pills to calm me down, my cashmere eye cover thing, my Rock & Republic tracksuit and some trainers aswell as my Ipod and GQ. Then I planned my outfit. I was going to wear some Skinny Dolce & Gabbana jeans with some Gucci boots, a white t-shirt and a khaki cashmere cardigan. 

I left all my bags packed and went round to my parents where I said my goodbyes. My flight leaves at 7 in the morning however we have to be at the airport for 4 so we're going to have to leave at about 3 ish. We all have to go in separate cars too because of luggage which is a bummer. Kayleigh and Ellie are getting chauffeurs; Elliot's brother was taking him and I didn't know. I asked Gabrielle. I asked if she would and her immediate, expected reaction was no. I said she could borrow my house for the duration of the time I was away which meant she could live with Jake for a while. She agreed. I told her she'd have to take my Porsche Cayenne though because I have 4 cases and they wouldn't fit in her two 2 seaters. At around half 8 I came home and now I'm just sat here in my tracksuit. I think I'm going to go to bed early and then wake up at about 2. I'm currently trying to keep myself occupied though so I don't start getting scared about this flight. I'm nearly shaking just talking about it on here. 

I'll speak to you when I get there.

Much love.