16 September 2008

An amazing week... 16th September


I am absolutely loving New York! I'm sure that my liver begs to differ but that is besides the point. The shows on Sunday (last week) were excellent. We all attended DKNY where they celebrated 20 years of the brand, followed by Diane Von Fursenberg in the afternoon, Gabrielle didn't come here with us she and her friend went to see the Herve Leger show. In the evening Elliot and myself went to watch the y-3 show and then went straight back to our hotel/apartment to get ready for going out. One of my friends, Abbey Lee-Kershaw, turned heads at the Fursenberg show and, being a model, was going for a night of much alcohol consumption in the city's nightlife scene. I was wearing a white and grey low V neck t-shirt from D&G, a black unbuttoned John Varvatos cardigan, a pair of Bottega Veneta jeans, calf length Alexander McQueen boots, my black Chanel J12 with white diamonds and the matching ring. Elliot was wearing a white and cream long sleeved Burberry Prorsum v neck t with an oragnge(ish) Alexander McQueen paisley print scarf, a pair of slim black Prada pants, Bottega Veneta shoes and an 18ct gold Daytona, he'd also swapped his blackberry for his Gold Vertu phone. Gabrielle was wearing an Oscar de la renta dress with a Chloe clutch. Kayleigh was wearing a pink Lela Rose blouse with a Miumiu skirt, opaque tights and Robeto Cavalli lace up booties. Louise (Gabrielle's friend) was wearing a little ensemble which she had personalised herself however it did look rather nice (with Gabrielle's shoes.) Kelly was wearing a Satin Roberto Cavalli dress which her boobs bulged out of with a Jimmy Choo clutch, an enourmous Chanel ring and some Laboutins which had metallic heels. We met up with Abbey and a few of her friends, who included Sarah Stephens, Catherine McNeil and Stan Jouk, at Bungalow 8 on 27th for drinks (we looked obese next to these girls)... Everyone except for Lee that is. Lee was going to meet a couple of girls at The Soho Grand bar and said he'd meet up with us later on. 

We sat in the lounge for a few hours and drank champagne cocktails whilst we found out some of the gossip within the modeling world. We were told about one female model whom missed a show due to her being handcuffed to a bed in a hotel suite and being unable to reach a phone haha. At about 11 we had intentions of leaving the lounge and going to a club however the models received word of a party so we said we'd go. I had no idea where it was that we were going neither did the rest of us, I was slightly apprehensive, I had visions of it being a party in a minute condo where lines of cocaine on the worktops was the norm... That however was far from the reality. We pulled up at a traintrack called the Highline and some people came out and granted us access... It was Calvin Klein's party. We got ourselves a table and ordered some drinks. Within the first half hour I had brushed past Anna Wintour and her assistant who was closely trailing. I felt a bit bad not wearing the designer to his own party however it appeared there were plenty of people who weren't, especially the females. The party was held on an elevated train line however had had $6m spent to transform it into the glamours scene which hosted the event. White roses were everywhere which matched the sleek seating and bar. Gabrielle and I went to the bar at one point to get a glass of rose and she managed to display an act of her intelligence in that short space of time... We stood at the bar waiting for some drinks and Gabrielle, already having had a few herself, began talking to a blonde girl whom I, and most other people, knew to be Natasha Beddingfield. They were having a normal conversation and Gabrielle asked if they'd met before, Natasha said she didn't think so and left Gabrielle racking her brains. Once we'd got our drinks Gabrielle asked if she'd like to join us at our table as she was on her own. Natasha said she would for one drink until someone (I wasn't paying attention) arrived. We lead her to our table and Gabrielle said everybody this girl has come to join us; Elliot, Kelly and Kayleigh all said lovely to meet you Natasha and she said the same back. Gabrielle looked awfully confused and said "How on earth did you know her name was Natasha?" at which point I whispered the obvious answer into her ear. The penny dropped. Upon finding out who Natasha really was Gabrielle began asking questions and then she once again showed her intelligent side by asking if she'd seen Rihanna here this evening, Natasha replied saying "I wasn't aware she was here, I've not spotted her" Kelly interrupted and said "She's not darling, it's Halle Berry, Gabrielle here told us all she was going to visit the United States of USA before we came to New York, so don't take it personally if she doesn't know who you are or gets you mixed up with people." 

Natasha left within 15 minutes to go and meet someone, I figured it was probably to escape Gabrielle. The majority of the people still there seemed a little less composed since we arrived, as were we, and everybody was stood around mingling. Kayleigh and Kelly were nowhere to be seen, Lee had arrived with a blonde girl who was now with another man and he was with a different woman and Elliot, Gabrielle, Louise and myself were sat at the table. Elliot and I said we'd go to the bar where we could make it clear we were gay. He stood with his hand on my bum and whispered something into my ear whilst I ordered a couple of martinis. It's amazing how many people suddenly become more friendly when you do something like this. Elliot then walked off with his drink to find Lee or someone and I stood at the bar watching people. It seemed, however that people had been watching me. As I watched a woman who was clearly not interested in a man get chatted up, someone approached me. He had a side parting (a contemporary style) with a pair of square frames, bright green eyes and was wearing an open white shirt which showed off his amazing tan and a hint of some rather appealing chest muscle. He said "I notice you're not wearing the designer this evening" to which I replied "Well when you have a face like mine.." He laughed and said "Well aren't you quite the character" I gave him the boastful response of "Well it's no good to blend in is it, then I wouldn't get noticed and my incredible good looks would only be wasted." He laughed and asked "How did you manage to get an invite to the party then?" I told him of my connections and he said he was here working. We got talking and he bought me another Martini, I could feel each sip going straight to my head, it could be disastrous. 

As it pushed half past 2 the party didn't appear to be calming down much, the music had been lowered however the crowd was far from wearing thin. Abbey came over, clearly having taken Cocaine, and happened to know Lionel (the man I was talking to.) She then told me that she and her model friends were leaving to go elsewhere, I presumed it was somewhere more cocaine friendly, and she left. Lionel received a phone call and said he'd be back in a minute and I took the opportunity to go and find Gabrielle. She was with someone who had the defining look of a model, evident from his gorgeous bone structure and muscles. I went over and said that she could stay in my apartment as I'd go back to Kelly's hotel (I had just spotted her with a rather affluent looking man whom I figured would have an apartment she could go back to.) I went and got a key from Kelly and she said she'd see me in the morning as she was leaving soon. 

Lionel came and found me again and asked if I was ready to leave. I said I was and he got us a car (I have no idea how) to 60 Thompson. He was better than I had expected, a lot better; plus a lot better equipped. I thought I'd dreamt him getting up at 5 however when his phone went at 6 and I woke to see him stood in his clothes, I knew I hadn't. I didn't bother letting him know I was awake - I was exhausted and I would probably end up biting his head off. At about 11 I woke slightly as Kelly came in. She entered the bedroom after clanging her way through the lounge, threw her blackberry on the floor, kicked of her shoes, took off her dress and then climbed into bed with me. I mumbled "I thought you were going to Caroline Herrera this morning" she said "I've not even been to bed yet, Gabrielle's gone" and within seconds, we were asleep.  

I woke up at half past 12 and decided it was time I got up. I went and showered and got ready and then went and sat in the living room with some room service and watched The Hills. When I'd finished my fruit salad I phoned reception for a car and then left. As I was heading uptown in the car I phoned Elliot and asked if he wanted to go for a run, he agreed and before he could protest, I told him I'd be there in a few minutes. I knocked on the door for a couple of minutes and Elliot came and answered it, straight from the shower. I walked into the lounge and asked Elliot how his night went last night, however I needn't ask. As I took a seat I caught a glimpse of Elliot's chosen man getting dressed in the bedroom... Impressive. I looked at Elliot and smirked and he said "Do not even think about it Kyle." He was referring to the countless times that we've stayed in hotels together and I have slept with the people he's taken home the morning after... I would have, only I wanted to go for a run, I didn't go to the gym the day before and so I had to make up for it. I sat and looked out over central park whilst I made a few phone calls.. One to my mother. She told me how barbados was lovely etc. I wasn't paying my full attention if I'm honest. Gabrielle sent me a text to say that she was going to a man's apartment after the show who Kayleigh had just introduced her to; just so I knew where she was haha. When Elliot's sexual partner of the evening left the bedroom I thought I'd introduce myself... I said "Hello there, I'm Kyle, Elliot's friend." He said "Hey" I said "It's nice to meet you too... Did you have a good time last night?" he nodded and I said "Has he given you his number?" he replied with what I expected, "No" and I said "Hmmm I thought so much. You don't seem like the type who'd be so lucky, why do you think that is?" He stuttered and said "err, I don't know.. Because I can't afford rooms like this.." I was feeling particularly bored at this moment in time so I thought I'd entertain myself "So do you think Elliot or myself only consider being friendly with people whom have wealth? Do you really think we're that shallow? Hmm, do you?" He looked nervous and said "err, no man, sorry" I couldn't stop "I see that the judging of characters is not something which you posses, along with your self proclaimed lack of wealth seeing as you 'can't afford rooms like this.' That however does not matter, however you're not going to get very far if you believe affluent people only care about money now are you, hmm?" he said "no" and I said "Quite right. You can leave now, and seeing as you didn't get his number I doubt I'll be seeing you again, no great shame. Good day." He darted to the door as though he had just been released from jail after 3 years. Elliot came out and asked where he was and I said "Oh he had to leave" with the most angelic of smiles. 

After about 2 hours or so of running Elliot and myself parted ways and went to our individual accommodations. I was exhausted and so sat on in the drawing room with my laptop. After about 15 minutes of watching music channels and being on Dlist, Gabrielle stormed in with a face like thunder. She threw her clutch onto the couch and disappeared into her bedroom behind a slam. A few minutes later she reappeared having swapped her $2800 Carolina Herrera dress for a more comfortable Lamb tracksuit. She reentered the room without saying a word and went and dialed room service, she told them what she wanted with a few unnecessary 'huffs' and then flopped onto the couch and waited for question... "What is the matter Gabrielle." I braced my self for what was coming "Several things. I left the party at gone half past 3 last night and stood on the pavement arguing with Adam or Aaron about getting a taxi. He couldn't understand my objection and I didn't understand why he would want to.. There was a chauffeured mercedes on its way and instead he suggested taking a taxi where the headrests are plagued with hair lice and grease and sit on the very seats where the homeless and sexually active have previously sat... What an absolute imbecile. Anyway, he came back here and we had sex, however the show was at 10 this morning and therefore I had to get up at six! I showered and whilst getting dressed impaled my foot on the heel of a Jimmy Choo and then spent the whole day with excruciating pain in the arch of my foot. I had to throw Adam/Aaron out before I left and got picked up by Kayleigh in a car at 9.30." I said "oh" I didn't think it warranted this mood, and then... "The show was good however I was absolutely exhausted and felt an absolute mess for the whole thing. At the end of the show Kayleigh introduced me to one of her friends and I ended up going back to his apartment. He was nice, friendly and a well respected photographer however was completely incapable during sex. It was the kind of sex when they think they're amazing and you're lay there thinking about what you're going to have for lunch, hence the reason for my straightforward order when I arrived home." I presumed he didn't get the most polite of goodbyes afterwards.

Whilst Gabrielle cured her hangover with various dishes from the room service menu, I went and got her some eyelashes from Bergdorf Goodman; a couple which she'd had extended onto her own whilst in Los Angeles had fallen off and she claimed she looked deformed. I didn't have the energy for one of her tantrums whilst she got ready so I just went. Whilst I was out Abbey phoned and asked if I wanted to go out later on... My initial thoughts were no however she said there was going to be filled with models, a.k.a rigged with gorgeous gays. I got back to the apartment and text everyone asking if they wished to. I was more than willing, but I had no longing to go on my own. Kelly and Lee text back straight away saying yes, as I expected, however Elliot needed a little more persuasion, in the end I got my own way. Gabrielle and Kayleigh decided against it and Louise was with her friends from NYU now. I went to sleep with Gabrielle sprawled all over me on the couch for a couple of hours and was woken by my blackberry buzzing. It was Kelly asking if I'd go to her apartment and get ready, I agreed and so went to get a bag together. I packed my Gucci duffel with my toiletries and a pair of patent leather Prada shoes, wallet, phone, a white Dolce & Gabbana pin stripe shirt with contrast gray collar, a skinny brown patterned tie, also from Dolce & Gabbana and some grey Prada pants. I said goodbye to Gabrielle and told her to stay at Kayleigh's due to the fact that I'd probably be bringing someone back, she said ok and I went downstairs to get myself a car. 

When I arrived at Kelly's she opened the door in a pair of lace up Dior heels, stockings, suspenders and a matching lace knickers and bra, I said "Kelly what if it wasn't me then.." she said "Well the person who it was would have had a marvelous day, or if it was a female, perhaps rather depressing." She asked me to come over because she wanted to have sex, which we did, and ended getting ready afterwards. She was torn between a Roland Mouret dress and a Fendi one. We decided on the Fendi dress (which look as though it was made from black petals) with a pair of cadburys purple Brian Atwood shoes and a chloe clutch. We took a car to 49 Grove and walked straight in due to being on the list. Elliot and Lee had messaged to say they were already there. 

The club was buzzing with excitement when we got in there and was filled with models on a mixture of cocaine and alcohol. I was dancing straight away and soon me and Elliot were hatching our plan of kissing so everyone knew we were gay - but not together. The models whom had invited us had followed the influence of the others in their industry and were dancing around in obvious post cocaine state. Lee was at the bar talking to a girl and ordered shots for all of us and we sat and had 2 rounds, I cannot remember what they were but it tasted like poison. After that I was drinking the club's co-named cocktail and each time I went to the bar I was getting talked to by a different person, whether it be a male or female, they wanted to talk. I wasn't interested in the majority however there was one. He was wearing an open Black shirt with short blonde hair and a gorgeous tan... He was a model. I bought him the same drink as what I was drinking and we had a chat. 

Meanwhile, Elliot was stood a little way down the bar and had a few men stood around him. I watched as he checked each one to see if they passed his mental checklist. There were a few which I could tell did and he then sat down with them at a table whilst he filtered them down. I meanwhile was getting rather bored of listening to the man next to me talk about irrelevant topics which I really didn't care about. I told him I'd be back in a minute and left him at the bar. I walked through the club in search of Kelly and found her sat at a table with one man who looked about our age and another older looking man, both of them stared at her cleavage as she leant to pick up her $70 cocktail... From what I could see, she didn't need any more to drink. She saw me in the corner of her eye and beckoned me over. As I approached the table she stood up and put her arm around my waist and said "Kyle this is Jerrod" he corrected her saying "James" which she ignored and introduced the other as "Smith" he looked at me and said "Samual." She didn't get them wrong because she was past tipsy, she got them wrong because she switched off whilst they told her about themselves, I didn't even know the person's name who I was sat with. I returned to the bar and ended up going to the dancefloor with the man where we danced with Lee and his 2 blonde bombshells. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur but I do remember leaving the club at half past 3. As I got outside the club to wait for my car I saw Kelly trip and fall onto the parked car which was picking her up. The two men she was going home with steadied her but she was in hysterics and they put her in the car. Those men probably figured this was too good of an opportunity to miss and so decided upon a threesome. The car arrived in minutes and we took it back to my apartment. When I got out of the car and entered the lobby I felt an awful lot more drunk than I did when in the club. I went over to the lift and had to make 2 attempts at pressing the call button and completely misspelt a message to Elliot. We stayed up for goodness knows how long experiencing a marvelous night. We didn't go to sleep until after six. 

As you can imagine I wasn't feeling the most sparkling the morning after and therefore didn't take too kindly to being awoken by the man who I'd taken home being sick in the toilet. It was enough to make me vomit and it was all I needed. I was still rather drunk as the room appeared to be moving slightly when I got out of bed. I went into the bathroom and said "I refuse to listen to this all night.. morning, and would also prefer to not wake to a room which smells of vomit, therefore I would like you to leave... Immediately." He stood up and I ensured he flushed the toilet then went and put his clothes back on and left. I went back to sleep as soon as I heard the door close. I slept until about 1 and when I woke up felt fine which was rather pleasing. 

After I woke on Tuesday I went straight to the gym for a couple of hours and when I returned I had a message from the man I met at the Calvin Klein party. I was slightly shocked by this message as I did not recall giving him my number, I never give people my number, I was rather drunk though. It read: Hi Kyle, sorry for my abrupt departure the other morning. Allow me to take you to a party this evening to make it up. I wasn't going to text back but he did get to go to the Calvin Klein party so I text back saying: Maybe, who's party? He replied telling me it was being held for Jennifer Hudson at Morgans Hotel Penthouse and there's going to be good people there. I agreed to go and when asked what to wear he said: Well it's being held by Vogue.. Off to Bergdorf I went... I tried on a few things however none that I wished to purchase, so I went to try my luck next door in Prada. Whilst browsing the shop I recognized a girl. I walked over and tried to discretely get a closer look; she glanced at me and smiled and then looked back I said "Oh my word, Camilla!" She screamed and shouted "Kyle!" she received glares from the other customers but not from the staff, they wouldn't dare.. This was Camilla Al Fayed. Those of you who don't know of her, her father owns Harrods, Fullham football club, The Ritz Paris and other things. I have known her since she was a child due to my parents knowing her father. I used to attend their house parties where we'd be occupied by her several nannies whilst her father would play host to royals and other wealthy people. When I was at school my parents flew me home one weekend so that I could attend her birthday party, she was only 7 or 8 and her father closed Harrods to the public and gave Camilla and her friends (which included me and Gabrielle) free reign of the enormous department store. As a gift for another of her birthdays she had a perfume created for her in Harrods which was entitled 'The One', a year later it was bought out by Dolce & Gabanna and is now distributed by them, she however was the only person to have the fragrance for a whole year. We had a chat and caught up. She asked how Gabrielle was and she said she'd ring her and ask if she wished to attend the Zac Posen show. She would. I bought a suit in Prada and then we went to Pastis for lunch. 

As it was time to leave I asked her if she'd attend the party this evening but she claimed she wanted "to stay out of the public eye" a phrase I myself have never said. She agreed to meet up at some point or if not then definitely in London. She gave me her number to ensure we stay in touch. In the car back I phoned my mum to tell her, she of course was thrilled and asked the inevitable "Oh how are her mother and father?" and ended the conversation with "You must make an effort to keep in touch Kyle, Camilla is a lovely girl!" 

As soon as I got in I began getting ready. I showered and then begun the dilemma of shoes and accessories. I was torn between Bottega Vaneta shoes or Dior, Prada or Burberry tie and a Rolex or Hermes watch... I decided on the Dior shoes, skinny, cadburys purple Prada tie and the white gold Hermes watch. When I was ready I walked the short distance to Elliot's hotel so that I could borrow his phone. The blackberry which I was holding didn't quite reflect the fashionable message which I was trying to portray, seeing as it has been dropped on countless occasions. I had only brought my yellow gold Vertu phone however Elliot had bought that in addition to his white gold one, so I thought I'd borrow it. I stood at his door knocking repetitively for minutes. I phoned him and there was no answer so I knocked again. After a few minutes he answered with just his head sticking out from behind the door I said "What on earth are you doing Elliot" and walked in. When he closed the door and I turned around to look at him and the somewhat substantial bulge visible through his Calvin's. I said "Oh... Who?" and he said "I can't remember his name, I wasn't paying much attention, he's rather nice though" I asked if I could have a look and he said "No Kyle, you intimidate them and they end up leaving... What did you want with your persistent knocking?" I told him I needed his phone and he went a got it for me and then said "You're looking rather nice, where are you going?" I told him about the Vogue party and he said "Who did you sleep with to get an invite to that one?" I said "Elliot you make it sound as though I'm using them. I merely slept with a man whom happened to work for Vogue, that's all... Enjoy!" and I left. When I got back to my apartment Gabrielle was there with shopping bags from what seemed like every namable designer. She was wearing a pair of Helmut Lang leather leggings, a black pea coat with gold buttons by Smythe (buttoned - she was wearing no top), a black Hermes birkin bag, a pair of Christian Laboutin leopard print heels, black dita sunglasses with gold bar and her 18kt gold Bulgari ring encrusted in at least 70 miniature diamonds. She was in high spirits and I put it down to the fact she'd probably just dropped thousands in the various stores, when I told her I went for lunch with Camilla she said "What? When did mum come to New York?" I looked at with the look that most people associated with Gabrielle and said "Since when have I called our mother by her first name? Camilla Al Fayed.." She gasped and said "Oh my goodness, I haven't seen her in so long! How was she?" I told her about the Zac Posen show and she got all giddy and said "I must text her to tell her I will attend.. I just bought some Zac Posen things too!" She pulled out a black dress which was rather wacky with a swirly neckline, a grey silk dress which was rather nice, another black one and a bag. The sum of these alone was well in excess of three thousand, it seems it was a rather productive day. Before I had chance to see what else she'd bought Lionel messaged to say he was outside. I went downstairs and got into the chauffeured Mercedes which was waiting outside. Lionel complimented me on the way I looked, although I was already aware. 

We arrived at the hotel but went through a fire escape for some reason and came out in the lobby. I asked why we did that and he said "I doubt my boss would take to kindly to me spending my time getting pictures by the Paparazzi whilst I'm supposed to be assisting him.." So he was an assistant, I asked who for and he said "Andre. I'm not too busy though as he's only editor at large, whereas if I worked for Anna.. I wouldn't stop and I certainly wouldn't be able to bring dates to cocktail parties." I didn't ask any more. We got into the penthouse and I met Andre and Jennifer Hudson who was such a nice girl, a lot prettier and thinner than in pictures too. After that Lionel was stood by AndrĂ©'s side and answering numerous phone calls whilst I talked to Jessica White and Jemma Kidd. Lionel drifted between me and andre for an hour and thereafter stood with me. Amongst the celebrities there was Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham, Venus Williams, Vera Wang, Anna Wintour (who stayed for about 10 minutes) plus others. I was trying to make each drink last as long as possible as I didn't feel like drinking at all. 

As the night went on I had conversations with Andre himself however the most memorable was the one I had with Victoria Beckham. I complemented her on her new hair and asked her where she got it done and when; she told me that she had it done at Garren I said "Oh so you're the reason my sister couldn't have Garren himself haha" She said "I'm such a bitch aren't I... She's probably cursing me, tell her I send my apologies." She also asked if we'd met before which surprised me and I said "Yes several times, I didn't think you'd remember. I remember you were at one of Mohammed's (Al Fayed) parties when I was younger. You probably remember me as the little brat charging through the house with Camilla though." She said "Oh my god! I do remember you, I remember saying to David how well spoken you were and didn't you speak french?" and on the conversation went. I also met Marc Jacobs who is a good friend of Victoria's from what I could gather and was a very nice man... He had something about him too.

I left at about half past 12 as I could barely keep my eyes open. Whilst I was in the car on the way back to my apartment I phoned Gabrielle, she sounded slightly drunk so I asked where she was. She said "I'm with Camilla and Anna in Anna's apartment. Come around." I said I would and asked where it was to which she replied "The clock warning centre..." I heard Camilla and Anna start laughing and she asked what and then said "Oh, I was close.. The time warner centre." I went over and took the elevator to the 75th floor where Anna's apartment is located. Anna, for those of you who've never heard of her, is a russian heiress who's father works in metal and real estate. She is best known for spending 23 million on Diane Von Furstenburg's downtown Manhattan property. She's also graced the covers of many magazines including The Hamptons Magazine. Her apartment certainly reflected her wealth, it was gorgeous! She had floor to ceiling views of central park and in her bedroom there was a huge fish tank filled with sea horses! I think it is the nicest apartment I have ever been in... Her bathroom was designed by Lalique which says it all. I stayed and caught up with Anna for an hour or so and then left the girls so I could go to bed. 

I didn't really do anything on Wednesday besides go shopping where I bought 2 Armani Collezioni tracksuits, 4 pairs of jeans, a cardigan, a jumper and a leather jacket from diesel, a mulberry messenger from Barney's and then a Louis Vuitton gym bag and a holdall from the new Damier Graphite collection. 

On Thursday I went out for Lunch with Lee and Kayleigh whilst Kelly and Elliot entertained themselves. After dinner Kayleigh went back to Lee's hotel so I phoned Gabrielle and met up with her and Camilla in Chanel. Gabrielle was wearing a dragon print bell sleeved silk top with a black pencil skirt from Jean-Paul Gaultier, tights, a gold Jimmy Choo Ramona bag, Tom Ford sunglasses and cream missioni shoes. Camilla was wearing a grey stone look Oscar de la renta dress with black opaque tights, Python Alexander McQueen shoes, Jimmy Choo sunglasses and a black python Fendi spy bag... I had never seen one of them before - I wouldn't be surprised if she'd had it made for her. We shopped for a few hours and then I went to Elliot's room to have goodbye sex as he was catching a flight to Milan (again) this evening. Kayleigh was going back to Chicago and Kelly was going to Moscow that evening also. 

In the evening Gabrielle and Camilla went to the Zac Posen show and I went out for a meal with Kelly to Cipriani before she left... I spent the evening packing most of my things together and had an early night. 

On Friday me and Gabrielle went and viewed some town houses aswel as a couple of apartments in Trump tower, Dumbo and The Time Warner centre. Whilst we looked around one in Dumbo she said "Hmm no, this just isn't what I'm looking for. None of the ones we've viewed are much nicer than yours Kyle..." I was so happy inside, I was getting there! I would much rather her have a house in Malibu I could use as opposed to another property in New York, that would just be pointless. 

On Saturday me and Gabrielle were bored and so collected all of our things together, with the exception of those we were leaving the apartment for future use and those which we had posted home. We piled the luggage into 2 cars and took them to The Hamptons. I have been giving my liver a break since then. I drank excessively for a week and now it's time to recover. We're just going to stay here for a while and then fly home when we're bored. Camilla said she might come today, when? I don't know. I suppose our only warning will be when the trees start to blow and a huge helicopter lands in the garden...

Speak soon, 

Much love.

10 September 2008

In New York.. 7th September

I am now in New York and absolutely exhausted. After spending 3 weeks in a time zone one hour ahead of London, followed by 9 hours behind London when in Beverly Hills and now I'm in New York which is 4 hours ahead of Beverly Hills; I think it is safe to assume my body clock is non-existent. Moving swiftly on, the rest of my time in Beverly Hills was amazing. I spent a lot of time with my parents whilst I was there, going out for meals in the evenings to places like Maestro, Beso's, Il sole and Koi. Gabrielle was with her friends from FIDM quite a lot and I joined them on a couple of nights out too... Gabrielle and I have viewed a few houses in Malibu as part of my plan... Whilst in New York Gabrielle wants to look for a townhouse for when she does her internship, I however have my apartment there which is rarely used. I am therefore hoping that if I show her houses in Malibu she'll like them and agree to sharing my apartment in New York with me. We looked at a few however, they weren't to her standards, however my father found us one on Malibu road where she would want it and she loved it. It was a large open plan property with floor to cieling windows overlooking the beach and the ocean. It reminded her of the house which my parents used to have there when we were younger and we used to spend our summers on Malibu beach. We then viewed a glass house which was also gorgeous and a couple of others. She loved them all so my fingers are crossed. 

On Tuesday I decided I needed a night out and so me and Gabrielle took my mother's car to Rodeo Drive and purchased outfits. Gabrielle bought 2 skirts, a blouse and a dress however chose to wear a Bill Blass dress which my mother had bought her off the internet instead. I bought a pair of black pants from Gucci and some shoes from Prada... We also got 3 pairs of Dita sunglasses. When we got back to the hotel we put our bags in our rooms and went for afternoon tea with our parents before going to get ready. I was wearing my new shoes and pants, a white Burberry Prorsum shirt with a skinny Dolce & Gabbana tie and my 18ct white gold diamond encrusted Daytona. About 2 hours after I was ready Gabrielle emerged from her room wearing her grey Bill Blass dress with opaque tights, a Miu Miu clutch and some Miu Miu lightening bolt booties. I had used my contacts in order to get us a table reserved in Element. My father then took us in the car to the club where we would be meeting Gabrielle's friends. Whilst in the car he said "Kyle, look after your sister and at least make an attempt at not taking anybody back to the hotel." I was about to humour him and tell him I would when Gabrielle said "Oh do be serious father, I haven't known him not go home with somebody in all the times we've been clubbing together." I looked at her and said "Thanks for that Gabrielle. Father I do not understand your objection, it makes no difference whether I'm sleeping with the same person every night or a different one." to which he replied "Kyle I think you'll find there is a rather substantial difference in that it is promiscuous and it reflects badly on your mother and I" I said "It only reflects badly on you if you choose to mention it to people and therefore you only have yourself to blame. Just try not to think about it and it will all be fine." He was then lost for words. 

We got outside the club where 5 of Gabrielle's friends were waiting, only 2 were men, and not my type either. All of them attended FIDM (fashion college) so they were skinny fashionistas, and I'm quite partial to muscle on my men, the girls were pretty though. When we got in there our table was right near the dance floor so we sat and ordered some bottles of wine. I was scanning the room for potential men however didn't see any, Gabrielle on the other hand was already smiling at a man at the bar who was nudging his friend and nodding in her direction. A few moments later a waitress came over and said "Excuse me miss, the man at the bar would like to know if you and your friends would care to join him in the V.I.P section." Seeing as our table was beginning to get invaded upon by the overflowing dancefloor, we agreed. 

It wasn't the best V.I.P section I'd been in however it was improvement from the main club and the better looking people seemed to be in there. There were several good looking men, all tanned and toned, in the room whom I watched to see if they were homosexuals. The man who invited us in came and introduced himself to us as Alex , he worked in P.R in hollywood and often organized premieres and things. He and Gabrielle therefore got on like a house on fire as that was the topic she'd chosen to study at University. I was bored within ten minutes of being in the section and was texting Elliot and Kelly. Gabrielle's friends had left the section to go to the dance floor, I was sat awaiting a reply and Gabrielle was next to me talking to Alex. On the other side of me was a girl who was talking to her friends, she clearly picked up on my body language and introduced herself. She said "Hey, I'm Kimberly.. You seem a little bored" I said "How on earth did you guess?" when she said "Oh my god! You're British!" We were talking for a while when she put her hand on my leg and said "So where are you staying Kyle?" I smiled at her and said "Sorry Kimberly, I'm gay." She moaned and said "All the good looking ones are! In that case we'll go and sit with them over there" she pointed 3 men out, 2 of which were the ones who I had my eye on from when we entered. We sat down with them and she said "Guys, this is Kyle, he's gay... And British!" ... Not quite the introduction I had hoped for but I suppose it got the message across. The better looking of the three said "Well you do have the full package don't you... I'm Smith, drink?" I ordered a Martini and drank it whilst getting to know everyone. Smith was studying entertainment law at Ucla, James was a freelance writer and Tim did something to do with events. After about an hour Gabrielle came over and said "Kyle, I'm leaving with Alex now so I'll text you in the morning." As soon as she'd turned to leave Kimberly said "Tell her no! He is absoluely awful in bed, he just pounds and it is not pleasureable because he's small! Trust me I've experienced it first hand." I phoned her and told her what Kimberly just said and then she said "Oh bloody hell... Right, one moment." A minute or so later she came back and said "I blamed it on you Kyle, hope you don't mind." She always did, I could not care less. He said "Yo dude, what's your problem, why can't she come back to my place?" I said "I wish to keep my eye on her this evening, after all she is my younger sister." When he said "She controls her own life, if she wants to come home with me then she can!" I smiled and said "Actually, she has no desire to go home with you. She did only, after me telling her about the fact I'd just heard you were appalling in bed she rapidly changed her mind.So you actually have nobody to blame other than yourself for your sheer lack of talent in the bedroom." I then turned around and carried on with my conversation. 

Gabrielle and her friends from FIDM went to the dance floor along with Kimberly in search of men. I meanwhile decided who I was going back with. I asked what they were all doing this evening.. Smith was the only one available, the other 2 were going home together - boyfriends. Smith and I left Element at about 2, while Gabrielle stayed with Kimberly and her friends. Smith and myself had an amazing night, as always, however he woke me at 6 to tell me he was going home to get ready for work. I grunted something along the lines of bye and he left and I went back to sleep. When I woke up again at 11 I phoned Gabrielle. I asked her where she was when she replied "I don't exactly know.. After you left Kimberly took me a to a party at a different club and then I went home with the birthday boy but I don't know where he lives and I've just woke up and I don't know where he is... So I don't know what to do." I replied "Well don't just sit there, get up!" She did so, however made me stay on the phone. I listened as she walked through the house/apartment/flat opening various doors. Then I heard bottles clanging and glasses and I said "What on earth are you doing?" She said "I'm thirsty... Hungry too let me see what there is." I listened while she opened the fridge, she asked "What's beef jerky?" then put one in her mouth and immediately spat it out she said "That is the most repulsive thing that has ever passed my lips! It tastes like gone off bacon, eugh!" Then she screamed and said "Oh it's you... Hi... Where do you live, my brother wants to come and pick me up." I had never mentioned anything of the sort, she had just persumed... She got the address for me and I put on my Rock & Republic tracksuit with my Dita sunglasses and Dolce & Gabbana trainers and then went to my parents room. My mother answered the door looking all done up as she always did and said "Oh morning dear, did you have a good night last night? Where's your sister?" See how I'm responsible for her haha. I said "Yes it was rather good thank you. She's at her friends house in West Hollywood, I'm going to get her now, I need the car keys." My father butted in and said "Kyle she better had be and not be at man's house who she's just met, you never know what could happen to her." I said "She is, I got a car back there with her before making my own way back here first." to which my mother finished my sentance "with a man whom you'd just met" I smiled and said "car keys mother." 

I went and packed Gabrielle a bag and then went to pick her up from the house. She came out looking rather rough. She had no makeup on and her dress was all creased. She got in the car and said "he is an imecile... I fail to comprehend why people get so offended when I don't give them my number." I just laughed.. She truly was following in my footsteps. I told her that I'd packed her a bag and she climbed into the back to change. I had packed a pink missioni bikini and kaftan with some black strappy Jimmy Choo's, Linda Farrow sunglasses and a bright pink Marc Jacobs bag. She climbed back into the front, tied her hair up and looked glamourous again. 

When we got to the pool at the hotel we sat down next to our parents and I asked my dad if the dogs could come. He said "No Kyle." Then Gabrielle started "Arrr please Dad.. Jackie can fly over with them and then stay in the house, which would be useful so then she can oversee everything. I miss Bambi" then I said "and I miss Maddox, I've not seen him for weeks!" and my mum said "I must say, I do miss Pretitia. We could take her to The Bahamas with us, and Gabrielle does have a rather good point. It would be more useful for Jackie to be here in Beverly Hills overseeing everything than being in London, it would be like a holiday for her too." My Dad hesitated and then agreed. I phoned her and said "Hi Jackson, missing me dearest?" she replied "No, actually, I'm enjoying the peace.. What is it that you require this time, a new Blackberry posting? Or does Gabrielle want some food from Harrods again?" I said "You wouldn't believe how much I'm preventing myself from passing urine at this moment in time Jackie, and it's all down to you and your humour. Anyway, it's good news. You're coming to Beverly Hills and staying here for a while... On a jet tonight." She said "Oh my my, that is good news." I then added "Oh yes, with all three dogs." She paused and said "11 hours flight with 3 dogs, joy! I don't mind with Bambi and Pretitia, they're small, but Maddox is enormous Kyle..." I said "Oh poor Jackie, don't you have it hard. Whilst all the other P.A's in the world are trailing the streets of London searching for something only sold in one undefined shop or trying to get a table at the most popular place in the city in an hours notice, you have just returned from 2 weeks in you're boss' house in Paradise Island and now are getting a private jet to Beverly Hills where you will have a 6 bedroomed house with pool and tennis court at your disposal." to which she replied "Because you know ever so much about the world of work don't you Kyle." I said "Oh you swine.. You do know I could sack... Haha, I'm only joking.. It'd take ages for someone new to learn the things you know haha. Anyway, try to organize a jet for this evening. You can bring your husband if you wish, but bring your laptop because you'll be working too." She agreed and then said "Tell your mother she has a meeting with..." I switched off due to boredom and threw the phone to my mum. 

We ate out that evening and I had an early night followed by a lie in. I got up at 11 and went for some breakfast then I went to my mum's room to get the car keys. I couldn't wait to see Maddox so I offered to go and collect them from the airport. I had on some diesel pants, a hoodie, YSL sunglasses and my D&G high top trainers. When I got to the airport I waited in the car until Jackie phoned to say she'd landed then I went inside the terminal. Jackie came through with Bambi in her Louis Vuitton bag, Pretitia prancing next to her in her Louis Vuitton collar and lead, Jackie's husband was pushing a trolley filled with luggage whilst Maddox trotted at their side. I said "Maddoxx..." and he looked around and spotted me and began jumping on the spot and then looked at Jackie for permission to come running at me, she said "go on!" and he came charging through the airport and pounced on me. I bent down and he put he paws on my shoulders and rubbed his face against mine while I stroked him. Then pretitia was yapping at me as was bambi. We got the bags into the car and then Jackie and Mark (her husband) sat in the back with Bambi and Pretitia whilst Maddox occupied the passenger seat. Jackie told me how the flight was, she said Maddox was the best behaved out of all of them. They need a littler tray on the plane and it's a nightmare haha. Mark said "I must say Kyle, you travel in style! Jet's anall" I laughed and said "It's the only way I know how haha.. Did you enjoy paradise island?" He replied "Loved it, one of the nicest places I've been, your house was gorgeous too. Ever so modern, I loved that little computer screen which controlled the whole house!" I asked if they took a jet there to which they said yes and I said "Well if you have to go back for work Mark feel free to have Jackie arrange you one. The McQuillans would want you flying back from our Beverly Hills home in Economy now would we? Oh yes, speaking of which, Jackie do you have the postcode for the property as I have absolutely no clue where I am going." She tutted and then got her laptop out of her bag and began clicking away.. Then she told me and I put it into the car. 

When we arrived at the house my parents and Gabrielle were there - to see the dogs and organise meetings and things. We got to the house and Mark was amazed by it. I went into the garden with Maddox and he sat and stared at me and the pool then I shouted "Jackie can you organise a pool cleaner for tomorrow?" she shouted back "Yes!" and I gave Maddox permission to jump in. Upon hearing the splash my mother came out and looked at the pool and said "Oh Kyle" I said "What? There's a pool cleaner coming tomorrow!" and she just walked back inside. I left maddox to sunbathe and went inside where I immediately stood in wee. I told my mum that Pretitia had urinated and she said "She certainly hasn't, she's been here with me, it must've been Bambi, she's running around all over the place... Gabrielle!" Gabrielle came walking in with Bambi under her arm, my mother said "Bambi has urinated on the floor, clean it up dear." Gabrielle said "Err... Jackie Bambi's urinated on the floor, clean it up dear" I started laughing and my mum said "Gabrielle..." She tutted and walked to the kitchen, picked up a towel and a pair of tongs and walked over to the little puddle. She dropped the towel on it, waited for a second and then picked the towel up with the tongs, walked over to the bin and dropped the tongs and towel in it. She then said "We need new tongs mother" 

Whilst everybody went and sat around the pool Maddox and I went out for a run. We went out for an hour and a half before returning to the house where Maddox went and jumped back in the pool. The interior designer came around in the afternoon to discuss some plans for the house. I told her how I wanted my bathroom and bedroom to be like and also informed her that my wardrobe needed to be bigger. My mother arranged for us all to go out that evening as it was Thursday (the day after) that we were all splitting up. She got a table at Gordon Ramsay's At The London restaurant and we all got dressed up for it. I'm positive Jackie dedicates her exercise reigieme to being my mothers size as she's always giving her clothes and Jackie's always going to the gym in my parents house to maintain her size 8 figure. She is safe in that if she ever has a black tie event to attend she has something to wear. My mother will either offer something to her or she will have already given her something in the past. Tonight was no exception. My mum said "Oh Jackie I have some things for you." She gave her a few skirts and blouses and a couple of summer dresses along with a pair of shoes. Jackie said "Camilla, I could not walk in those, they're about 6 iches high." My mother replied "They're dinner shoes, you'll be wearing them whilst sitting, you only wear them from the car to the restaurant." 

My mother was wearing a black Vera Wang dress where the material tied at the front, it was rather nice, with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti jewel embellished heels and a Jimmy Choo bag. Gabrielle was wearing a silk Zac Posen dress with Alexander McQueen heels and a Chloe bag. Jackie was wearing a burberry skirt with tights, a blouse, a Fendi Spy bag and Gabrielle's Burberry shoes. I was wearing a white shirt from Armani with a rich purple jumper from Prada, John Lobb shoes and pants from Dolce & Gabbana. My father was wearing an Armani ensemble and Mark was wearing a shirt and pants. 

We had a lovely meal and went all went back to the hotel and the house at about midnight. When I got up in the morning I went back to the house to take the dog for a run again. After an hour or so we returned to the house where Jackie was hard at work to ask her to organise a flight for this evening. She asked what I'd be doing about Maddox, I considered taking him with me but decided it would be unfair leaving him in the apartment (if he was allowed) or leaving him with the house keeper whom he doesn't know in the hamptons home. I went back to the hotel and packed all my belongings and then got a car back to the house. I piled my luggage in the hallway and the dog sat a cried as he knew I was leaving again. 

We left for the airport at about 10 at night and said goodbye to my parents as they were leaving for Barbados the day after. I was once again petrified on the flight and tried to sleep for the duration. Gabrielle was chatting across the isle to someone who worked for Vogue and was going to fashion week, as were we, and was asking where she was staying and things. When we landed in It was 9 a.m on Friday morning in New York and there was 2 cars waiting to pick us up, one we travelled in together and the other we piled luggage into. I went up to my room and there hanging in the hall way was a Cavalli suit. Attached to it was a note saying: Thanks for the loan, hope I'll see you soon. James. and his number. I remembered it straight away. When I was here for my birthday I slept with a Wall St. man 3 times and went out to dinner with him and lent him a cavalli suit for him to go to work in which he promised to return; I however left before he could get me a new one delivered... I won't ring him though. This is fashion week. The city is going to be filled with gorgeous men, ones who I hadn't slept with yet. 

The apartment looked exactly the same as it did when I left, only tidier. I went to bed as soon as we got in (unintentionally messing my body clock up a little bit more.) When I woke up it was about 2p.m and Gabrielle was asleep in the lounge covered by a hermes blanket. I walked in and woke her and she said "ugh, order some room service Kyle.." We discussed over our lunch what we should do and she said "I wouldn't mind going to watch The Phantom of The Opera, I've not watched it for a while and I simply adore that show. I want to view an apartment in the time warner centre, trump international and Jackie's arranging some townhouse viewings too. We're not seeing a show until Sunday anyway.. My friend Louise will be joining us this evening and I think she'll be staying here by the way.. When are your friends arriving?" I had completely forgotten, Elliot, Kayleigh and Kelly were all coming at some point this weekend. I phoned them and Elliot grunted down the phone saying "What?!" I said "Good day Elliot, where are you?" He replied "The ritz, are you here?" I replied "I am and I've not had sex for 2 days, I'll be straight round..." Whilst I walked the short distance to the Ritz-Carlton I phoned Kayleigh and Kelly, neither of them were answering their phones so I sent an email to Kelly's father's p.a asking what time she'd be arriving in New York. She replied saying that she'd be here at around 7p.m local time and that Lee was coming with them too. I hadn't seen Lee properly since my birthday so it will be good to catch up... 

Elliot and I had our own ways of catching up and this was no exception. Once we'd finished I went back to my apartment to shower. When I returned to the drawing room Gabrielle informed me that we were going to see The Phantom of The Opera that evening as Jackie had managed to get us a box. We were going at half 7 so we could go and see the others straight afterwards. We got ready and informed reception of Louise's expected arrival then took a car to Broadway. I must admit, this is one of my favourite shows! It's amazing, it gives me shivers each time I watch it. When it finished we left the theatre and got took the car which was waiting for us to The Pierre where Kayleigh was staying. She was there alone. Kelly was in Sixty Thompson and Lee had also gone downtown to the Tribeca Grand. They were however, all in Kayleigh's room this evening. 

We all went to bed fairly early as each and every one of us was exhausted. When we got back to my apartment Louise still wasn't there and Gabrielle made a few phone calls and discovered that her flight had been delayed by 2 hours. She would therefore be landing within the next half hour. Marvelous, so much for an early night. I went to bed and Gabrielle had a little sleep and then waited for her... 

On Saturday we all went shopping and to get our hair done, we all strategically booked our appointments well in advance. All the salons are more or less fully booked or are attending fashion week themselves. Gabrielle told us that she'd booked an appointment at Garren months ago so she was going there, Stephen Knoll is somehow related to Kayleigh so she managed to get herself an appointment there. Kayleigh and Kelly booked in at John Barrett months ago as had Elliot and I at Sally Hershberger. Lee didn't think of these sorts of things and so came along with Elliot and myself in the hope they could squeeze him in. Each time I have been to New York I have come to the Hershberger salon, it's more young and trendy than places like John Barrett where you feel you have to whisper. Due to Lee only having his hair shaved he managed to get it done. Whilst he was having his hair done he was tapping away at his Blackberry and smiling and as soon as he was finished and paid he left... It doesn't require a genius to guess how he'd be spending the next hour or so. 

Once Elliot and myself were finished in the salon we went for a quick lunch in the meat packing district and then we went back to his hotel for a while... We had a reservation at the restaurant within The Ritz for the evening and so we all got ready and met up there. We all had a relitively early night due to an early start on Sunday and so once we'd finished dinner, we all said goodnight and parted for the evening. .. I went back with Kelly and Kayleigh went with Elliot. 

It's now 5 a.m on Sunday morning and I cannot sleep so I'm writing this to keep myself occupied. I would go for a run around central park but I may get mugged at this hour so I'll leave it a while. I'm only attending DKNY at 11am and then Y3 at 5pm today. The girls are going to a few, they're missing DKNY to go to Lela Rose, then going to Herve Leger and if they can make it Diane Von Furstenburg also. They won't be attending Y-3 either. I'm going now to go to the gym before I need to start getting ready. I'll speak with you all soon. 

Much love,