29 December 2008

Pandemonium weekend... 29th December

Writing this blog (whilst on the euro tunnel) is keeping me occupied and also keeping my mind off the horrendous hunger which has come over me. 

Christmas day turned out to be spectacular in the end, we had a lovely time together and they didn't drive me too mad. On Boxing day I went snowboarding all day and was joined by my father half way through the day who tried to out do me on the slopes. It goes without saying that he failed at doing so miserably. His jumps were nowhere near up to the calibre of my flips haha. Gabrielle and my mother on the other hand skiied like ladies in their fur and sunglasses and Gabrielle sat and talked to Paris Hilton for a while in a cafe haha. I returned to London from Aspen alone on Saturday evening, my parents had cancelled all of their meetings and other work related things in order to take Gabrielle to Paris to discuss her latest idea of going back into dancing - meaning I have been overcome with boredom ever since. All of my friends are away, either still from Christmas or have already gone to Australia - where we're going for New Year thus I am being kept occupied by the members of the little black book. 

Yesterday I didn't wake up until after midday and when I did quickly got in the shower and then put on a Tracksuit and went out with Maddox (my dog.) An hour or so and 12 miles later I returned to the house and then went to the gym for a couple of hours followed by a trip to the shops - what a mistake that was. I was completely oblivious to the post Christmas sales that were in every nameable high street and department store which resulted in me sat in gridlock traffic for what seemed like ages. Once I was finally parked I went to Bond Street; dressed in a pair of black metallic Gucci jeans, a deep crew neck t-shirt (exposing the pectorals haha) a black and blue Alexander McQueen skull scarf, vintage Gucci military boots, sunglasses (of course) by YSL, a black saggy beanie and a leather jacket both by Marc Jacobs, I acquired a number of bags and spent a substantial amount of money before heading back to my car. Despite the fact I needed to go I avoided Harrods as I knew it would be simply unbearable the weekend after Christmas. 

When I returned home I had nothing to do other than the jobs which I had been putting off for months. Firstly I went to the top floor into one of the spare bedrooms  where I deposited my luggage when I returned from somewhere. The pile tends to gradually expand until a day like yesterday arrives and I decide to unpack. The first trunk was fine as it consisted of shoe boxes only, however I put it to one side so that I could phone the concierge at the hotel and have him send someone over to take a picture of each pair and place it on the box - it has to be done. Then I made my way through the other 20 or so cases, throwing the clothes either into the charity, dry clean or put away pile. Once I had produced three mere mountains which were slowly beginning to merge into one I phoned the concierge. I told him that I was unpacking and he sent someone to me straight away. When the young girl appeared at the door she looked a little shocked however my patience was wearing thin after already been unpacking for an hour and a half so I ignored her emotions and said "Have you done this for me before?" she said no and then I briefly explained how the clothes needed sorting into the bags she had brought with her, black and white ones. Emily (I think that might have been her name) was a hard worker and learnt fast haha, she managed to put everything into the correct colour bag and then listened whilst I explained the shoe sorting process. Like all the others before her she pulled out a little device from a bag and a camera and as she took a picture of the shoes the image printed and she stuck it on. Meanwhile I was running between floors and wardrobes hanging things in the correct place and putting suitcases and trunks back. Whilst hanging something up I came across a pair of Laboutin and Prada shoes which were Gabrielle's, I knew she would never wear them again as they were in the wrong place and they were out of season. I took them with me back to the top floor where Emily was taking her last photograph. I said to her "As opposed to me giving you a £10 tip which will no doubt be spent on a taxi home I shall give you these to thank you for your hard work." She looked from me to the boxes wide eyed and said "Thank you ever so much Mr. McQuillan.. Also, some of the things you are sending to charity are still worth quite a lot of money, you should consider selling them." Bless her, she was young, I said "I do not need the money dear, I need the space. Feel free to take anything from there for yourself, accessory wise of course. For example I believe there are a number of Alexander McQueen scarves in there which I have disposed of due to them having minor plucks, if you don't mind that then take them." I think she was already planning on rummaging through the bags anyway when she got to her staff room, I imagine all of the hotel staff share it out between them and send the things that nobody wants to charities. I once noticed a bell boy was wearing a pair of shoes I had thrown away, I had thrown them away because they had a scuff on them - his shoes had one extremely similar in exactly the same place... Coincidental? haha. 

That evening I sat at home severely bored and sent a message to a man called Aaron asking him to come round. He replied telling me he was out and would take a taxi back to my hotel. Time passed and the boredom got more painful and then my good friend Lee phoned to say he was just on his way back from Heathrow airport and wondered whether he could come round. I told him I would be glad of the company and then told Aaron not to bother haha. Lee is straight however every so often he will ask for oral sex from me and then complain when I make him return it, he does so rather well for a straight person and claims "it's worth being gay for the night if it means oral sex from (me)"... Flattered. 

Before going to bed I decided to myself that I would get up early and take a trip to Harrods before the sale shoppers arrived when Lee brought me back down to earth and informed me that people had been queuing outside the doors to get in for 9 o'clock. This called for desperate measures. I messaged Camilla (Al Fayed, who's father owns Harrods) asking her what she could do in order to minimise inconvenience for ones self. She replied with Haha, Kyle my love you weren't actually considering shopping amongst the thousands of angry shoppers were you? You're friends with me darling, why on earth would you even think you had to resort to such things. I will inform them of your arrival, you may go any time after six or if you'd rather you I could have someone go and open it for you now x   I told her I would must probably arrive at around 8 a.m and she told me which door to use. I love V. I.P treatment haha. 

I imagine things like that happen all the time as none of the staff so much as looked twice at me browsing the shop floor before store opening hours. I did take a little longer than anticipated and more or less as soon as 9 o'clock arrived the shop filled and it was just like a Saturday afternoon. Whilst still shopping I received a message from Camilla saying  Are you still here? I need another opinion on my New Year's outfit... I told her that I was and went to meet with her. She was in a room with a seamstress, personal shopper, harrods stylist and the legand that is Marigay McKee the lady who travels the globe, meets with designers and attends every fashion week picking stock for Harrods or, in this case, picking Camilla's new year's eve outfit. She looked absolutely gorgeous when I walked in wearing a couture gown whilst holding a glass of Champagne which I too got handed. Camilla turned to me and said "What do you think?" I told her she looked absolutely breathtaking and she said "Just what I wanted to hear - someone get me out of this thing" about 3 people saw to it that she was out of the 'thing' and into her normal clothes in the minimum amount of time. Once back in a beige Alberta Ferretti dress with a Miu Miu bag and Fendi shoes we left the private room to go to the beauty department. I got some new shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and 3 aftershaves whilst Camilla went behind the Chanel counter and had a lady apply some lip gloss. Following this she then went with me to get some underwear which I had forgotten when my mother rang. She went straight into conversation and said "With regards to your flight tomorrow darling, you're going to have to land in Paris where your sister will board and then go from here to Australia." I was under the illusion that I was taking a commercial flight and so said "I highly doubt British Airways are prepared to do such a thing just for Gabrielle's convenience mother" when she said "What on earth are you talking about, you're flying via jet" I groaned and said "Mum, you told me you would book a commercial flight" she just said "Well I forgot Kyle, my apologies however it cannot be helped. I shall see you tomorrow." I bluntly said "No." When she tutted and replied "What now?" I said "Mother I am not taking off an landing twice, that is absurd, you know I despise flying therefore I refuse. Why can't Gabrielle just fly direct from Paris?" My mother said "She won't because she gets bored and wants company" I protested "That is absolutely ludicrous, I have to go through trauma just so she isn't bored. I highly doubt I am going to be much fun on the flight, I'm petrified already! I shan't do it." Camilla was laughing at this point and my mother replied "Ugh I will just cancel your jet then" I said "Do so mother, I shall just book another" she took the thoughts directly out of my head when she said "Kyle you don't know how to." I told her to put my Dad on and she did, he came on the phone and said "What's the latest importune Kyle?" I said "If I drive to Paris today will you drive back in my car?" he said "On the condition that you bring your new one and put good dvds in the car" I then asked what was up with my mother and he said "Oh it's your sister, she's driving us insane... She put french audio description on the television this morning and we can't turn it off and she doesn't know how she did it" - sounds like something fairly normal for Gabrielle. 

Finally I was ready to pay. The shop was now filled with shoppers barging past one another and the queues were rather large. I stood in line and Camilla looked at me like I was retarded and signalled for me to follow, I did so and the male behind the counter in his twenties looked at her blankly and said "You see this line of people, it's a queue. Join it and wait." Camilla looked a little dumbfounded and said "Yes I am fully aware of what this line of people is however I do not care. Could you please have someone come and serve me on this till please if you are unable to do so yourself." He didn't even look at her and said "Sorry everyone's busy. You'll just have to join the queue like everyone else." She said "Do you not know who I am?" He looked at her and said "No, which clearly says something now if you do not join the queue I will have to ring security and have you removed from the store." Camilla butted in and he raised his voice "Join the queue or I will ring security!" A dark scornful look came into her eyes and she burned him with her gaze then said "How dare you" she leant over the counter and picked up the telephone and dialled a number, he picked up a walkie-talkie phone thing and asked for security.. I was biting my bottom lip half excited half scared. Camilla barked "It's Camilla. What sort of people are you employing here in the store. There is a male working on the till who is seriously lacking in customer service skills and evidently doesn't know how to treat important customers with respect. I thought it was your job to ensure staff worked well and satisfied customer needs, I need a till opening and it has not been done due to the fact you are employing rude and insolent staff. Clearly staff whom don't perform is a reoccurring trend, perhaps my father ought to revise things with Human Resources!" The man behind the desk looked a little confused and then security approached and he began to smile. One of the security men was with her when we were in Paris and said "Good afternoon Miss Fayed" and then turned to the man behind the desk and said "What's the problem?" He had now lost any sense of a smile from his face and he stuttered and said "Oh err.." Then Camilla placed the phone back into the cradle and said "Your manager would like to see you... Immediately." A girl walked past the till and Camilla said "Excuse me, presumably you know who I am" she said "Yes Camilla" she continued "can you serve the people on this till for me please." Camilla walked behind the till and attempted taking a tag off a pair of jeans I was buying, it failed drastically and then the girl serving someone shouted another boy and he came and did it for her, she said "There is no need to put them through the till, just take the tags off." I said "No, put them through it's fine" Camilla said "Kyle do be quiet." Then the man handed me the bag and she walked away. I felt awful, I had just had six hundred pounds worth of stuff for nothing. As we left the shop I said "Not that I'm not already deeply grateful for everything you've done today, however could you get me a room at The Ritz please haha" She picked up her phone and said "Kyle McQuillan the things I do for you.. Good Afternoon it's Camilla. I need a room for tonight please. It's for my friend Kyle McQuillan, Chanel Suite please... In that case upgrade them and put Kyle and his sister in the Chanel. Thank you, good day." I said "Camilla I hope you have not just evicted someone from their room for me. I would have managed with a standard room" she said "Kyle, it was your parents who were already in there. They're being upgraded..."

I said my good bye to Camilla when we went our separate ways, she to her chauffeur which would take her to the helipad so she could go back to Surrey and me to my car. When I arrived home Lee was lounging around my house in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and no top, I completely ignored him and went and packed some cases. I left some things out yesterday when sorting them out so I already had accessories, toiletries and shoes done - a case and a trunk. Then I needed shorts, swimming shorts, hats and general beach wear - 2 cases. T-shirts took up a trunk. Jeans and pants another trunk, knit wear and loungewear took up 2 cases and finally formal wear took up another trunk. I took all my luggage into the foyer and when it was all piled on top of one another I realised that it wasn't all going to fit in my 2 seater, practically-no-boot Lamborghini - slight problem. What to do when there's a problem and you don't know what to do? Ring Jackie, the personal assistant. Like always, she had a resolution, she was going to have them flown out to Paris within the next couple of hours and have the ritz collect them. I then said "Oh can you come and collect Maddox please.." She said "Kyle I can't tonight, I'm in Devon at a family event.. I'm having a day off you know haha." Yet another problem.  I went back upstairs and asked Lee what he was doing today - looking at him sat lounging with a tray of room service it didn't look like a lot. He said "Nothing much - seeing a few girls. Why?" I said "Could you have Maddox for me until tomorrow when my parents come home... You can stay here for the night if you do and someone from the hotel will walk him so you needn't worry about that." He reluctantly agreed and as I picked up my holdall containing my laptop, magazines, dvds, ipod etc. to leave I said "Oh and don't use my bedroom... Go on the top floor if you'd be so kind and stay out of the wardrobes." 

The journey wasn't as boring as usual as I had my new car to have fun with. I think I sped the majority of the way haha. Whilst on the eurotunnel, as usual, passers by stopped to stare at the car or to take pictures of it and then gawp into the window hoping to see someone famous as though I wasn't there - imbeciles. It's so annoying. 

When I finally arrived in Paris at around 6 o'clock someone took my car and then I went up to my room, absolutely exhausted, I did not have the energy for Gabrielle who was currently leaping around the room wearing point shoes and spinning on one leg. My parents came into the room and Gabrielle said "Kyle will you do a lift with me?" I told her no and she just carried on dancing then my father, just to be annoying, came over and began punching me saying "Liven up Kyle!" I punched him back and said "I was in Harrods for 8 o'clock and then drove here. I am exhausted!" He said "Is that all you do, shop? When are you going to start working with me and give something back to the world my son?" I said "I gave clothes to charity yesterday I'll have you know." He moaned and said "Oh my word, am I the only person in this family with any brains." I ignored him and remained sprawled on the couch with my eyes shut whilst Gabrielle protested and said "How dare you! I got 2 A*'s in my Gcse's" My Dad looked at her how everyone does when she says something stupid and said "Yes Gabrielle, performing arts and Dance - because you had devoted your life to it since you were three years old. Do tell me, what was the highest grade you got out of the rest of your subjects?" She said "C" and my father said "And the lowest..." she said "G" haha. The G was in Religious Studies, when asked what a rosary bead was used for she wrote: a fashion accessory. Often worn by people such as David Beckham. Dolce & Gabanna have recently added them to their collection of jewels. And like a true brat who had 2 nannies, when asked about the significance of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a Donkey on Palm Sunday she wrote It is significant as it shows that there is a hierarchy and those who are important or wealthy should be given right of way and people should treat them with the utmost respect. Building on that question she was asked why people lay down their cloaks for him and she wrote Fashion is a cycle and Gladiator sandals happen to be a part of that cycle. It just so happens that Jesus often wore Sandals in such a style on a daily basis as in addition to being fashionable, they were cool and comfortable. The people of Jerusalem would have seen him as an inspiration otherwise known as trend setter and wished to preserve the latest must-have. Haha. I will never forget the day she came home telling us that! 

I have just returned from a meal with my parents and Gabrielle and now I'm sat in the living room of my parents enormous suite watching television. I would go to bed however tomorrow I leave (I don't know when) for Australia, a.k.a incredibly long flight. Myself and 300 of my closest friends have hired a private island resort for a short while in order to celebrate the New Year. I don't really know who's going if I am entirely honest but I imagine there will be plenty there to keep me occupied ;) haha. The yacht is already making it's way there as is Elliot's, Lee's and Kayleigh's. I can barely contain myself I am so excited. I am going to stay up quite late this evening so that I will sleep all the way there. Ingenious. I have just sent a message to the personal trainer who I slept with during fashion week asking if he wants to come to the hotel, that should keep me up haha. 

Speak soon, 

Much love, 


28 December 2008

Christmas day...

Granted, I may have suspended my profile due to it becoming a somewhat burden, however I came online to wish you all a Merry Christmas. 

Since last speaking I have spent time in Milan, Paris and the newly renovated Beverly Hills home. I returned to London last week before chartering a jet to bring us here to Aspen yesterday. Joining us on the flight was Jake, the family chef, and his family (which included his 4 and 7 year old son and daughter - just what I wished for whilst being petrified on the never ending flight.) My parents have paid for Jake and his family the suite at the St. Regis hotel so that we could enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner - something which the McQuillans would be completely unable to produce. 

For the week prior to our flight Jackie, my fathers Personal Assistant, has been living here. Along with her husband, Jackie took a jet to the family home in order to ensure all presents were delivered, the house was stocked with Champagne, Food, Dvds and firewood etc. I am also told that a person was paid to come to the house to decorate the spectacular Christmas trees which are in various rooms around the 6 bedroomed home. 

Surely enough when we awoke this morning the lounge was filled with perfectly wrapped gifts all in the same paper, white with gold ribbon, as they were every year. Like a child I unwrapped the gifts my parents had purchased just so I had things to unwrap, this consisted of Shoes, Clothes, Sunglasses, Jewellery, Leather goods... before they finally handed me my main present. I was unsure of what it was at first however when I pulled off the gold bow and white wrapping paper (just like every other gift) and saw the catalogue for a Lamborghini Murcielago Versace I knew that was what was awaiting me upon my return to London. An enormous smile spread across my face and my father threw me a smaller box containing the keys to my new car! The car has been made to order and from what I could gather was of top specification. It needed to be too. That is to ensure it equated to the cost of Gabrielle's main present - a Harry Winston ring. The ring was emerald cut set in Platinum and was larger than the bottom half of her finger and could therefore certainly be classified as a 'rock.' 

From Gabrielle and myself my father received a XSR48 superboat which was currently in the South of France and for my mother we had designed a ring. The ring was a cluster of oval cut diamonds engulfed in a platinum setting. On one side of the diamonds was the initial K and on the other a G whilst on the underside the letters McQ were to be found. Both of my parents adored their gifts and thus overall we were exceptionally happy. 

Gabrielle managed to put a stop to the happy spirit whilst having after dinner drinks. My parents asked how her internship with Peoples Revolution was going. My sister sighed and said "Well I simply cannot fault the social side of it, I just hate having a job where I am beneath someone whom I despise and who is always telling me I am doing things wrong." My father asked what it was that she was doing wrong and she said "Oh stupid things, for example the other day I went to Garren to have my hair done in my lunch break and it took a little longer than expected and she blew it completely out of proportion, dragging up past times like when I was an hour and a half late." My father lowered his eyebrows and said "Gabrielle, that is quite understandable.." She just sighed and said "I know, she's at that age where menopause is most common, it's not her fault she has mood swings, nevertheless there is no need for me to suffer due to her hot flushes and irregular periods... I think I'm going to quit when I get back." An entire degree put to waste haha. Then my father said "Oh marvellous, so does that mean I'm going to have both of my children lazing around the house or going out spending my money. What an excellent example you have set Kyle." Gabrielle smiled as though nothing was wrong and said "Oh no father.. I want to go back into dancing. I auditioned for Julliard and the New York City ballet and got accepted there and then due to excelling in my auditions." I couldn't believe she'd chosen to tell them this on Christmas day, I was in complete shock and thus, when the room fell silent and my parents looked at one another I began to laugh. My mother butted in and said "Well lets not have this conversation now." and then changed the subject haha. 

I wish you all the best today and hope you have as good a day as I have. 

Much love, 

22 November 2008

London and Dubai... 22nd November

Following my last post, you'll be surprised to know I have remained in England - despite the fact the weather is appalling. Since going dancing with Brian Friedman Gabrielle has not stopped. On Wednesday of last week she didn't have a busy timetable at university and so went to The Pineapple Dance Studios in convent garden. She paid for a studio for a couple of hours so that she could use it and make up dance routines etc. I was shopping on Bond Street at the time and after spending a few thousand pounds took a detour home via the studios. I went inside and asked where Gabrielle would be, she told me how she'd just paid to take one of the classes and where it was. I went and spotted her straight away. Stood at the front of the class whilst the teacher flicked through songs on her ipod, Gabrielle choreographed the dance and lead the group. I watched them run through the dance which she had created and whilst they had a minor break I went in and said hello, or so I intended upon doing. I gave Gabrielle the shoes I had been instructed to purchase for her (Azzedine Alaia) when all of a sudden all eyes were on me. I loved it of course. Gabrielle introduced me when someone asked whether I was a dancer also. I told them I wasn't when Gabrielle said "Well I did try when we were younger however his arabesque was truly diabolical. That said, he performs rather impressive lifts." As soon as she said it I knew what was coming. The whole class simultaneously asked for Gabrielle and I to perform some lifts for their entertainment. I declined. Yet the class were persistent as was Gabrielle so I gave in in the end. Gabrielle said "I have some of your tracksuit bottoms in my bag, I suggest you go and put them on as those jeans are not appropriate attire." She sounded like my mother. When I retuned Gabrielle had swapped her trainer things for point shoes and was stood on one toe with the other leg in a perfect straight line with the other. When I entered she stopped with the peculiar position and talked the class through the key to lifts etc. I didn't listen at that point and merely began listening when she told me which lift we were doing. I knew them all as I was required to do this fairly often when she was bored. It was in no way strenuous, I lift triple my sister's weight in the gym; she's like a feather. 

Once that minor ordeal was over with I told Gabrielle I would meet her back at our parents house. Whilst in the car on the way home I text Kelly and Elliot asking what they were doing. By this time it was about half past 4/5 o'clock.. Kelly replied telling me she was just having her hair done and Elliot said I've just got out of the shower, I will probably see you later.. I had no plans to do so however I wasn't going to decline so I said ok. Gabrielle arrived at my parents house about 10 minutes after I did. We sat in the kitchen with my mother for a while and she asked about what we'd done, we told her and then Gabrielle decided to make up a routine. When she suggested it I looked at her like she was stupid and said "No" when she said, as though it made it so much better "We can use it next time we're out in London together.." My mother cut her off when she asked whether Gabrielle had booked a jet for the weekend yet, Gabrielle replied "I don't know, has she?" my mother said "Has who, I'm asking you dear" Gabrielle looked at her like she was an idiot and said "Well I am not going to know how to book a jet am I.. I was referring to Jackie" she then bellowed Jackie's name through the house, telling her to come to the kitchen. My mother said "I do not understand what you two find so challenging about making a phone call to book a jet.. Jackie is not here to assist you, she is your father's assistant" Jackie walked into the room and I walked past and smacked her on the bum and said "She doesn't mind, it keeps her going and prevents premeture aging. If she were to get bored due to having nothing to do those frown lines would develop an awful lot quicker" Gabrielle was oblivious to what we were talking about and said "Jackie you can make up a routine with me!" Jackie also said no and Gabrielle said "I'm your boss, do it!" She was joking of course and Jackie laughed however my mother tutted and said "Gabrielle. You don't even have the authority do dismiss our staff dear.." Gabrielle said "Ok, I'm sorry but will you dance with me?" Jackie said "No Gabrielle I shan't. Now, what is it that you called me in here for?" Gabrielle told her she needed a jet for Friday morning to New York, Jackie said "I shall book you one right away.. Why aren't you getting ready?" Gabrielle looked blank and then my mother said "Oh buggeration.. I forgot to mention it to you. It's the James Bond premiere this evening.." Gabrielle and I looked at each other and gasped, she ran upstairs whilst I grabbed my car keys off the table to go and get my new clothes from the car. When I got back inside Gabrielle bellowed "Kyle.. Can you go and get Claire from her house for me. It is a matter of urgency, I need to wash my hair!" I agreed but took her car. Claireis a makeup artist and became friends with my sister due to her requiring her services most weeks prior to a night out. Claire does Gabrielle's makeup for free on the condition that she can borrow some of Gabrielle's clothes occasionally... She's a makeup artist, on her wage she cannot afford to spend £1,000 on one dress and my sister only wears it once. It seems like a rather good deal which they have in practise...

I collected Claire and took her back to my parents house. With her, Claire had a rather large Louis Vuitton makeup case which had Gabrielle's date of birth on it. I enquired about this and she said "Oh, she spilt liquid eye liner inside of it and wouldn't use it anymore so she gave it to me. I of course didn't say no, these things retail at over two thousand pounds!" When we arrived back at my parents I ran up to my room to have a shower and Claire went into Gabrielle's where the hairdryer was currently going. Once out of the shower I put on a black tailored suit which was in my wardrobe from Saville Rowe along with a Tom Ford shirt and shoes which I had purchased that afternoon. I went to my many accessory draws and put on a skinny Gucci scarf which complimented the open neck shirt. I then put on my Rolex and a Bulgari ring, which I didn't know I had haha. When I was finally ready I put on a spritz of my Clive Christian no 1 aftershave and went to Gabrielle's room. Shopping bags and clothes littered her floor, I walked through her enourmous walk-in wardrobe to the bathroom which doubled as a dressing room. She was sat at the dressing table whilst Claire did her makeup and someone else who I'd seen before did her hair. She was nearly done and said "Kyle which dress do you prefer? They're hung up in my wardrobe.." The term wardrobe didn't quite suit the room in which she kept her clothes. She has the biggest one in the house yet still overflows into mine and the spare bedroom. In there she has black walls with a dark grey (almost black) pattern on, black shag pile carpet, a white ceiling with a white chaise longue in one corner of the room, a mannequin in the other which was currently wearing a black Christian Lacroix gown (possibly couture), a white chandelier on the cieling with and her clothes take up the rest of the wall space behind glass doors which can be frosted via a switch, when the doors for each wardrobe are opened the dimmed light goes brighter and dimms again when closing the door. There is a rather large black suede set of draws in the centre of the room which has glass covering the surface except for a couple of inches, beneath the glass there is a range of jewellery consisting of coloured stones, Harry Winston rings etc. The section which isn't covered by glass lifts up and a television comes out which can be turned so that she can watch it whilst picking an outfit to wear. All in all, a rather spectacular wardrobe space. I looked at the dresses: a Marc Jacobs lace dress, a black Escada strapless dress and a black Chloe dress with a bow on the front. I told her I prefered the Chloe and she came in, hair done, with her two helpers and asked for their opinion. All of us agreed except Gabrielle.. She preferred the Marc Jacobs. She said "Oh before I forget here you go Claire.." she handed her a BE&D shoe box "I forgot I had them and I won't wear them again now, there's a little scuff on the heel" she took them out of the box and to the naked eye, there was no scuff.  Gabrielle had probably examined them before wearing them we both did with anything which we had worn before. Claire took the shoes and then Gabrielle said "Ah, Jacob, how can I thank you.. She opened the bottom drawer of the little island which lit up upon doing so. It was her refrigerator. She took out a bottle of Dom Perignon and handed it to him. They both kissed her on the cheek and said "This will do us for the next few times I think dear.. See you soon" 

I went downstairs and sat in the drawing room with my mother while I waited for Gabrielle. I asked her why she wasn't going and she said "I cannot be bothered dear, plus I'm catching a 6 o'clock flight to Dubai in the morning due to work so I need an early night. Your father is going though, I think he may take Jackie's husband. She tells me he adores James Bond so I imagine it will make his day, or year perhaps. I forgot to tell her actually..." She told me to go and see how long my Dad would be whilst she phoned Jackie. I went into his bedroom and asked how long he would be, he said "Not long now, 15 minutes or so.. You're not going are you?" I tutted and said "Father I ought to be asking you that question. Please try not to humiliate me or Gabrielle this time" I was referring to last time we went to a red carpet event my father saw me talking to a male when inside and came over and said "I can assure you he won't ring you back, after tonight you will neither hear or see of him again" the person asked who he was at that point and he said "Can't you tell where he gets his astonishing good looks from. I'm his father of course" he then kissed me on the cheek. I was so embarrassed. Whilst he went over to Gabrielle I went to my mother so she would have words. When he went over to Gabrielle he asked her and the person who she was talking to what they were talking about. She told him nothing really, hoping he'd walk away and then he said "What were you hoping to get from this conversation? A friendship or a marvellous evening?" The person said the latter and then asked who he was, Gabrielle was stood with her eyes shut cringing at this point and my father said "Her father. Now the fact that you just admitted you want to do such a thing to a complete stranger and someone who is clearly far older than you shows a complete lack of social decency and therefore I think you ought to walk away and not talk to my daughter here. Now I shall inform my son over there of who you are so I advise, seeing as he will be with her for the rest of the evening that you don't attempt to make a move with Gabrielle." You can imagine how much she screamed at him upon arriving home the next day. 

I went back downstairs and my mother said she would take us to the premiere now. She shouted Gabrielle but she asked her to come up stairs. Ten minutes later they both came down and I asked what could have taken so long "Jewellery Kyle" was the answer I got from both of them. My mother got the keys to her Mercedes when me and Gabrielle both said "No!" She asked what and Gabrielle said "The Bentley mother" I said "No! The Rolls" Gabrielle changed her mind and agreed with me and then my mother went to change her keys. We both sat in the back of the black Phantom texting our friends seeing who would be there whilst my mother told us to behave ourselves. We arrived at more or less the same time as Princes William and Harry so everybody was screaming. I almost felt deaf. Gabrielle thought it was for her at first I just allowed her to figure that out in her head though. We saw Kelly on the red carpet with Elliot and Lee arrived shortly after with Kayleigh and Ellie, one on each arm. The film was good however would have been better had Gabrielle not been pestering Lee about what was happening and then leaning over and asking me. I merely told her to pretend she knew and try to look interested. Kelly complained of being bored and that the film was poorly shot as she couldn't see what was happening half the time and gazed around the room at peoples outfits for most of it. Afterwards we all took cars to the after party at The Battersea Power Station... My father went in his Aston Martin in aid of James Bond whereas me and my friends had organised chauffeurs. I didn't know what to expect of the venue as the power station is and unsightly obstruction however when we arrived there it was rather nice. The party was held in a huge marquee which had red carpet throughout and a huge bar in the centre of the room. About half an hour into the party my mother came over to the table dressed in a Herve Leger dress and said "Hello darling, I got bored at home. Your father and I are sat just over there with Mohammed, come and say hello." I went with my mother to her table where my father was sat drinking Whisky and talking to Mohammed Al Fayed (owner of Harrods and The Ritz Pars - my friend's father.) He made rather a fuss of me and said "Camilla tells me you've just returned from a stay in Paris.. Did they treat you well? You were there for a number of weeks weren't you?" I told him they treated me with exceptionally well and I had no idea how long I had been there. He turned to my mother and said "A few weeks in the Chanel suite must have cost you a little... I'll have them refund it for such dear friends" my mother said "Don't be so absurd, it's nothing to worry about. He spent near enough the same amount of money on shopping whilst there.." Mohammed said "No doubt Camilla helped with that" I asked where she was this evening and he said "At a party for Yves Saint Laurent, we were both invited but I'd rather be here. She just messaged telling me it wasn't the most fun." 

A couple of hours or so later, after rather a few glasses of wine Camilla showed up. She looked stunning in a black dress with tights and heels and hugged me and Gabrielle upon our arrival. There was a body guard standing by her just in case, as usual. She had just come from The Connaught hotel but said this scene was a lot more lively. Camilla joined us at our table whilst her body guard watched over. Lee attempted making a pass at her but I merely shook my head suggesting he shouldn't bother - she's not like that. We all left at around 1 a.m. Camilla said she'd get in touch soon and took a helicopter back to her surrey mansion with her father. Kelly came back to my house, I tried to ignore the fact and they tried to not make it obvious however Gabrielle went back with Lee and Elliot came with Kayleigh to my house. 

When I woke up in the morning I went downstairs into the kitchen to see everyone. They had already ordered room service for us all and were sat around the table eating. All of them had my clothes on. Elliot had on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and no top, Kelly had on my shirt from the previous night, Kayleigh had on a hooded jumper which covered her bottom half also and I just had on a hooded sweatshirt with my underwear. We all thought about what we were going to do today and Elliot said he was going running, I told him to take Maddox with him so I didn't have to go running as well as the gym which was my plan, Kelly said she would join me in the gym and Kayleigh didn't know. I booked Kelly and I a session with the personal trainer for boxing which I thought would be a good work out for both of us. I booked it for 2 o'clock and she swapped my shirt for a tracksuit of Gabrielle's which she left in my house and we went to the gym. The trainer wasn't particularly good looking however had a body like mine from what I could see. We boxed for a little while and then he told us to put on the glove things and punch each others hands. Kelly punched mine and there was no problem. Then we swapped. I punched her hand with relative force, yet no where near as far as I could have and as soon as I did so she shouted "Ouch you imbecile!" and hit me across the head with the pad. I said "Kelly how on earth did that hurt.. You have a pad on your hand." She had a little tantrum and said "I am no longer participating in this. I shall see you in the Jacuzzi. You have some making up to do!" Whilst I finished off my session Kelly went and put a bikini on which she found in the room Gabrielle uses. I had no idea she kept all of this stuff in my house. When we got into the Jacuzzi there was another couple in there around forty years old. I made a conversation with them and then after 5 minutes Kelly mouthed "I'm bored" and bit her lip provocatively meaning she wanted to go and have sex. I didn't feel like it at that moment in time, I was nice and relaxed and still having a conversation with the couple. Then she began rubbing me with her foot. It was rather amusing as we were both carrying on the conversation whilst she rubbed me with her foot, oblivious to the couple that she was sexually seducing me in their presence. I ignored her for a little while longer as I knew it was more of a torture for her than it was for me, although it was becoming rather unbearable, then she moved next to me. When she did so she started putting her hand down my shorts which I could only bear for a few more minutes and then we had to excuse ourselves and I walked through the pool area trying to hide my erection before getting my towel. She won. 

Later that day I went to Cipriani for tea with my friend Chloe who I haven't seen for a number of weeks. We had a lovely meal and I headed back home at around eleven. When I got into my house Gabrielle was in the Drawing Room watching the television. I wasn't expecting her to be there. I asked "What are you doing here?" she told me how my father dropped her off on his way to the airport because she was bored but I wasn't in so she just stayed. Then she said "Kyle.. Will you stay at Mum and Dad's this evening?" I asked her why and she said "Well you're taking me to the airport in the morning anyway and they're both away as is Jackie so I'll be scared." I audibly exhaled and then asked "How much luggage do you have for New York?" She shrugged and said "Not a lot, only about 6 pieces." She was going for 3 days! I went and got the keys to my Porsche 4x4, the only car which would fit that amount of luggage in and left with Gabrielle. 

When we arrived at my parents house her luggage was piled on the landing. I asked what on earth she was taking and she said "Kyle I am moving there in a couple of weeks. I need to take all of this seasons bags and things with me... I shan't be taking much with me. I haven't been buying an awful lot of winter attire as I intend on purchasing it all when I'm over there." It seems my mother and father will be recieving a rather large credit card bill this month... Gabrielle and I watched some television for a little while before going to bed. In the morning I woke up at about 8 in order to get Gabrielle up, which I might add is a grueling task, and whilst she woke up and showered I went for a swim on the lower level. When I went back upstairs to get in the shower Gabrielle shouted "Kyle, is Jake here yet?" Jake is the chef. I said "No he's off today, Mum and Dad aren't here and you're leaving." She had a minor tantrum (early morning) and muttered something along the lines of "Well what am I supposed to eat then?!" 

An hour later she was ready and came downstairs dressed in a white flowy Donna Karan dress with a bow on the front and ruffles randomly around it, a Mike and Chris leather jacket, some Chloe boots which had leather straps wrapped around, a gold Hermes Birkin bag, a pair of Marc Jacobs aviators and various gold necklaces. I put the bags in the car whilst she sat and messed in her bag. About 5 minutes into our journey she exlaimed "The dog!" I asked what and she said "I've forgotten Bambi! She's in her bag sat in the hall way, go back!" I huffed and turned the car around. Once we were about 10 minutes away from the airport, with the dog, Gabrielle phoned the airport. I wasn't really listening but she said something like "Good Afternoon, I will be arriving at Heathrow within the next 15 minutes in order to catch a private jet however I will need assistance with my luggage so could you please have someone greet me upon arrival.. Thank you." Most would think this was ridiculous however it was quite a necessity. She had 6 items of luggage therefore meaning she would probably need 2 trollies, plus she has her dog and was wearing 5 inch heels. Surely enough, when we arrived there was someone there to meet us and manage her luggage. Gabrielle got out of the car kissed me on the cheek and then took Bambi out of her bag, tossed the bag on to the trolley which the man was currently piling luggage on to and then walked off on the phone with the dog prancing next to her. A moment or so later the man went in pursuit of Gabrielle with the two luggage trollies and I headed back home. 

When I arrived back home I took Maddox running and then went to the gym. I met Kelly and Ellie for a late lunch around 2 p.m and we decided to stay in at Ellie's that evening. We did so and her mother treated it to a couple of bottles of Krug which we more than happily consumed. Kelly stayed at mine that evening. I phoned my mother in the morning to see what she was doing. She told me she wasn't doing much and whether I wished to go shopping for my Christmas presents. Of course I wanted to do that! I put on some unworn khaki Jean Paul Gaultier pants which had black corset detailing on the front with a black Cavalli coat, a pair of black Vivienne Westwood pirate boots, my black diamond encrusted Chanel J12 and some biker Prada gloves. I drove to my parents house and my parents house in my Porsche and went inside. My mother was wearing a black knitted Karl Largerfeld tunic/dress with black tights, an open white/cream Burberry trench with gold buttons with some lace up patent Versace booties and a black patent leather Hermes croc skin birkin. She was on the phone when I got there, presumably to work saying "I do not understand what the problem is!" I mouthed to her "Who's driving?" and she help up the Bentley car keys which were in her hand, meaning she was. She put her black sunglasses on and motioned for me to go and get in the car. When she got into the drivers seat she said "Ugh I will be there in a minute!" and hung up the phone. She looked at me and said "I do apologise Kyle however I am going to have to nip into work, I will only be 5 minutes." It has been well over a year since I went into my parents' workplace with them. Usually I just nip to drop something off with to be given to them. I have no interest in their work. Yet, due to the curiosity I asked my mother whether I could do. She looked shocked and said "If you wish so Kyle." Once inside I walked past her various assistants desks and as she walked through was handed various papers and people said "Good Afternoon Camilla" whilst sheepishly rushing past her haha. One girl walked past and my mother said "Lucie, have you confirmed my meetings in Dubai and Moscow next week?" Lucie is one of her assistants, she looked a little shocked to see her and stopped dead and she said "Er, no, not yet Camilla-" My mother jutted in and said "Not yet? Have you had some sort of prior commitment? Judging by your appearance it seems you have been slacking all day, what are those things on your feet?" She looked down at the muddy red converse she was wearing with her skinny jeans and said "Shoes Mrs. McQuillan.." My mother replied "Oh that's what you're calling them is it? Well perhaps out of the work environment they may qualify as such things however, in here they are no more than hideous and not permitted. I expect 3 inches minimum. I suggest you go and confirm my appointments and inform me when you have done so." We walked off and I said into my mothers office and she picked up the phone. When she did so a girl walked in from behind me dressed in a pencil skirt, cream blouse and heels - permitted. She handed her some papers and then they had a discussion about something at the end of which my mother said "and Hannah" she stopped and turned back to facing my mother "I don't expect such fatuous mistakes to occur again, is that clear?" Hannah said "Yes Camilla. My apologies." My mother picked up her papers and said "We can leave now dear. Bond Street first?" I told her yes and whilst walking out I said "Marvellous display of authority mother, I now know where I inherit my skills from" she laughed and said "I believe the term is power bitch darling."

Whilst on Bond Street I didn't see much which I wanted for Christmas. I was looking for mainly jewellery and things as with clothes I could just buy them for myself at at anytime. Whilst in Gucci Gabrielle phoned me. Before we could have any sort of catch up she said "Kyle, I'm in Tom Ford and there is the most gorgeous fur coat for you! It's $28,000... Ring mum and ask her!" I said "Oh my goodness I know! I saw it when I was there last but thought I had best not. I'm with her now, one moment." I went to find my mother who had a man holding 3 pairs of shoes ready for purchase and said "Mum, Gabrielle's on the phone and she's seen a coat I like and I was wondering whether I could have it" she stared at me in confusion and then said "Kyle, since when have you asked whether or not you can purchase any items of clothing?" I said "I know mother however this particular item is £14,000..." She audibly exhaled and said "Can you not have it as an extra for Christmas, I am at a loss as to what to get you to open. I have your main present sorted.." I said "I know but Mum I want it now" she just tutted and said "I suppose so yes.. I suggest you try and keep the spending on the low for the next week Kyle." I told Gabrielle to purchase the coat and then walked away and said "She said she has my main present too what is it?" She said "I have no idea, do you know what mine is? Find out. Got to go, love you bye-" and she went. Despite the fact I had just got the coat via New York, I managed to get an outfit for that evening incase I went out. On the walk back to the car I said to my mother nonchalantly "What've you got Gabrielle for Christmas?" She looked at me and said "Kyle darling. I have made this mistake in the past and Gabrielle was rather unsurprised when she opened it on Christmas day. I shan't be telling you. You can also tell that sister of yours to not bother asking about yours as I won't tell her either."  There went that plan. 

My father met my mother and I for lunch at Scott's and then I went back to their house for the afternoon. At around 5 I went and collected Elliot from his house and took him back to mine. Kelly messaged us both asking if we'd like to go into London that evening and I said I would... It had been ages since I had been out! Me and Elliot messed about for a while and began getting ready at 8. Due to us not knowing we would be going out Elliot had no clothes with him and so went to my wardrobes. I had bought an outfit whilst out with my mother however didn't really feel like wearing it so I resorted the the wardrobes too and left the new outfit in it's bag on the floor. I ended up a little dressed down in a pair of slim seven jeans, a plain white Dolce & Gabanna Tee and a Gucci belt however made it a little more like clubbing attire with a pair of pointed Dior shoes and a square Alexander McQueen Scarf (folded into a triangle) which was an adaptation of the cruise Skull scarf however this one had paisley on along with my diamond Rolex. Elliot was wearing a shirt of mine from Burberry with some dark jeans and Alexander McQueen boots. Kelly phoned and said she was on her way round to collect us in her mother's car and she would be there in a minute. I grabbed a wallet, memberships for clubs and some money I found on the side and went and got into the car. When we got in Kelly's mum said "Hello gentlemen.. Are you looking forward to tonight?" We told her we were and she pulled three packets of condoms out of her handbag and gave each of us a box and said "Well I would hate to think I was aware of you having sex and didn't promote safety so here you are." Kelly kissed her mum on the cheek and said "Oh thank you mum, however I have a bag full" her mothers facial expression dropped and she said "A bag full? Kelly why is it necessary to have a bag full? How much sex do you intend upon having?" Kelly just said "I have no idea mother, that is precisely why I brought a bag full. It depends on how many people I meet as to how much I have" ... Her mother didn't speak for the rest of the journey. 

We walked straight into Maddox and saw Ellie at the bar who looked flustered and said "I have no condoms in my clutch.. Can I have some of yours?" She looked at all three of us and Kelly said "Here have these, my mother gave them to me just... Looks like I shan't be taking anybody back home this evening. Kyle will you be so kind as to accomodate me or shall I ring the Metropolitan and book a room?" I told her she could stay at my house on the condition she stayed upstairs - in the bed. Within minutes she was being stared at by men from all around the room as was Ellie which they loved of course. Elliot and I on the other hand were severely lacking in men. Almost everyone who was in the club that evening was with a female and those who weren't were staring at Kelly's breasts. When it got to about half past 12 I was reaching depression and so we decided to go elsewhere. We left the club, rather tipsy, and went to The Kingly Club. When we got inside we were immediately approached by a good looking male, he said "Well well, I haven't seen you two around in a while" I had no clue as to who he was but improvised "Indeed, it has been a while. Who are you here with?" I was hoping that by saying this he would point out somebody I knew. Instead he pointed to a table of equally good looking people who knowingly acknowledged us and said "Join us for a drink" Elliot said "Of course, we shall be over in a moment after nipping to the bar." We walked away and I said "Do you know who he was?" he replied "I have no idea however he is a potential sleeping partner for the evening so we shall go over..." We bought drinks and joined them at their table. From the gist of it I gathered that both Elliot and I had slept with the man who approached us yet the others knew of us also, therefore, out of sheer confusion I asked "I do apologise however I am a little confused. Who here have I had sexual relations with?" The answer. All five of them. I laughed and Elliot said "And me?" All bar one. It was rather amusing actually. 5 of our past sexual partners had managed to congregate before us yet neither of us knew a single name. Nevertheless, I went home with two of them that evening and Elliot went back with the one he hadn't slept with. By the time I arrived home I was slightly drunk and as soon as I opened the door I knew Kelly was home. There was a trail of clothes leading upstairs and I could hear faint noises coming from the upper floor. The men, who's names I still hadn't remembered, said "Kyle is there somebody else here" I said "Oh yes, there could be a few for all I know. It's my friend Kelly. Not to worry, she's on the third floor." Whilst they went to my room I went into where Kelly was to tell her I was home. When I walked in she was on top of the man still wearing her rather provocative bustier/corset along with her tights and suspenders making an awful racket. I said "Kelly dear, I'm back now" She stopped and said "Oh hello, did you and Elliot have a good night?" The man opened his eyes and lifted his head up, wondering why his pleasure had been momentarily paused. I replied "Oh yes it was rather amusing actually, Elliot and I went to The Kingly Club where we met a group of gentleman who-" the man butted in and said "Erm, hello?" Kelly said "Oh goodness, I forgot you were still in me" pleasant image "Kyle we shall resume this conversation later. I may come and see what you brought home once I am finished with him." It appears I wasn't the only not to know the name of the person I was sleeping with.

In the morning the two men woke up fairly early and woke me up also so I took Maddox out running for a couple of hours. When I returned Kelly was having sex yet again so I just sat downstairs on the phone and watched some television. Once Kelly had finished I expected to see the man who she had slept with the night before to come down the stairs however it was my receptionist who did. He merely smiled at me and said "Good Morning Mr. McQuillan. I have left your post in the study. Have a nice day" as though he had just greeted me upon entering the foyer. Kelly came downstairs not long after and joined me in the drawing room. We lazed around for a little while and then went for showers etc. I didn't do much for the rest of the day and I went and collected Gabrielle from the airport at about 4. Yet again she entered the car carring no more than her dog, blackberry and handbag whilst a member of airport staff managed her now reduced luggage. When she got into the car I said "Do you have my coat?!" She tutted and said "I knew there was something I had forgotten.." Half of me expected her to tell me she was joking and that it was in the boot, however the more intelligent side of me said she had genuinely forgotten. After showing no sign of a joke I said "Oh Gabrielle I have been looking forward to that all weekend!" She stared at me and said "Really? That, Kyle, is rather sad. Do you have nothing better to look forward to? Seeing your sister perhaps.." I said "Yesss... Seeing my sister who was bring me a new Tom Ford coat. You are actually useless" she just said "Don't stress darling, you'll need botox earlier and besides, I'm going back on Thursday. I'm dining with friends."  

When Thursday finally came around Gabrielle departed on an early morning flight whilst I got ready to go to Manchester for the night. She said she was only going for the day to meet with friends and go shopping followed by a night out and would be returning on Wednesday for university. I got ready and then packed a holdall and a suitcase and put them into my Audi R8 in which I put the destination Manchester. Following the four hour journey I pulled into the car park at The Lowry hotel and was subjected to road rage by a person pulling out next to me. I made no attempt of moving out of the way and instead stopped dead and turned to see Kayleigh sat next to Lee in his lambourghini smiling back at me. I swapped my miserable expression for a smile and put down the window. They told me they were going for lunch and shopping in the city centre and asked whether I'd like to join them. I declined. I was exhausted and we would most likely be going out in Manchester that evening followed by another late night the day after so I opted for an afternoon nap haha. 

When I woke from my sleep at about 5 o'clock I had 12 messages and 18 missed calls.. A few of the calls were from numers I didn't know of, two from my mum, one from Jackie (p.a) and other various people. I had a message from Gabrielle which said Kyle, who is Bert Obana... Something to do with America I presume. I have spent a whole conversation nodding x. The person she was referring to was Barrack Obama, you get used to her and manage to translate. The other messages were from Elliot, Kelly, Kayleigh and Lee. Elliot said I'm here. What are we doing tonight? Kelly said In bed? Kyle dear it's 2 O'clock in the afternoon x. Plus another one saying Do you plan on waking up any time soon? x Kayleigh had messaged to say The concierge has made us a reservation for 8. Ensure you're ready x and Lee the ever so simple My room for blowjobs? You see, I am so good even straight men crave oral sex from me haha. The other messages were from people asking whether I would be going out into London or whether I wanted to meet up (sex) and there was one from a friend asking whether I knew anyone he could sleep with in Rome haha. Somewhat random you may think. Not the case. I receive such messages on a daily basis. 

I got ready and then went to Kayleigh's room so that we could go out. She was ready which was the first and so we phoned everyone else to see whether they were or not. Elliot was waiting for Kelly to find a pair of shoes and Lee was waiting in the bar. We went downstairs and made the decision to leave as Kelly could be a while, I asked Kayeligh whether she would be coming with me or Lee and she said "That would be Lee darling... Less chance of death" I came back with "Through the driving perhaps yes, however the sheer lack of thrill in the journey may lead you to insanity." I did end up arriving there about 5 minutes before Lee and waited in the car park for him. We were dining at an Asian restaurant named Ithaca. The meal was delicious and afterwards we went to The Living Room lounge for drinks and to seek out strangers. 

Upon entrance Lee was straight to the females at the bar and the men were straight onto Kelly and Kayleigh. Meanwhile Elliot and myself went and bought everyone drinks at the bar and then took them to the table which Kelly and Kayleigh were sat at. When I sat down Kelly said "Which one do you prefer, him by the bar or him at that table?" I looked at both of the men who were staring at her and said "Oh certainly him at the bar. He has the good in bed look about him, as though he'd take charge" she said "I thought that however I needed clarification" After saying that she began sipping her drink and smiling at the man whilst completely ignoring the other. The man ended up joining us at the table and Kayliegh had disappeared somewhere. An hour or so later a footballer walked in which caused some controvesy within the group. Lee didn't like it because girls wanted to be with them rather than him and Kelly didn't like it because all eyes weren't on her. Therefore, due to this fact and the fact that Elliot and I had had no such look in finding anyone we decided to leave. Once on the street Kelly said "Where to?" I suggested the bar which was in The Hilton hotel and the man who Kelly was with said "You won't get in there at this time. It will be packed." Kelly laughed and said "Darling, you don't know us..." Quite right he didn't. We got to the bar and the clipboard girl barely acknowledged us and said "I apologise however due to the awards we have a number of high profile guests in the bar this evening and therefore there is a rather long wait." Kelly's man said "See.." Kelly merely tutted and lightly hit him. Lee stepped forward and said "Do correct me if I'm wrong, however it seems you were insinuating that we do not qualify as high profile guests." The girl lifted her head to speak but Lee continued "I on the other hand was under the illusion that we are, especially seeing as we are all in possession of one of these and that my friend here is accommodating in your penthouse suite. Now, do save me the hassle and get us a table." She looked at the Black American Express and said "Right away sir. Follow me." 

The hilton bar was much better than the previous lounge. The clientele consisted of better looking people and once Elliot had stood with his hand on my behind at the bar and kissed me the homosexuals came and introduced their selves. The majority of the people in the bar would be acceptable for sleeping with as everyone in there was good looking. Mark being no exception. He came over and asked whether Elliot was my boyfriend as they always did and I assured him he was not, I glanced over my shoulder and Elliot was also stood talking to someone haha, we then got talking and he told me he was from Leeds and also in town for the awards. He was dressed in jeans and a white open collared shirt which showed his rather nice (hairless) chest. I took him over to the table where Kelly was sat along with her man plus Lee and his girl. When I sat down each of our Blackberry's bleated simultaneously and we all read a message from Kayleigh saying Where have you gone? x. Kelly phoned her and Elliot joined us at our table. Whilst we all talked Elliot mentioned that his brother may be going to the awards in Liverpool as his girlfriend knows Leona or someone. I lifted my eyebrows about hearing of his brother and he said "Kyle, stop, that is sickening. I don't do that everytime you mention your father." I felt sick and said "Elliot, he is double your age and old enough to be your father" Elliot replied "That does not change the fact that he is exceptionally good looking and boasts a rather attractive physique-" Lee joined the conversation and said "Your mother is also undeniably gorgeous Kyle" Kelly then joined in and said "I agree with both of you, Kyle your dad - oh my word, he is like you only I can't have him so it makes him even more desireable yet Elliot your brother is also very nice. I may have to test his true loyalty to that girlfriend of his tomorrow..." Elliot said "Kelly you are not sleeping with my brother!" She said "Why ever not? I have before" new news, Elliot was repulsed, she continued "and besides you've slept with Kyle's sister so practise what you preach dear" I was now repulsed and suggested a change of subject. 

At about 12 Kayleigh rejoined the group and said "How bizzare, I just slept with a man who's apartment is in this building.. He's joining us in a moment." A few minutes later my friend Jack walked over and sat at the table and kissed Kayleigh, he then turned to the group and said "Oh hello there Kyle... My my, it is a small world." I used to be close friends with Jack when he lived in London, a person who both Elliot and I used to sleep with on a regular basis however on my last visit to Manchester I discovered his new taste for women. I had text him earlier in the evening informing him of my whereabouts however didn't receive a reply. It was now apparent why. 

I left rather early at about 2 and had a chauffeur from The Hilton take me and Mark back to The Lowry. Regardless of the fact I was to have another late night after the MTV awards, I was up until gone half past 4 with Mark and was therefore rather exhausted in the morning. I managed to get myself up for 2 and met Jack and Elliot for lunch and then a quick look around some of the shops before heading home at around 4 in order to get ready. I showered and then Lee ended up coming to my room and setting back my schedule and then I finally began getting ready. I wore a white Dolce & Gabbana shirt which had grey cuffs and collar with a silver skinny tie also by Dolce with a dark grey Burberry Prorsum cardigan (unbuttoned) some black Yves Saint Laurent pants and some new Prada shoes. I accessorised with a black belt from Dior, a wallet from Gucci, my silver diamond encrusted rolex and a silver David Yurman ring which had black diamonds. I went to Kelly's room where she was getting into a grey Lanvin dress which was made up of layers of material and a ruffle which ran down one side of it. Once in she put on a pair of silver and grey Chloe shoes and a necklace where diamonds were sown onto a piece of fabric which tied in a bow. She was ready, finally. We went downstairs in order to get a car. I wanted to drive however I knew for a fact I would be drinking and didn't like the idea of leaving my car in Liverpool overnight so reluctantly took chauffeurs. Whilst in the car I messaged Gabrielle asking when she'd be here. I recieved no reply. We arrived at the arena about 30 minutes before the show was due to go live on air. We dodged the red carpet and went inside and sat at our table more or less right next to Take That. Once we Lee had ordered some shots I recieved a message from Gabrielle saying Just landed x so I informed everyone that she may be late or not come at all. However, a couple of minutes later she came walking through looking gormless as ever with an enourmous Louis Vuitton Makeup case. She saw us and came over to the table. She was dressed in a black gothic style assyemetric dress with tights. All the attention however was drawn to her shoes, sky high Azzaro crystal encrusted heels, the crysals were all over the heel and also the actual heel of the shoe and all around the trim, along with this eye catching accessory Gabrielle was currently wearing my mother's wedding ring. The enormous Harry Winston rock is hardly ever worn by our mother as it is simply too large for every day use, she opts for the more modest engagement ring. I asked Gabrielle about the message she had just sent me informing me of just landing and she said "Yes dear, on the car park in a helicopter. I had such a nightmare. I showered before leaving New York and boarded the plane with wet hair and went to sleep for a few hours however I overslept and then had to have the air hostess help me to curl my hair. Thankfully she knew how so we saved a little time and then I changed and had to do my makeup on the helicopter. My luggage however was a different matter. It was a case of urgency so I got a contact number for the pilot and told Jackie to phone him to sort something out. I have no idea where it is now, it could still be in Liverpool airport for all I know..." She then shouted a waitress and said "Excuse me, could you possibly get me someone who's in charge of the VIP's please... Urgently." The show started with an appauling performance from Katy Perry which almost made my ears bleed however we just kept the drinks flowing. The VIP person came and Gabrielle shoved her makeup case at her and said "Can you ensure this goes to The Lowry please, I don't care how it gets there or how much it costs, have the hotel pay, deliver it yourself.. Just ensure it gets there tonight. Thank you." 

We hardly watched the show and instead mingled with the stars like Beyonce who remembered Gabrielle from a gala in New York, Pink, Take that and other friends who had also come to watch the ceremony. Elliot's brother had been there since the beginning but he couldn't find us and we were only graced by his presence half way through. Looking gorgeous as ever he sat at the table whilst more or less everyone except from Lee stared at him and his girlfriends ego expanded as she noticed the gawps. Gabrielle quickly diverted the attention when she began talking about Barrack Obama and said "Well when Elliot kindly informed me of who he was I was terribly confused as my friends said he was the first black president however I thought it was awful how they could just forget about Nelson Mandela like that" I shut my eyes and slumpted my head, she is beyond help. Elliot's brother, Maxwell, wasn't subjected to Gabrielle's stupidity often and said "Is anybody at home today Gabrielle?" Meaning inside her head, Gabrielle of course doesn't see ambiguous meaning behind his comment and said "Erm, my mum should be home. Why do you ask?" Beyond help. 

We continued purchasing drinks throughout the night and had little dances at various points. When Take That were performing Gabrielle got up to go to the toilet and did a little ballet spin which received "Woop's" from some men sat nearby, these encouraged her to do more and then blew them a kiss afterwards haha. The show ended with another appauling performance from Katy Perry and then Lee said "After party kids! Pulling time I believe it is co-named!" All the girls looked at one another and said "What?!" - They hadn't brought different outfits... Catastrophe. They stressed for a little while saying things like "We can't go in the same things, people think we can't afford new outfits and therefore don't belong!" And then after truthful, persuasive words from Lee, Elliot Maxwell and myself Gabrielle said "Actually you're right. This dress cost me - my mother- three thousand pounds and these shoes were a thousand so I highly doubt people will think we don't belong. Just stand with me girls and you'll all be fine haha." She was clearly joking, I was with Kelly when she purchased hers and that cost her two thousand nine-hundred so, for the first time, Gabrielle actually spoke sense! 

When we arrived at the afterparty at Albert Dock there were people there who too hadn't changed their outfits and given the fact the girls had been drinking all night they weren't quite as bothered. If they had been sober I imagine concierges would be rummaging through suitcases by now and loading things into helicopters. The venue was called Circo, it wasn't anything special and I imagine they could have found somewhere nicer however it was where the party was being held so I couldn't complain. The party was marvelous! Beyonce's younger sister, Solange, performed along with other various people and furthermore, the homosexuals were in abundance therefore I was delighted. 

After getting highly intoxicated I was taken back to the person who I deemed worthy of intercourse's apartment, which was conveiniently located on Albert Dock also. Just before leaving I overheard the person who Gabrielle was sleeping with say "I can't wait to rip that dress off you!" My initial thought was to turn around and threaten him however Gabrielle said "If you have three thousand pounds to replace it then by all means go ahead, otherwise please refrain from doing so... and also, my brother is stood about three feet from us and unless you have a desire for a broken nose I suggest you keep it to a whisper." Keep her on her toes, just the way I like it! Haha. 

In the morning, when the man who I learnt was called David had left for work I rummaged around the apartment for a while and then phoned The Lowry telling them to come and collect me and then whilst the car made it's way to Liverpool I went to the gym. There was someone in the gym who I recognised and thought he may have been a footballer for Liverpool Football Club due to his physique and gym attire. I fell to sleep on the journey back to Manchester and was woke by the driver when I arrived back at the hotel. I put my sunglasses on whilst I walked through the hotel in an attempt to hide my dark circles and when I got to my hotel room read my mesages. Gabrielle had left for the airport thirty minutes earlier along with Kayleigh, Maxwell and his girlfriend who's name I could not remember for the life of me and nor could she given the fact she too had called her 'Maxwell's girlfriend.' I phoned Elliot and Lee to see what they were doing, Lee didn't answer and Elliot told me he'd taken my car into Manchester to look around the shops and to go for lunch. Yet again, he hadn't asked to borrow my car, just as my friends always do. I was bored and decided I wanted to join him. I got a key which I had for Lee's room (I strategically acquired one of these upon my arrival) and let myself into Lee's room. Upon entrance I could her the undeniable sounds of sex (headbord etc.) however found his car keys and left. I adore Lee's Lambourghini - as does everybody else judging by the amount of people who stare. I met Elliot for lunch at a hotel, the food wasn't anything spectacular and then we went to do some shopping. Shops outside of London always seem so mediocre in comparison. Nevertheless, I purchased yet another trench, a scarf and some driving gloves from Burberry, 5 pairs of the same tracksuit bottoms from Diesel seeing as all of mine have gone missing (my friends and sister are the reason for that) plus 2 knitted jumpers and 4 hoodies also from diesel. Following this I bought 4 pairs of sunglasses and another Alexander McQueen scarf from Harvey Nichols. I recieved a message from Lee whilst shopping saying Do either you or Elliot have my car... I can't find my keys haha. I assured him I did and returned to the hotel with it an hour or so later. Meanwhile, Elliot went to his hotel to collect his luggage and I waited for him to bring my car back. I paid both mine and Gabrielle's bills and went and put my luggage into my car along with my shopping bags. Whilst I did so I recalled how my mother had told me to go easy on the shopping due to purchasing the coat... Oh well. We both knew it wasn't going to happen. 

I didn't do much for the rest of the week in London. I went ice skating with Elliot on the following Saturday of that week (8th) and when Gabrielle arrived I ended up taking on the role of spectator. Elliot is a former figure skater and Gabrielle, as you know, is a former dancer. The two compliment each other rather well. I didn't invite Gabrielle for this sole reason however Elliot must have text her asking her to come. The extent of my dancing on ice is spinning, skating on one leg and I can just about land a jump. Gabrielle can do all of these with great ease yet can perform lifts with Elliot due to her practically non-existant body mass. I spent the remainder of the time dodging falling children and being on the phone. I stayed in at Lee's that evening with Kelly and indulged in some caviar whilst talking etc. The next day Gabrielle and I went to Surrey to go out on our horses. Gabrielle had purchased an entire new outfit just for the occasion which consisted of Marc Jacobs riding boots, some Juicy Couture leggings and a Vivienne Westwood blouse. I on the other hand wore some Harrods Jhodpurs with a white Hugo Boss shirt, a Gucci neck scarf and some (unworn) Dolce & Gabbana boots which had shearling and suede on. When we got to the horses we began stroking them etc. and Gabrielle said "Wouldn't it be amazing if they had puppies together!" I looked at her and said "Gabrielle they can't-" I was overwhelmed by her stupidity and stopped mid sentence when she said "Oh... Have they had vasectomies?" I just told her that was correct and went riding. 

The following week was rather boring. I finally managed to read my ever expanding pile of post which consisted of nothing other than invites and the occasional other thing. I had invites to private islands, The Hamptons, New York, Florida, Istanbul, Mykonos, The Bahamas, Barbados.... The list went on. Along with these I got a typed letter from a man which read Dear Kyle, Due to the fact I wasn't lucky enough to recieve a phone call from you, as expected, and you weren't so kind as to exchange your phone number with me I realised mail was the only form of contact. I recalled the hotel which you lived in from the night we slept together after Vanilla. I'm sure you don't recall the fantastic evening which we shared together however, for me it was a night I shan't forget for quite some time and also one which I hope to do again. Hence this letter. Please don't hesistate to telephone me on... I anticipate your phone call Kyle. Yours, Marcus. He was quite right. I didn't remember him and I had no longing to. That one went into the bin. I also recieved an invite for a hotel opening in Dubai. It is part of the Atlantis hotel chain. I have accommodated in their hotel on Paradise Island a number of times, despite having a home there, and it seems that if you're willing to spend £21,000 per night on a hotel suite then you're worthy of an invite to the opening of their latest project. I would certainly be attending. My parents had also recieved an invite as had Elliot and his. 

Gabrielle officially moved to New York last Wednesday (12th) which was rather emotional. She gathered together the remainder of her luggage she was taking and put it into my parents Audi Q7 and got into my Porsche with me and her dog. She was excited to go as she was moving with her friends from university however I was rather depressed. I miss not seeing her everyday! She had chartered a rather large plane so that she and her 4 friends could all leave together.. This was the extent of her kindness. Whilst they were paying for their rented excuses for apartments, she has a rather spacious 2 bedroom condominum which boasts views of central park and is decorated in Versace's home collection. Furthermore she has a concierge at her service with room service and cleaners etc. however I highly doubt these girls will be complaining. If they wished to do so Gabrielle would merely tell them to go and take an ecomomy commercial flight haha. Upon our arrival at the airport my mother began to cry and Gabrielle hugged her and said "I know it may be sad knowing that your favourite child is leaving you, however don't be too upset you still have Kyle. I'm aware he's not a patch on me but if it's any consolation mother nobody is." One of Gabrielle's friends also arrived with her parents, she too was excited. The girls parents came over and thanked my mother and father for the chartering of the jet. Both of my parents looked at Gabrielle who was in the midst of a conversation and then said to the girl's parents "Oh, I wasn't aware we had. Nevertheless, I much prefer them to travel privately" Gabrielle turned around and said "Oh yes mother, I took it upon myself to have Jackie book a larger jet for us all. Hope you don't mind." She then said goodbye to my father and then before going into the airport said "Just remember, I'm only a short flight across the Pacific!" The girl's parents began laughing at Gabrielle's stupid comment and my father just said "Clearly Geography wasn't something which the royal ballet school taught well." 

The following Saturday I went out in London with Lee which was rather good... ish. We went to the usual places and Lee was chatting up girls something chronic, as usual. Yet, when he brings the attention of girls onto himself this inevitably means I too am going to get some. Some being quite an understatement. There was one girl who Lee bought a drink for and began talking to at the bar who called her friend over. They both already drunk and Lee invited them to come and sit with us. After a few minutes the girl was all over me like a rash, I was not impressed. I sat, whilst this girl groped and kissed me, staring at Lee making it clear to him just how infuriating this inposition was. Then, when the leech showed no signs of boredom I looked through my messages. The majority hadn't been replied to however I was bored and so I thought now was a good time. I had 7 asking me whether I was going out so I replied to each of them. All were gay bar Emma who probably wanted to sleep with me too. Thankfully Rod (an exceptionally good looking model) replied almost instantly saying I was just on my way there, see you in about 5. I was scanning the club like a hawk for the next five minutes and when I spotted Rod and his friends I stood up, almost sending the girl flying, and walked round the table and whispered in Lee's ear "You could have asked her to come over to you as opposed to molesting me. I'm sure you would have loved the company of two blondes, however being the swine that you are I'm also sure you loved watching me endure that." He laughed so I kissed his neck, wrapped my arms around him and groped him and then kissed his ear and whispered "Pay back is a bitch Lee... Look at their faces. Good luck getting yourself out of this one" I gave him another kiss on the neck and another grope and walked away. 

Rod is a model who features in campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana as well as walking on the runway for other various designers. This being his career it goes without saying that he is overwhelmingly good looking. I hadn't seen him since fashion week in New York a few months ago so I felt catching up was necessary. Upon going over to him he said "Looking rather nice this evening Kyle, I almost have an erection just from fucking looking at you!" I smiled and said "I have that effect on people Rod, you ought to be aware of that by now." The friends which he had brought with him were also rather good looking and they examined me from head to toe whilst Lee and I had a conversation. About an hour later whilst on the dance floor Rod said "Can you actually be bothered staying here or would you rather just go back to yours and fuck?" I couldn't be bothered and said "Let's go." 

We had an amazing night - and morning and I met with Lee and Ellie for lunch. When I walked into Nobu where I was meeting them Lee said "Ooo here he is... The bugger himself" I laughed and said "Do tell me, what damage control did you use for the situation I left you in Lee?" haha. The rest of the week was rather boring and I just did the usual things. I received a message from Gabrielle on Tuesday when she started work saying It's not too bad you know... Three hours later I received another saying My boss is a complete cow! and about 4 hours later another saying Ugh! I despise work! I was wondering how long it would take her however she exceeded my expectations... A mere day in the working industry and she despises it already. Certainly my sister. 

On Tuesday afternoon I decided I was bored of London and so had a flight booked for Dubai. The first available flight which Jackie found was departing that evening so she booked it. I then frantically packed my six cases and had my Jackie drop me off at the airport in my parents car. I shopped in the airport to take my mind off the flight, however seeing as it was the middle of the night not much was open. I consumed a couple of glasses of wine and then boarded the flight. I willed for myself to fall to sleep before we took off however I wasn't so lucky... Flying commercial certainly has it's disadvantages... For most. Due to enduring an overnight flight I was not in any mood to wait around for my luggage so I had Jackie arrange for someone to do it for me. Surely enough when I got off the plane there was someone there who approached me and said "Is it Mr. McQuillan" I told him he was correct and he said "Your assistant informs me that all of your luggage is branded with Louis Vuitton. Is this correct?" It was "And is it five pieces you have with you today sir?" I corrected him and told him it was six, he said "Ah, my mistake. Sorry. If you'd like to go and wait in your car outside I will be out within the next few minutes." I wondered how he intended on doing this and then he typed a code into a door and went behind the carousel. Presumably to get my luggage before it began going around the carousel. Just as he said, within a few minutes of being in the car the driver got out and began putting luggage into the boot. I gave the man 30 Dirhams (I have no idea how much money that is) and the driver took me to the hotel. 

There were a few people from the press outside of the hotel however I walked straight in and checked in. I was taken to my room which was absolutely amazing! It's in the lower levels of the hotel (below ground) and my bedroom and bathroom have floor to ceiling glass walls which look out to the underwater of the lagoon. Additionally I have a 24 hour dedicated butler so I am more than satisfied. On Wednesday I shopped all day purchasing various things and potential outfits for the Thursday evening. I also met up with a friend who currently lives in Dubai and had a somewhat spectacular evening. He also introduced me to a friend on Thursday morning over breakfast so I had yet another spectacular time haha. Whilst in the midst of intercourse I received a message which I read once I was finished. It was from Gabrielle and it said I'm here, come to my room x. I did so and her suite was more of less identical to mine and she too had a butler who was currently getting her some food. Upon asking Gabrielle how work was she said "Ugh! I had to use persuasive techniques just to get me here. I gave this speech about how the event will educate me seeing as it is a £13 million event to which A listers will be attending and nobody from the business has invites. I think I get given a little leeway due to my contacts and financial position so I dread to think what it must be like for the others..." Gabrielle and I went swimming with dolphins that afternoon which was amazing. Gabrielle said she wanted one, just like she has been doing every time we have swam with them since we were seven. My parents arrived at the hotel mid afternoon and we met them in the foyer. My father said "Do you both like your rooms?" We told him we did and he said "Yes well ours is far superior to yours ha" My mother told him to grow up and then he said "Well I have work to do so I shall see you all this evening. Camilla dear do you have the portfolio?" My mother went into her bag and pulled out a monogram Louis Vuitton document folder and handed it to my father. He placed it into his black leather Louis Vuitton laptop bag and asked whether I wanted to come with him. I said "Go where" as I thought he wouldn't be so stupid as to ask me to do anything work related with him however he was in fact asking me to do exactly that. I said "Why on earth would I want to go to work with you father?" He shrugged and said "Of course, how stupid of me. I just thought you may have at least the slightest bit of interest in the multi-million pound business which you stand to inherit" I told him he was incorrect and then said "Where is it that you're going anyway?" He said "To see the progress on the island" I looked at Gabrielle and we both looked at our parents and said "We have an island?" They both said "Yes" as though it was nothing and then my father said "You see Kyle. If you showed some interest you would know that we own one of the artificial islands which makes up the world here in Dubai." Gabrielle said "Dad do we still have the house here?" He told her we did and then she said "Do we have a car there?" We didn't and she said "Arr... Can we go and hire one please? It's been ages since I have driven and I want to go shopping with Kyle." My Dad said "If you pick up a little pace then we can go and get one now and then I can get to work. My mother went to her suite to do some work whilst Gabrielle, my father and I went to get a car. It was forty degrees almost so we wanted a convertible. We ended up getting a Lambourghini Gallardo in Grey. Whilst getting it I said "What car do you want next dad?" He told me he wanted a Tesla and then said "Why? What do you want?" I told him I wanted a Lambourghini and he said "Well if you ever get rid of that Jaguar which you insisted upon having and now never use then maybe we will see about getting you one." I was hoping he'd say that. 

When we were leaving the car place my dad said "I am torn as to who ought to drive this... I have no desire to pay a fine for a crashed car, which therefore rules both of you out, however Kyle is more likely due to his driving. Yet, a car like this ought to be driven to it's potential rather than crawling down the roads, doesn't it Gabrielle?" She took the keys off him and said "I believe the question you ought to be asking yourself father is whether or not you want your son to kill your daughter with his recklessness haha" she got into the drivers sat and I reluctantly got into the passenger and she said "and besides. I can drive this car to it's potential.." She accelerated and then stalled immediately. My father began laughing and said "Your argument doesn't have the same effect when merely verify the oppositions points dear... Have a good day!" After shopping Gabrielle insisted that she drove again despite the fact she was going to be rushed getting ready. We also got lost which didn't help and I directed Gabrielle saying "Turn left here" she went right and I said "Gabrielle you just turned right" she thought about it for a second and then said "Oh yes so I did." We went past the same place about four times due to her being unable to follow simple instructions and then finally said "You drive" and we swapped seats. When I sat in the drivers seat she said "Kyle could you go slow please" I said "Of course dear" then put the music on full blast and accelerated to more than a hundred. The people who were sat outside of the cafe we swapped seats at stared as we zoomed off and Gabrielle screamed haha. 

When we got back to the hotel Gabrielle was at a loss for time. She had already washed her hair thankfully however had an outfit to chose etc. which could potentially take hours. After I had showered I put on a Tom Ford suit and then recieved a phone call from my mother, she said "Kyle dear your father doesn't like the shoes he has with him. Could you come to our room with yours please." I went shoeless to my parents room with my Louis Vuitton trunk which contained shoes and accessories. I knocked on the door and my mother answered in her dressing gown with glamourous hair and makeup. I opened my case in the middle of the floor and my father said "Gordon Benett Kyle! How many have you brought?" He began searching through and then said "There's too many, which do you think?" I showed him a few pairs but he said no and then took a pair of Tom Ford ones which I was planning on wearing and said "I think I'll wear these" I said "No! I was planning on wearing those. I bought them in New York specifically for this outfit." He just looked at me and said "So.." I looked at him and said "I hate you" he laughed and then punched me on the arm and said "Come on then haha" he raised his fists and began bouncing from foot to foot I said "Father I wouldn't want to humiliate you therefore I shan't fight you" he hit me again so I too raised my fists and punched him on the arm. After yet another punch I did a little combination of punches and then my mother came out in her dress and said "Oh Harold do grow up." She was wearing a metallic grey/silver dress by Todd Lynn which had black fur on each shoulder and also extended over her shoulder blades and top of her back. With it she was wearing black tights, a pair of black Burberry shoes which were T-strap with black studs down, a Miu Miu clutch and her wedding ring for a change. Gabrielle knocked on the door and entered wearing a black figure hugging Herve Leger dress which had a few white tiger stripes (the only way to describe it), with a pair of white platformed Christian Laboutins and a Christian Laboutin clutch. All her hair was down over one shoulder and curled, she seemed flustered and said "Mum what jewellery do you have. I don't really like what I have on with this..." She opened one of the cases which was on the floor and held up a lace corset. She said "Mother is this mine?" My father said "No Gabrielle that is your mother's and I hope you do not wear such undergarments" Gabrielle turned up her top lip and looked at me then said "Mother you can't wear things like this... You're old!" My mother gasped and said "I most certainly am not.. I'm not even fifty yet Gabrielle!" I said "Yes mother however you are nearer to fifty than you are to twenty one. You should be wearing skin coloured bras by your age... Not provocative lace corsets." My father joined in and said "Well that's certainly going to spice things up in the bedroom isn't it" Gabrielle did a miniature scream in disgust and I told them I was going to vomit my father said "Shush Kyle. We're married! Imagine how we feel when we see endless stream of people flooding out of your hotel rooms. Kyle you must be nearing on sleeping with the entire population of London-" my mother said "Let's change the subject.. Gabrielle what do you want of mine?" Gabrielle said "Can I wear your engagement ring?" My mother handed it to her and my Dad looked somewhat confused, Gabrielle noticed this and said "Well if you bought me my own twenty something carat Harry Winston ring then I wouldn't have to use this all the time would I?" He said "Gabrielle I got you one from Tiffany's for you 18th in which the carats total 42. You never wear that..." She didn't say anything because she knew he was right haha. I put on my Hermes watch and some different Tom Ford shoes and we all left to go to the party. I walked with my father to the lift whilst my mother and Gabrielle compared shoes etc. and my father said "Kyle, although I don't approve of your sex life in any way what so ever, I must say that it is one of the best I have heard of. I believe it is equal to, if not better than, that of the character Samatha Jones" I laughed and then he grabbed my bicep and squeezed it causing a rather immense pain and said "If you ever repeat that to your mother I will thrash you" I grabbed his arm and twisted it up his back and then my mum saw us and said "Will you two behave yourselves. Harold you're supposed to be an adult" She walked between us both and when she was talking to my sister my father punched me behind my mothers back and then winked at me.

Whilst in the lift to go up to the party Gabrielle went over to my Dad and said "Daaddd... Will you buy me a Harry Winston please?" then I went over to my mum and hugged her, she said "What do you want?" I nonchalantly said "A lambourghini" she said "No.. I want an Aston Martin first." I said "Mumm... Dad already has one!" She said "He has a Dbs, I want a Db9..." I stood upright and behind me I heard Gabrielle kiss my dad and say "Thank you Dad." The doors opened to the lobby and all four of us stepped out to be greeted by a waiter who handed us a flute of Dom Perignon. My mother and father saw somebody who they knew and went over whilst Gabrielle stood and looked around the room. Behind us we heard a girl say "Gabrielle.." we both turned and it was Holly Branson with her brother Sam. Gabrielle and Holly hugged and Gabrielle said "I've not seen you for ages! How the devil are you dear?!" Sam and I had a little catch up as, it had in fact been ages haha. Their enormous wealth wasn't conveyed through the outfit choices of the pair. Sam was wearing a hideous red shirt with a suit whilst Holly wore an ok dress yet spoilt it with leggings and heels which were probably only about an inch. We stayed with Sam and Holly for quite a while and at one point an unmistakable Manchester accent behind me said "Well we do get invites to all of the good parties don't we?" I turned around and Agyness Deyn was stood looking absolutely gorgeous in a blue dress. I had been out clubbing with her whilst in New York for fashion week due to us having the same friends. I laughed and she said "It's an amazing party isn't it!" I agreed and then she introduced me to her feyonce, who was very pleasant indeed. 

At one point of the night there was a firework display which lit up the whole sky. It was superb! Gabrielle was stood with her sunglasses on watching and looked like a complete idiot haha. Through the course of the night I spoke to Lily Allen, Mary Kate Olsen and my mother introduced me to Kylie Minogue who she was stood with and other various people who weren't in the public eye. I have no idea what time I went to bed at, however when I did so I was rather tipsy from the amount of champagne I had been drinking. After having been with Agyness Deyn for the majority of the night Gabrielle took a jet with her back to New York in the morning and my parents both went their separate ways, my mother to Los Angeles and my father to St. Tropez, for work. I have remained in Dubai alone however Lee flew out today and he said Elliot may join us at some point. 

I shall be in touch.

Much love.