3 May 2009

Arriving in New York for the gala... 3rd May

Since last speaking I have remained in Beverly Hills. The weather here has been marvellous in comparison to what I am told of London's. This was one of the major factors which implored Elliot and Lee to come and join me here. I received a message from Elliot one day last week asking what I was doing, I replied Not a lot, I met with friends for lunch today at The Ivy and Gabrielle is taking me to a work event this evening - cocktail party. How about yourself? I imagine London isn't quite the same without yours truly is it my friend? He replied saying Quite right Kyle, I may see about coming and joining you yet again, I shall see who else wishes to come. 

Two days later Elliot and Lee arrived via jet and suv at the Beverly Hills home. Lee walked in and said "Do excuse the profanity however, nice shag pad the pair of you" This was a term I had never heard before yet didn't particularly like nonetheless, I replied "I would prefer it if you didn't refer to my parent's Beverly Hills home and the residence of my sister as a shag pad Lee, yet I shall take it as a compliment. Thank you" he replied "Kyle, let's not beat about the bush. With Gabrielle living here alone and you dropping by fairly frequently there is no questioning whether or not it is what it is, and what's more... After what Gabrielle told me about your parents-" Gabrielle screamed "STOP!" As Lee made reference to when Gabrielle and I walked in on my parents a couple of weeks ago. Yes, quite sickening. He then went on "Well I do say, they are both exceptionally good looking parents. The only thing which would prevent me from sleeping with your mother would be the broken rib from Kyle and the paralysis which would occur once your father had finished with me" Gabrielle and I were disgusted and he said "What? Do you honestly think that all of your friends aren't thinking the same thing. Elliot, you would sleep with Haz wouldn't you?" He meant Harold, my father, Elliot said "Why of course, however, sex with Kyle is amazing and often. I couldn't rely on the Latter with Harold thus, following a utilitarian decision, I shall be sticking with Kyle..." He went to kiss me but I didn't return it haha, Lee then said "Likewise, I quite like the fact that I am able to walk. Now the sooner I find out which is my bedroom the sooner I can go and find a girl to bring back... Kyle, would you mind taking me to hire a car?" About 5 minutes later Gabrielle and I both received and e-mail from Jackie, the family assistant, saying Your mother along with myself and some colleagues shall be getting a jet in 4 hours time. Your mother has just this second insisted that I booked it immediately thus I have warned you as soon as I knew, sorry! See you soon. Marvellous. I shall now be welcoming my mother and her colleagues to 'The Shag Pad.'

The following day my mother did arrive however the previous night I stressed to everyone how it was crucial we were all in and behaving in a respectable manner - i.e. not bringing home a stranger each. In addition I also phoned the staff the ensure they made an early start prior to my mother's arrival. My mother phoned to say that she had landed and was getting a car back so I woke everyone so that we were all up and the beds could be made. When my mother arrived she did so with an entourage of 4. Jackie and her travelled in one SUV whilst her other three colleagues travelled in another. As the drivers unloaded the luggage each of her employees had one medium sized suitcase each, my mother on the other hand had brought three plus a holdall. I opened the door and greeted my mother who was exceptionally pleased to sea Gabrielle and I. I then said hello to each of her colleagues as they entered, one in lady in particular was very pretty and Lee took an immediate liking to her saying "A pleasure to meet you, I'm Lee." I looked at him and shook my head. My mother lead her little entourage into the kitchen and asked the house keeper to make some breakfast then said "Jackie, you may do as you please. The car is in the garage if you need it however we do need to sort out where everyone will accommodate, some will have to go to hotels seeing as Gabrielle and Kyle seem to have taken over the household. Unless of course a couple of you don't mind sharing bedrooms. There are seven plus one for staff which is adequate thus Kyle and Elliot you may share as I imagine you already are, Gabrielle can have her room, Lee I imagine it would be most advisable you slept alone, then there is my room and four additional guests... This is far too confusing. Someone else can rectify the situation. If needs be book a room at The Beverly Wilshire." Elliot said "I shall pay for Kyle and myself a room there, it is far easier." I said "No you shan't I don't want someone sleeping in my room" my mother replied "Kyle, these people do not have leprosy!" After she had said this I realised how my comment must have sounded haha, my mother then went on to say "Steve, Catherine and Jennifer" I presumed these were the names of the people she had brought with her "You may go upstairs and shower then feel free to take a couple of hours break before getting on with your work, during that time you may make use of the gymnasium which is downstairs or sit by the pool. If you wish, you may take your laptops and work material outside and work out there when the time comes. Meanwhile I shall go and freshen up then sit by the pool, join my Kyle and Gabrielle?" Once my mother had showered she came back downstairs wearing a black swimsuit which featured a rather revealing hole in the cleavedge area along with a pair of Gucci heels with leather straps, a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses and a Pucci scarf tied in her hair. When she walked through the living area Lee almost choked on what ever it was he was eating and my mother said "Are any of you coming outside with me?" Lee of course jumped at the offer and my mother said "Well if you are going to continue staring at my breasts for the duration then I would prefer it if you didn't, otherwise by all means" Gabrielle, Elliot and I were rather amused by this and Gabrielle said "I must say though mother, I cannot stop staring at them either, they look amazing in that costume!" She said "I know, that's why I purchased it, it's from Chloe. When your father saw it he almost..." she trailed off as she realised we most probably did not to hear what ever it was she was going to say and said "Could someone bring me a drink out with them please?" Once outside we all just talked with my mother about various things and gossip etc then her employees came outside, the youngest, Catherine, stopped in her tracks and said "Camilla you look absolutely flawless!" My mother thanked her and she was still staring and then she said "Well don't gawp.." haha. I went inside to get another drink at one point and recieved a phone call from my father. We had the usual pretty much pointless conversation and then I heard him say "You know you are lucky to have a job in this current economic climate, should you choose to continue with this current work ethic which you all share luck may no longer be on your side" he then continued his conversation with me and then shouted back "Oh and Hilary, those shoes are not suitable for the office. I do believe the correct attire is 4 inches no less. Sort it. Immediately. Sorry Kyle, where were we..." When I was back outside he asked to speak to Gabrielle who was on the other side of the pool. I should've known better however, I shouted her and said "Gabrielle, Dad wants to speak to you" she turned around and looked right at me and then I threw the phone to her, she stared at it, let it hit her breasts and then clapped her hands together in order to catch it as it bounced off her breasts and into the pool. She grabbed her boob and shouted "Idiot!" whilst I shouted "You imbecile!" She then went on to say "ME?! You're the fool who decided to throw a mobile phone at my breast!" Whilst I screamed back "You're the one who is completely incompetant that requires anything to do with a brain and failed to catch the wretched thing when it was travelling at snails pace!" She shouted back "Oh shut up Kyle! My boob is killing me!" I shouted "Boob?! Mound of silicone!" My mother then stood up and said "Will the pair of you stop! This is completely unnecessary, Kyle you shouldn't have thrown it and Gabrielle, well, I could have caught that... It doesn't matter I shall have Jackie go and get you a new phone, meanwhile, will the pair of you make up." Everyone was still laughing at the family domestic whilst I walked around the other side of the pool to hug Gabrielle. I did so and then grabbed each arm and lifted her off the floor and held her over the pool saying "Would you like to get my phone back for me Gabrielle?" She shouted "KYLE! NO!" I moved her closer towards the water however she lifted her legs either side of her so that she was in the splits screaming as I continued to lower her. Everyone was in hysterics and my mother, once again, came to break up the little fight, she said "Oh Gabrielle is that position really necessary?" she was still screaming and said "YES! I am a matter of centimeters from the water! TELL HIM!" haha my mother made me bring her back up and when I did so she let her legs dangle again and then, in order to get revenge she decided to kick me in the place where it hurts one most. This is a girl who does ballet for hours on end thus she has rather a lot of power behind her kick. When she did so I automatically let go of her and bent downwards. I heard an enourmous splash and then she came to the top of the water screaming, meanwhile I had sat down through pain and my mother was saying "Oh Gabrielle. Was that necessary?" Gabrielle shouted "I'm going to have to wash my hair now you swine!" With all the breath I could gather I shouted back "I'm infertile for Christ's sake!" My mother replied "Kyle don't be dramatic. Now will the pair of you behave for crying out loud!" Post recovery I didn't do all that much, Gabrielle came into my room once she had washed and blowdryed her her to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek to apologise. 

My mother ended up sending her employees with the exception of Jackie to the hotel whilst the rest of us remained at the house. Lee did offer his 6 bedroomed home which is in Los Angeles however my mother refused his over stating "I cannot use one of your family's homes in order to accomodate my staff. Do be serious. What's more, I would feel to comfortable if I were your parents knowing that there were complete strangers staying in my house unsupervised." That evening my mother, Gabrielle and I went out for a meal whilst Elliot and Lee stayed at the house. 

The following few days weren't all that eventful. Gabrielle went on a night out with my mother and both came in exceptionally drunk at some ridiculous hour of the morning. I heard them as they were coming up the stairs whispering and then my mother said "Let me go and see if Kyle's awake" she crept in and stood right beside me (I pretended to be asleep as I simply could not be bothered talking to her at that moment in time) and she said "Arr, how adorable. Look at Elliot and your brother" she seemed to stand there looking over me for what seemed like ages before she decided to leave and when she did so, like the oh so intelligent individual that she is said "Imagine what their children would look like.." 

When I woke in the morning I went downstairs to find my mother lay on a bed by the pool asleep wearing sunglasses - presumably to hide her bags whilst all of her employees worked away in the office. I woke her and she said "Oh my. I must have dosed off. Christ I feel slightly worse for wear this morning dear" she told me about her night out with Gabrielle and how much fun she had and said she would certainly do so again haha she then said "Give your darling mother a hug... I need to go and do some work." As my mother and I walked back inside Gabrielle flew into sight as she tripped and landed on her stomach. I thought she was going to cry like she normally does then I would have to go and pick her up off the floor however she began to laugh. Once she had returned to her feet she stumbled into the kitchen and said "Mother! I am still somewhat drunk... What on earth was I drinking?" My mother replied "Well darling I was buying you champagne cocktails however I do recall you seeing some of your friends in one establishment and we both went over. Everyone asked who I was so I told them I was your older sister, however they all said 'You can't be, we know Kyle too, we'd surely know you' then one of them said 'Your her mum aren't you. Damn I heard you were hot!' Well, I took it as a compliment but I simply must ask. How the devil had he heard I was hot? I had never seen him in my life?!" That was a question I often asked myself only with me being the subject. Yet I am still oblivious as to what the answer may be. 

On Friday (the 1st) Lee, Elliot, Gabrielle and myself were in Lee's hired car on our way to see a friend when each of us recieved a message at the same time. We all looked on our phones and mine read I need you to come and see me in Florida. Don't worry, I have news.. x I asked everyone if their message was off Ellie and everyone said yes. I was a little scared about this and then looked at Gabrielle who looked a little upset, then I realised. She now had no option in going to Florida, she was going to have to. Neither of us had been since we flew from Byron Bay's Sanctuary rehabilitation centre to there a number of years ago for Gabrielle to recover from her eating disorder. I had no longing to return, however it seemed our friend needed us thus I grabbed Gabrielle's hand and nodded and she did likewise. 

Within the hour Elliot had organised a jet for that day as had Kelly and Kayleigh in St. Tropez and Capri. I had all sorts of things going through my mind as to what it could be however my sheer dread of returning there was somewhat great. When I returned to the house everyone went to gather their belongings and I went to tell my mother where we were going at which point her eyes filled up and she said "Are you sure you'll both be ok?" I replied "I don't know. We'll have to see. I have a feeling we may end up going to the house. Could you have Jackie get the keys sent to Ellie's home?" My mother nodded and was evidently upset as the memories we all try to block out returned. 

When we arrived in Florida we passed through the airport that Gabrielle, my parents and I would arrive in every year when we would come to spend the summer here. It not being a subject either of us tend to talk about, other than on the rare occasion, thus it's not something everyone is really all that aware of. Elliot realised, when I put my arm around Gabrielle that it was in fact here where we spent several weeks of being distraught. 

When we finally arrived at Ellie's home all of us were greeted by the house keeper who said "Ellie is awaiting your arrival at the poolside" each of us went through not talking, it was so tense haha. Once outside Kelly and Kayleigh were also there lay beside Ellie who was wearing a printed Maxi dress from Milly. We all took a seat on the beds by the pool and I noticed Gabrielle receive a hug from Kelly. Lee said "Ok, enough waiting, I've had everything from cancer to you emmigrating going through my head" Ellie smiled and said "I'm pregnant!" Gabrielle screamed and pounced on her in excitment whilst I was quite the opposite and said "... and you're keeping it?" Kelly's expression, lacking in thrill, mirrored mine, Ellie replied "Yes Kyle I am. I am five months gone and have been questioning whether or not I should keep it since I found out a month and a half ago. However, I am almost twenty-three years old and I have been on and off with Sam for over three years now and I've only ever slept with about four people besides him in that spice of time... I'm sorry I haven't told you all sooner, I didn't know whether or not I was keeping it for certain until about a week ago" she began to cry and said "I'm going to have a baby girl." Gabrielle was crying her eyes out at this point and gathered all the breath she could to ask what she was going to call it, Ellie replied "Well I'm not entirely sure, however the favourite is Ella-May" Gabrielle then let out a deafening cry and hugged Ellie again whilst the tears streamed down her face. I phoned my mother and told her and as soon as I did so she began to sniff and I asked "You're not crying too are you?" she was and said "Put her on the phone." We all sat around and talked about the prospect of having children stating things like "I always knew you would be first Ellie" Kelly came out with the typical comment of "Your sex life will never be the same again Ellie... Have you considered vaginal reconstruction post birth?" She said "I have Kelly yes however I am unsure as to how many children I will have. It is rather pointless undergoing surgery when if I am going to have another child." About an hour or so later the doorbell went and the housekeeper came through with the largest bouquet of flowers I think I have ever seen. Ellie gasped and said "Oh my life, who sent these. They're gorgeous!" she read out "Congratulations on your pregnancy dear. We wish you all the best. With love, Harold, Camilla, Gabrielle and Kyle." Theoretically Gabrielle and I had no idea they were being sent so really they were just form my parents, nevertheless, we went along with it and said "Oh you're welcome my love." 

That night we sat in the living room with Sam and Ellie talking about all things regarding children. Gabrielle said "Send it to ballet!" whilst Ellie said "Well all of you shall influence my decisions in one way or another, whether it be ballet, figure skating" Elliot said "Please do! I will tutor it! ... Her!"  Ellie continued "Or whether or not it will go to boarding school, perhaps abroad... I don't know. I think we will remain in England, yet perhaps move out of London and have a home in maybe Surrey or Heartfordshire, however I would quite like to be near to the beach so I'm considering Sandbanks too.." Gabrielle cried yet again and Lee asked "Do the two of you plan on getting married?" Ellie said "Well we've talked about it and we're definately going to. The baby is due in August so maybe early September or perhaps have a winter wedding abroad. I don't know.." I went to bed feeling like my youth was disappearing, already one of my closest friends has made the decision to put the party lifestyle behind her and move out of London to have a family. I slept in a room with Kelly that night and talked for what seemed like ages. She said "When do you want children?" I replied "I don't know. I want to do it properly in that once I have them I want to be married and not have this life anymore, like Ellie is. I don't think I'm ready to detach myself from this lifestyle yet, I love it too much!" She replied "yes my sentiments exactly, are we still getting married and having children?" I said "Why yes of course, I want a boy first followed by a girl and I want one to have a name of French origin" she then asked "Would we send them to boarding school?" I said "Without doubt.. I don't really like children that much" she said "No, me neither..." haha.

On the Saturday afternoon I received a message from a friend called Elizabeth in New York, it read Kyle my friend, it appears you have disappeared off the face of the earth. What part of the world are you currently in? I sincerely hope you will be in New York on Monday evening in order to attend The Costume Institute Gala. Ring me upon your arrival xo I suppose Elizabeth was like Gabrielle and myself only a New York version. Her circle of friends was much like mine in that they were all affluent and well dressed yet they all differed somewhat in that they weren't promiscuous in the slightest. For an extremely attractive girl Elizabeth has only ever slept with two people, man with whom she was in a relationship with for a couple of years and me who was extremely shocked to find that she had only ever slept with the one person haha. My parents are good friends with hers and they often assist them with finding new homes around the globe, take for example their current family home which is a top floor penthouse overlooking the park on New York's upper east side. Upon receiving the message I asked the others if any of them were attending the Gala, Kelly said she wanted to and Elliot said his brother was going with his girlfriend and Gabrielle wanted to as did I. I phoned the hotel where I reside in London and asked them to check my post. It was a good friend of mine who answered and she said that she would forward all my post to The Plaza in New York immediately. I then phoned Jackie and had her book a jet for late that night and then asked her to check whether my parents would be attending the gala. She told me that they were and they had already purchased outfits for the event. Oh Crap. I needed an outfit! The exhibition will be The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion - the reciprocal relationship between high fashion and evolving ideals of beauty and will focus on iconic fashion models of the 20th century and their roles in projecting, and sometimes inspiring, the fashion of their respective eras. Christ! 

That afternoon Gabrielle came into the bedroom where I was staying with a package from FedEx holding a set of keys in her hand and a letter. She said "These have just arrived..." I immediately started crying, her voice and face showed no emotion what so ever and she said "Shall we go?" I nodded and went over to hug her. We said we'd use Ellie's car to get there and put some clothes on. I met her in the foyer downstairs, both of us wearing opaque sunglasses to hide the fact that we were crying (in my case) or on the verge of doing so. I went to the outside pool and asked Ellie if I could borrow her car, she said "Yes of course dear, what ever's the matter?" I told her it didn't matter and that we'd return soon. As I was walking back inside Elliot grabbed my hand and said "Are you sure you'll be ok?" I told him I would and started crying even more, he hugged me and I just remained there in his arms. I could tell the others were beginning to talk, wondering what was wrong. Gabrielle and I travelled there in silence for the duration and when we arrived at the house I pressed the button which was on the house keys to open the gates and drove up the drive way. The house was exactly as I remembered it and hadn't change at all. A vast meditteranean style villa in white with perfectly sheared gardens. We got out of the car and walked up to the front door. Gabrielle's hands were shaking as she went to put the key in the door and when she opened it, the interior hadn't changed either. The enourmous marble foyer with it's exceptionally large art deco statue  of a ballerina in the centre of the room. The hexagonal shaped foyer allowed us to see through to the rest of the house due to the open plan. Gabrielle muttered something about her being along and walked away, I then went upstairs. I recall being here for the summer and having daily visits from doctors, dieticians, friends and my parents would also check in. Gabrielle insisted at the time that it was just myself and her who stayed here. Those few weeks were the worst of my life. Too weak to do much Gabrielle would lie in her room for days and cry whilst I did likewise downstairs. I went into her room and looked around at the various pictures of her dancing, the most recent of her when she was about 16 or 17. All of the muscles in her arm are visible as are the bones in her cheek and she was completely flat chested. This was nothing in comparison to the weight she plummeted to. I walked into her wardrobe to find a trunk lying on the floor. I opened in and in it were the clothes she must have brought with her for the time we spent here. Bearing in mind when we came she was 17 and I was 18, the clothes were D&G junior and other altered garments. I took out a pair of jeans which looked as though they wouldn't fit a six year old and began to cry even more. I sat there crying for a few minutes when Gabrielle walked in with mascara down her cheeks and bright red eyes. She had a piece of paper in her hand and read "Dear Mr and Mrs McQuillan. Gabrielle has informed us that she has been living off a daily diet of one slice of toast and a glass of diet coke for a number of weeks now with the occasional supplement, however stresses that on these days she 'over eats' she is often inclined to make herself vomit. Therefore it is clear that she has a case of Bulemia in addition to anorexia nervosa. Moreover Gabrielle's weight is currently 60 pounds and with a height of 5ft 4" this puts her severly underweight and she is at risk of slipping into a coma. Since being admitted Gabrielle has suffered from several fainting attacks and is now under close observation..." she couldn't read any more and I didn't want her to. Both of us were crying hysericly and she sat with me on the floor crying. I don't know how long we were there for however when we returned to the house both of us went to bed. 

I write this as I come in to land in New York's JFK airport. As I recited the previous paragraph to you I cried once more. I am joined on this wretched jet by Elliot, Kelly and Gabrielle all of whom are asleep. When I arrive I will take the chauffeur to The Plaza and then go straight out in order to acquire an outfit for tomorrow's event. This evening I am meeting with friends for dinner as is Gabrielle, Elliot is meeting his brother and Kelly is meeting with friends also. The girls have already said they will go shopping all day and use their status in order to get personal shoppers etc. I have been told by The Plaza that my tickets for the event have arrived there and Gabrielle received hers direct from Marc Jacobs following her meeting/luncheon with him a week or so ago. I spoke to my father prior to our departure and Gabrielle and I are required to go and watch a show with them on Broadway on Tuesday evening. Gabrielle has requested we watch a ballet whilst I suggested The Phantom of The Opera. Who knows. Gabrielle has just woke up and looked through her Hermes agenda and told me that on Wednesday we are meeting the Miller sisters for dinner in order to celebrate Sienna's lead role in Broadway show After Miss Julie. One's social calendar is somewhat hectic haha. 

Speak soon. 

Much love,


P.S. I do apologise for it being somewhat depression however it is an account of what has happened over the past few weeks thus it is the truth...